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The second week of the summer split is over, but the analysis time has just begun! In this short article, we will take a closer look at the North American AD-Carries and their picks. Lucian dominated the scene once again, at least in the picks and bans stage, totaling a flawless 100% combined pick and ban rate. A long way behind The Purifier, Corki and Twitch share second place, with only a 50% combined pick and ban rate. As teams slowly moved away from Twitch due to him being pretty immobile, they gravitated towards some previous popular picks like Sivir, Caitlyn, Ezreal or Jinx. It’s very refreshing to see many champion names resurface and try to bounce back to form, a total of eight champions were used this week in NA, that’s twice as much as in Europe.

NA LCS Week 2 ad-carries picks and bans

Corki is a very pleasant surprise this week when we look over the win-rates chart. He tops the standings with an impressive 75% win-rate, followed by Lucian, who had a very poor showing in NA (whereas in EU he had the best time in weeks) finishing the week at 40%. In third place, Kog’Maw only played two games and unfortunately for him, he lost them both and has to live with a 0% win-rate.

NA LCS Week 2 ad-carries win-rates

Even though he was used in only 4 games this week, Corki made quite an impact on the NA scene with his 75% win-rate and managed to secure himself the title of most relevant AD-Carry this week. Below are the builds that the pros chose for the Daring Bombardier and their respective performance with the champion.

Corki Item builds NA W2

For a better overview, be sure to check out our EU LCS AD-Carries overview as well. Also, the NA LCS Week 2 statistics: Top-lane overviewJungle overview, Mid-lane overview and Supports overview (updating links as the articles get released).

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