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The second week of the summer split is over, but the analysis time has just begun! In this short article, we will take a closer look at the North American mid-laners and their picks. With 39% of the total bans directed at the mid-lane champions, the pros were forced to either play on something that they are not really comfortable with or come up with something totally out of the box, like Hai’s Kha’zix choice, which we will highlight a bit later. On the topic of bans, Kassadin was perma-banned in NA as well as EU and even if your nickname is the Void Walker, a 100% ban rate across both sides of the pond is an achievement in itself. The second most banned champion was LeBlanc (50% ban-rate) followed by Yasuo ( 38%). Due to the many bans, a diversity of champions (LeBlanc, Lulu, Orianna, Ziggs, Kha’zix and Nidalee) were summoned to the Rift, none of them being played in more than three games.

NA LCS Week 2 mid-lane picks and bans

The win-rate of the different champions varied quite a lot between the bunch. In first place, Kha’zix and Ziggs did not know the taste of defeat, priding themselves with a flawless 100% win-rate. In third, Orianna won one game and lost the other one, averaging a 50% win-rate, while in fourth LeBlanc and Lulu only won one match out of a total of three they were involved in. In last place, Nidalee, lost both games and ended the week with a disappointing 0% win-rate. To show our huge disappointment, we didn’t even include her in the graph.

NA LCS Week 2 mid-lane win-rate

The two top performers of the week were Ziggs and Kha’zix and with nothing to tell them apart they were asked to share the award of  top mid-laner in the second week of the NA LCS. Below are the builds that the pros chose for the them and their respective performance with the champions. Note that they were both played by the same guy so take this information with a grain of salt. Kha’zix is Hai’s favorite champion, the bond between the two goes way back, so unless you are a seasoned Kha’zix player, we would not recommend trying him out blindly in the mid-lane, like Hai did. His performance in lane was shaky at best.

Ziggs item builds NA W2

Kha'zix item builds W2 NA

For a better overview, be sure to check out our EU LCS Mid-lane overview as well. Also, the NA LCS Week 2 statistics: Top-lane overview, Jungle overview, AD-Carries overview and Supports overview (updating links as the articles get released).

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