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Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming

FNC vs GMB champion selectFnatic played the map very well and at the 28th minute mark they were up seven turrets to one. Huge map pressure from Xpeke and crew, but Gambit did a good job maneuvering around it and negating most of the gold difference by taking four consecutive dragons. As the game approached it’s later stages, the Russians managed to keep themselves in it and were never more than 2k gold behind.

32 minutes in, FNC spot Edward recalling and Genja in the bot-lane and decide to start off Baron Nashor. It took them more than expected to down the objective though and GMB collapsed on them with five people, killed two of them and turned their attention towards Nashor. With the baron buff on, GMB simply pushed down the mid-lane and got themselves two towers before recalling. This was the beginning of the end for Fnatic, because Gambit had successfully stalled out the game long enough for their champions to hit their respective power-spikes and there was nothing stopping them from winning this game. It took another 10 minutes, two downed inhibitors and one baron kill for Genja and crew to finally be able to down the enemy Nexus, but they did it and it was a grandiose win for them. While GMB received a huge morale boost with this victory, FNC looked pretty much crushed at the end of the encounter. They did not expect this defeat, especially after how well the early game went for them.

FNC vs GMB item builds


Copenhagen Wolves vs Supa Hot Crew

CW vs SHC champion select

SHC are the ones who get the early advantage by punishing CW when they overstay in the enemy jungle 10 minutes in and get themselves three easy kills without losing any member. In the aftermath of that skirmish, SHC take the dragon down and get themselves an early 2k gold lead.

Even though CW managed to slowly get themselves back in the game, SHC was always one step ahead of them and kept finding picks on Cowtard and Airwaks and taking objective after objective. At the 35 minute mark, SHC make a risky call to go for Baron and they finish it off fairly quick, right in time to turn on the enemy team, getting themselves three kills and ending the game shortly after. Well deserved win for Selfie and crew, who manage to get their first victory of the week. On the other side, the CW hope to regroup and have a better showing in tomorrow’s game versus Roccat.

CW vs SHC item builds


Millenium vs Alliance

MIL vs ALL champion select

Alliance dominate the early game, building up a very quick 5k gold lead by 12 minutes and  by the 20 minute mark, ALL were up six towers to one, two dragons to zero and three kills to zero boosting their gold lead to 9k.

Millenium did not have an answer to Alliance’s almost flawless game and after killing the baron as well, Froggen and crew systematically took down the enemy base. It was a very one sided game and Millenium should not read too much into it and try to forget this game as soon as possible. On the other side, Alliance looked very strong and they are hoping to show the same devastating objective control in tomorrow’s game vs SK Gaming as well.

MIL vs ALL item builds


Roccat vs SK Gaming

ROC vs SK Champion select

SK Gaming, despite being known for struggling in the early laning phase, have managed to do a very good job this time around. They did give away the First Blood on an ill-timed level 6 tower dive in the top-lane and lost the first tower as well, but thanks to their good rotations and an on-point dragon control (three dragons killed in the first 18 minutes), they managed to secure a humongous 6k gold lead before the mid-game.

33 minutes in, SK Gaming down the baron and look for their first inhibitor in the mid-lane. While they do get it eventually, they lose Lee Sin and decide to back off. Nidalee’s spears make CandyPanda and crew’s life a living nightmare, but they do manage to get down one objective after another and barely escaping with their health bars blinking at the end of each siege. Eventually, they manage to win a team-fight in the enemy base convincingly and end the game. Great win for SK, who are now tied with Alliance in first place with 4 wins and 1 loss as the two teams will face-off tomorrow in the first game of the day. On the other side, Roccat did not get a chance to see their late game team composition in action, as they were constantly behind a huge amount of gold and could not trade successfully with SK Gaming.

ROC vs SK Item builds


Standings after Day 1 of Week 2

Here is how the standings look like, after 4/4 wins for the red side. Four ties in Europe? Shocking, right?

EU LCS Standings W2D1

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