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 Both the European and North American LCS have played their Week 3 games and after all is said and done, it is time to take a look at some comparative statistics. We will dedicate this third article of the series as always, to the mid-lane, one of the few places on the Rift that screams out diversity. With the exception of the 100% combined pick and ban rate of Kassadin, things appear to be pretty different in EU and NA if you take a look at the two graphs below. While EU were hellbent on banning out Nidalee, Kayle and Yasuo, North America feared LeBlanc and Lulu the most. Ziggs was labeled as a potential threat by both regions, receiving three bans in every one of them, but only got to play in Europe, where he had an amazing performance, second only to Froggen’s Anivia. Alliance’s mid-laner took us back in time this week, picking his signature champion in both games and having an incredible performance on it, finishing the week with a mind-blowing 21 KDA. Over in NA, Nidalee reigned supreme, being picked last in all the games she was involved in and spearing the win for her team every single time. Kha’zix, Syndra and Yasuo all had a good time in North America, but the biggest surprise pick came from coL pr0lly, who chose Annie in the mid-lane to go against Voyboy’s Yasuo and managed to come out on top.

EU LCS picks and bans Week 3 mid-lane

NA LCS picks and bans Week 3 mid-lane

 The win-rates of the top champions in each region differ greatly. In Europe, we have Anivia showing off her flawless two game winning streak in the hands of Froggen, followed by Ziggs with a 75% win-rate, while Twisted Fate and Orianna did not win a single game this week. As mentioned above, over in North America, Nidalee had an incredible run this week, successfully ending all the games she was involved in and thus securing herself the precious 100% win-rate. She was followed by Kha’zix and Syndra with an above average 50%  win-rate and Orianna, who continued the disappointing European pattern and couldn’t win a single game in NA either.

EU & NA LCS Week 3 win-rates mid-lane

 The performer of the week was without a doubt Nidalee and as a result of that she got both a hate-thread on Reddit as well as our MVP title and alongside it, a place to show her different builds. Take a look at the builds that the pros chose for the Huntress and their respective performance with the champion.

EU & NA LCS Week 3 Nidalee build

For a better overview of the mid-lane and all the other sections of the map, be sure to check out our Analysis & Statistics section, where you will find all kind of graphs and interesting facts about your favorite pro players, teams and champions!

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