An easy way to stay up to speed with the current meta, break it or simply laugh at it.


Hey guys, we are a couple of enthusiastic League players from Munich, Germany, who decided to take our passion one step further and share it with as many people as possible.

We first started playing League in February 2013 but really managed to get to level 30 around July and have been spamming the Solo Queue ever since. Here are some of our accounts, one on EUNE and one on EUW (if you want to get in touch with us in-game):

Our true passion lies in the team aspect of the game, the strategy that revolves around it and the satisfaction of well executed team-play. We consider ourselves students of the game and as such, we were able to broaden our knowledge about the game in a very short time span.

Thanks for visiting our website and hope to see you soon!


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