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C9E – DNL (Game 3): More spears, more wins!

On the blue side, C9E ban Morgana, Mundo, Ziggs and pick Ryze, Xin Zhao, Nidalee, Sivir and Leona. On the purple side, DNL ban Kha’zix, LeBlanc, Lee Sin and pick Jarvan IV, Master Yi, Fizz, Twitch and Thresh.

C9E-DNL (3)

2′ – Standard lanes again for the two teams

4′ – FB goes to Odoamne as he secured a kill on Jarvan with the help of Xin Zhao. The duo still linger in the top-lane and want to tower-dive Jarvan as he comes back to lane, but they fail, take too much damage from the turret and with the help of Master Yi, Jarvan turns the fight around and assists his jungler in taking 2 kills for 1. In the end, a 2-2 trade, with both kills going on 2 very important players for their respective team, Ryze and Master Yi.

8′ – DNL succeed in taking the enemy blue buff in addition to their own, but as Nidalee and crew arrive to contest it, a team fight breaks out and the two big guns, Master Yi and Ryze go down, as the two teams trade 1-1.

10′ – Nidalee roams bot and gets a kill on Leona, while in the top-lane the 2 junglers get involved in the top-laner’s brawl and this time C9E comes out on top, 2-1 as only Ryze is left standing.

12′ – Xin Zhao ganks bot and kills Thresh. As the push continues in the bot-lane, C9E find Master Yi and kill him as well before getting  the dragon down for the early 3k gold lead

14′ – Another kill on Thresh following a gank from Xin Zhao, as DNL’s bot-lane was too overextended having very little vision

15′ – Fizz and Master Yi decide to dive Xin Zhao in the mid-lane, but thanks to his ultimate he manages to get a kill before dying, 1-1

16′ – Forcing their lead, C9E decide to invade the enemy red-buff and find themselves 2 kills while only losing 1 team-mate, as DNL decided to defend it.

19′ – Ryze kills Jarvan in a 1v1 and together with his team, he gets the enemy top inner turret down. After that, C9E go straight for the dragon, but DNL decide to contest it and although they lose the dragon, they ACE their opponents while only losing two of their own and get the first turret of the game. C9E are now only 6k gold up.

23′ – C9E down the mid inner turret as DNL felt the wrath of the Nidalee spears and had to concede the tower. Next, Odoamne and crew were looking to take down the bot inner tower and manage to do so, despite Nidalee getting caught out and killed. The rest of C9E manage to kill Master Yi and Jarvan.


26′ – As dragon is about to re-spawn, DNL feels like they could win the next engage and decide to contest it, but end up losing the skirmish 4-2, the dragon soon after and are now 11k gold behind.

32′ – Jarvan gets caught in the top-lane by 5 members of C9E and they immediately go for baron after killing him. DNL can not contest it.

35′ – C9E take their time with the baron buff, go back and shop before returning to the mid-lane and downing the inhibitor there. DNL wants to put up one final fight at the bot-inhibitor, but it is too little too late, as C9 almost gets a clean ace and ends the game. That was it! Cloud 9 Eclipse win the decisive game and win their spot for the Summer Promotion Tournament. Well done guys, very impressive victories in both game 1 and 3.


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DNL – C9E (Game 2): Back and forth, spray and pray

For this second game, DNL, on the blue side ban Kha’zix, Lee Sin, LeBlanc and pick Ryze, Evelyn, Lulu, Twitch and Thresh to face off against C9E, on the purple side, who ban Morgana, Dr. Mundo, Nidalee and pick Shyvana, Master Yi, Soraka, Lucian and Leona.


2′ – Pretty standard lanes this time with both top-laners in the top and the duos in the bot-lane

8′ – Despite numerous ganks from both junglers in the mid-lane, FB only comes in the 8th minute, following another 2v2 between the two junglers and mid-laners. Ryze would also roam from the top-lane to assist his team-mates as it seemed they were losing and although Master Yi manages to snatch First Blood, he was killed right after by Lulu.

9′ – Great hook from Thresh gets Leona killed, but following an extended chase around the dragon pit, C9E manage to get a revenge kill on Evelynn

10′ – CS count: the fight in the top, 78-81 and mid-lane 62-69 is pretty even, as C9E’s duo having a solid lead in the bot-lane, 71-85

12′ – First dragon of the game goes to C9E, uncontested

13′ – Yi and Shyvana decide to tower-dive Ryze in the top-lane, as Soraka also roams to ensure the kill.

14′ – Ryze teleports in the bottom-lane and secures a 2-0 for his team, after C9E’s duo engaged on Twitch and Tresh

17′ – C9E tower-dive in the mid-lane, get one kill and decide to push for more in the enemy jungle, but end up losing two members for one, and the two teams trade even overall, 2-2, but C9E get the mid outer turret down.

