An easy way to stay up to speed with the current meta, break it or simply laugh at it.

You guys might have noticed a drop in activity on our part in the last two weeks and I have decided to write a short piece about the reasoning behind it, to answer the fan inquiries we have received on the subject. LeagueThoughts was started with a very clear goal in mind, which was to provide a very pleasant and detailed read to the people who were unable to watch the LCS games live and do not have the time to watch a rerun, but still want to know more information about it.

The idea was targeted at a very small demographic and was not enough to help a website survive so we decided to branch out with our colorful statistics section, but it just does not feel as an original, mind-blowing idea and there are already well-known web-sites out there who have a similar statistics section backed up by a talented graphic designer. That being said, until we get another original idea to pursue and create content that you guys will enjoy, we have decided to take a step back and reassess our options.

Thank you for your support and we hope to be back soon with exciting news!


Comments on: "League Thoughts taking a break" (1)

  1. Hey guys, send me an email (same as this comment’s email). I’m interested in supporting you in another way.

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