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The second week of the summer split is over, but the analysis time has just begun! In this short article, we will take a closer look at the North American Supports and their picks. The same trend that we noticed with the mid-laners and the ad-carries applies here as well, the traditional picks were “over-looked” this week and both Thresh and Morgana only achieved a 75% combined pick and ban rate, both being picked three times and banned three times, while  Zyra was actually the most picked support (4). Nami, Alistar and Lulu also got some love from the NA pro players and they were properly rewarded for it, all of them having a 100% win-rate.

NA LCS Week 2 supports picks and bans

Nami was the one support this week who got to play two games or more and got away without losing a single one of them, thus having a perfect 100% win-rate. In second place, Thresh hangs on to a very solid 67% win-rate while in third, Morgana only manages to achieve a 33% win-rate. In fourth place we find the most picked support this week, Zyra, with a pretty low win-rate of 25% and in fifth place, Leona did not have a fun week at all on the Rift and being matched up against champions who can easily counter her kit, she was forced to admit defeat in both games she played in and suffered through a painful 0% win-rate.

NA LCS Week 2 supports win-rates

This week’s OP support has finally rode the wave of glory all the way from Korea to North America and came in strong with a 100% win-rate. Her name is Nami, the Tidecaller and below are the builds that the pros chose for her and their respective performance with the champion.

Nami item builds NA W2

For a better overview, be sure to check out our EU LCS Supports overview as well. Also, the NA LCS Week 2 statistics: Top-lane overviewJungle overview,Mid-lane overview and AD-Carries overview (updating links as the articles get released).

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