19′ – It is DNL’s turn to take away a free drake, as C9E did not contest it being afraid to go in 4v5

20′ – C9E want to rush the baron at 20 minutes, barely manage to down it undetected, but have to use Soraka’s ultimate to stay alive and that alerts DNL who collapse on them and win the team-fight, 3-0, before downing the mid outer turret and thus reducing the gold difference to only 2k. At this point, C9E’s plays seem to be over-aggressive and over-confident, causing them to make a couple of careless mistakes.

25′ – Around the dragon pit, Voidle’s Leona gets caught and enables Denial to snowball the team-fight which ends with a 3-0 win for them, all 3 kills going on Twitch and the underdogs capitalize on their victory with an inner turret in the mid-lane and the dragon.

27′ – Denial think they have enough vision around baron and start it off, but C9E decide to contest it and following a very messy fight, where baron did most of the damage, the two teams trade equally 2-2, but it is C9E, who manages to secure the baron and regain the gold lead.

31′ – With the baron buff on, C9E try to take down both the top and the mid inner towers at the same time and almost manage to do so as the top one falls and the mid one still has 300 hp left, when DNL decide to engage upon them and dismantle C9E. Following a long chase through their own jungle, the underdogs secure themselves a 4-1 win with only Odoamne’s Shyvana barely making it alive. With the ress-timers still ticking for C9E, Denial take down an uncontested dragon to even up the gold.

DNL screenshot

37′ – In a fight around the baron-pit, DNL wants to fight and engage on their opponents, but following a failed hook initiation from Thresh and a great Leona Solar Flare, it is C9E who come out big, out-classing their opponents, winning the skirmish 4-1 and downing the mid inhibitor.

40′ – In the bot-lane, Ryze goes head to head with Shyvana and wins before teleporting around the baron-pit to join his team, who was already locked in a 4v4 with the rest of C9E. With his help, Denial kill 2 more members and take an uncontested baron, before rushing the mid-inhibitor down.

43′ – With C9E on the offensive and DNL with the baron buff defending, Odoamne and crew are a bit split up and this allows their opponents to capitalize on it and win the next team fight, 3-1. With only Leona and Soraka alive, DNL realize they can end the game right there and proceed down the mid-lane to do just that. What an incredible back and forth game this has been with both teams holding and letting go of their leads, but the overall feeling was that C9E went too confident in this game and it ended costing them.


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C9E – DNL (Game 1): Spears of Doom

The EU Challenger Series Playoff is underway with the two semi-finals, which will be a best of 3 and will decide who advances tomorrow in the Grand Final. The first one of them, features Cloud 9 Eclipse and Denial E-Sports, two teams who have already met once this season with Denial coming out ahead of C9E, who were missing their star-jungler.  On the blue side, Cloud 9 Eclipse ban Morgana, Ziggs, Mundo and pick Shyvana, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Lucian and Leona. On the other side of the Rift, Denial ban Kha’zix, LeBlanc, Evelynn and pick Ryze, Master Yi, Kayle, Twitch and Lulu.


2′ – Both teams rotate heir duo in the top-lane

4′ – FB for Lee Sin as he catches Ryze in the river, but Master Yi takes one kill back for his team killing the blind monk right after

5′ – Lee Sin returns in the bot-lane to kill Ryze one more time since he had no Flash

9′ – Lulu roams bot and kills Shyvana, but takes too many hits from the turret and dies to Nidalee

11′ – Following a great hunt from C9E in DNL’s jungle, they get rewarded with 2 kills on Lulu and Twitch and down the top outer turret


12′ – CS count shows a big enough lead for C9E: top-lane 82-73, mid-lane 105-86 and bot-lane 99-100

13′ – The C9E duo, helped by Lee Sin, get a clean 2-0 win agaisnt their counter-parts in the top-lane and the rest of DNL rushed the dragon, but following 2 good spears from Nidalee, they decide to back off. On the retreat, the very mobile Shyvana and Nidalee combo, manage to get 2 kills and return to down the dragon. Meanwhile, in the top-lane, Lucian and Leona down the inner turret.

16′ – Grouped as 5 in the mid-lane, C9E manage to get both turrets down and find a kill on Twitch thanks to another great spear from Nidalee. At this point, C9E are up 5 turrets to 0 and 9k gold.

19′ – Following a short siege, C9E down the last inner turret, the one in the bot-lane and get one kill on top of that.

21′ – As the dragon respawns, C9E have their eyes set on it, immediately down it and get two more picks in the enemy jungle

23′ – Due to their huge gold lead and the better vision control, C9E get an uncontested baron,  as DNL are too afraid to get out of their base

24′ – With the baron buff on, C9E group and take down the mid-inhibitor

26′ – The final battle would take place as C9E rotate top to get that inhibitor down as well and following a 3-0 win, they take down the inhibitor and the Nexus. 1-0 for C9E after a very convincing win in the first game.


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