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The Na Spring Split is over and Clou d9 are the Spring Champions for the 2nd time in a row, being still undefeated in play-offs! Following this result two other teams get to send a representative player to the All-Star Challenge event in Paris Bjergsen (TSM) and Doublelift (CLG) have become North America’s fan-favorites and will get a chance to represent their continent at the prestigious event! The two were top 2 anyway, but if their teams would have won the spring split, then 3rd place Meteos would have gone instead.

NA LCS Leaderboard All-Star

In other news, URF was announced as the 2nd “special mode” for the All-Star Challenge. You can now vote for your favorite in-game champion who will be represented on both teams. The pros will have to choose your champion! For the Hexakill mode announced the previous week, the fans have spoken!  Misaya (World Elite – China) and Toyz (TPA – South-East Asia) were the two former pros chosen to compete alongside the current pros for the ultimate glory in the Hexakill match-up.


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