An easy way to stay up to speed with the current meta, break it or simply laugh at it.

Both the European and North American LCS have played their Week 3 games and after all is said and done, it is time to take a look at some comparative statistics, this time we shift our focus towards the junglers and their picks.


They are the bloody same as last week! And the week before! What is going on here?!

Well, I might just not publish the article at all…but then again, I spent so much time on the graphs and everything….

Besides, what will the my loyal audience think of this? I can’t possibly skip a section of the map, just because there are only 3 1/2 viable junglers out there and everybody is just spamming those, except for the games where TSM’s opponents ban out all three junglers against them and then silently giggle as poor “Morris” attempts to break the meta, but instead ends up only breaking his own morale and makes Oddone reconsider his retirement plans.

Ok, since you guys keep insisting for this article to go through, here it is: the current meta consists of 3 1/2 junglers, as Kha’zix has been traumatized so much because of the recent nerfs and has developed severe identity issues, juggling between the jungle, the top and the mid-lane. Evelynn is more popular in the EU, Elise in the NA and Lee Sin is just flat out better than both of them, even if teams randomly forget to pick or ban him in one game per region.

Oh yea, you might also notice a Nunu ban over in North America, it is still uncertain if that was a mis-click on TSM’s side or they are just racists and banned him out simply because LMQ are a Chinese team and they should play Nunu by default. Those stereotypes though!

EU LCS picks and bans Week 3 jungle

NA LCS picks and bans Week 3 jungle

Oh $%@&, even the win-rates are similar between the two regions, Rito please! Fine, whatever, so all you need to know is that Lee Sin is based, Elise is undecided and pro players have actually uncovered the hidden mysteries of properly warding both in the laning phase and in the mid and late game, so they can not be surprised by Evelynn. Say good bye to that shiny win-rate Widowmaker!

EU & NA LCS Week 3 win-rates jungleHere is the part where I would normally choose the best jungler and show you guys how the pros build him, but I will just skip this section since it is redundant and pointless. Just pick Lee Sin and carry your team to victory. You still want to see some builds? But they are all the same…Alright, fine, just click here then: Lee Sin’s unique building path that everybody uses and that will grant you supreme dominance over everything and everyone.

Seriously though, for a better overview of the jungle and all the other sections of the map, be sure to check out our Analysis & Statistics section, where you will find all kind of graphs and interesting facts about your favorite pro players, teams and champions!

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