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EU LCS W3D1 Recap

Day 1 of the European LCS kicked off with the game between first and last place, which in Europe doesn’t necessarily mean anything because of the unpredictable nature of things. However, this time, Froggen and crew were able to out-rotate ROC in the mid-game, knew how to choose their battles and bested their opponents in under 33 minutes. The highlight of the game was obviously Froggen playing on his signature champion, Anivia. The second game of the day was a pretty one-sided affair, as SK were given Kassadin and they just ran away with the game, never looking back. The highlight of the day was without a doubt the match bewtween SHC and FNC, who battled it out for 63 minutes and after 9 dragons, 3 barons and 17 towers down on both sides of the map, SHC finally caught a break, killed two members of FNC and finished the game. This was the longest game in the 2014 European LCS and was tough to follow by CW and GMB, who both put on a good show in game number four, but in the end, due to another flawless dragon control, it was the Russians who came out ahead and scored the first victory of the day for the Red side.

Alliance vs Roccat 1-0

ALL vs ROC Item builds

SK Gaming vs Millenium 1-0

SK vs MIL Item builds

Supa Hot Crew vs Fnatic 1-0

SHC vs FNC Item builds

Copenhagen Wolves vs Gambit Gaming 0-1

CW vs GMB Item build


EU LCS Standings W3D1

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