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Both the European and North American LCS have played their Week 3 games and after all is said and done, it is time to take a look at some comparative statistics. We will dedicate this fourth and final article of the series to the bot-lane. First, let’s take a look at the supports. Thresh has managed once again to rule both regions and with 12 picks and 4 bans across both sides of the pond, he has achieved a flawless combined pick and ban rate of 100%. In second place, Morgana barely managed to squeeze ahead of Leona and the newest kid on the block, Nami with 6 picks and 4 bans. Apart from these four heroes, others also managed to play a small part in this week’s LCS episode, such as Sona or Edward’s Gragas in Europe and Zyra in North America.

EU LCS picks and bans Week 3 Supports

NA LCS picks and bans Week 3 Supports

Thresh also dominated the win-rate category with his combined 67% win-rate across both regions, shaping himself as the OP support of the week. In second place, Morgana, had a flawless run in Europe, but stumbled quite a bit in North America and only averaged a 50% win-rate overall, while in third place, Nami gathered a 40% win-rate across both regions. You can check the graph below for details about the champions performances per region.

EU & NA LCS Week 3 win-rates supports

As many of you already guessed, this week’s MVP is without a doubt, Thresh. The Chain Warden hooked himself another perfect combined pick and ban rate as well as an incredible win-rate, considering the amount of games he played across both regions. Here are the builds that the pros chose for Thresh and their respective performance with the champion. You can notice the 2 paths that a Thresh build can take, either with the Ancient Coin, for mid and late game pick-offs or escapes or the Relic Shield for a more powerful laning phase.

EU & NA LCS Week 3 Thresh build

The AD-Carries suffer from the same lack of diversity as the previous weeks, even more than previous weeks actually, as the teams seem to have “tunnel-visioned” on the Lucian+Twitch pair and seldom picked something else. In fact, the interesting aspect when looking over the charts is that third option, that they go for when one of the two is unavailable. In Europe, Rekkles and crew prefer the Kog’maw while the North Americans give more credit to Corki. We will find out who made a better choice when we examine the win ratios of the two champions.

EU LCS picks and bans Week 3 AD-Carries

NA LCS picks and bans Week 3 Ad-Carries

Twitch out-edged his fellow competitor, Lucian, this week and won the battle in both North America and Europe, averaging a win-rate of 70%, compared to Lucian’s 54%. These are win-rates across both regions, for the individual win-rates, please refer to the graphic below. In third place, Kog’maw managed to win two games in Europe out of the 4 he was played in and averaged a 50% win-rate, while over in North America, Corki could not feel the taste of victory at all.

EU & NA LCS Week 3 win-rates ad-carries

Although Twitch secured his MVP spot for the week thanks to his incredible performances, we will not insist with ways to build him, they are pretty standard and you can find a build for him in the previous articles about AD-Carries, such as this one. For a better overview of the bot-lane and all the other sections of the map, be sure to check out our Analysis & Statistics section, where you will find all kind of graphs and interesting facts about your favorite pro players, teams and champions!

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