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SK – ROC: Kryptonite yet again!

Spawning on the blue side, SK Gaming, ban Trundle, Caitlyn, Elise and pick Jax, Evelynn, Lulu, Sivir and Kayle to go up against ROC, on the purple side, who decided to ban Pantheon, Renekton, Kassadin and pick Aatrox, Wukong, Ziggs, Lucian and Thresh.

A very quiet early game, first blood comes after 10 minutes from a successful gank in the top lane by Wukong. No big action until that point, the CS count at the 10 minute mark showing us a very even game in the top (77-78) and in the mid lane (102-95) as well as the domination of Sivir and Kayle in the bot lane (93-76). Wukong decided to put an end to their dominion 15 minutes in the game, but a perfect counter-gank from Evelynn meant the death of the monkey-king and first drake of the game going in favor of SK. One minute later, Evelynn shows up again uninvited at a gank in the top-lane by Wukong and gets a double kill, although his team-mate dies. Inspired by his colleague, Jesiz roams to the bottom-lane and gets a kill on Lucian extending the advantage of the SK duo, who also secure an uncontested drake in the 23rd minute for an early 3k gold lead.

With ROC busy in the top lane chasing after Evelynn, the rest of SK secure two inner towers in the mid and bottom lane as well as the dragon, while Evelynn gets a kill before finally getting killed by the rest of ROC. All in all, a massive advantage gained by SK, opening up a 7k gold lead for them. At this stage, Jax and Evelynn could 2 men the baron and SK decide to go for the sneaky approach, kill Nashor and 2 members of ROC before storming down the mid lane, getting the inhibitor down and ending the game after 34 minutes. SK continue to be ROC’s kryptonite, being 3-0 up in the duels with the polish powerhouse. With 1-3 overall in the super-week, ROC needs to be very careful going forward to not meet the same fate as FNC.

You can find a link with the full game stats and item builds here:


ALL – GMB: 4-0 The dream!

Alliance, on the blue side, banned Evelynn, Lucian, Kha’zix and picked Irelia, Lee Sin, Lulu, Draven and Thresh to face off against Gambit’s Aatrox, Wukong, Kayle, Sivir and Annie. GMB previously banned Kass, LeBlanc and Caitlyn. Both teams managed to pick up their signature heroes, so no big surprises in the two line-ups, no Kassadin being left open for any of the two lucky mid-laners who got to play him the day before. Alex Ich playing the “new” Kayle and Tabzz on Draven were the two big points of interest. Not person, point.

The game starts off huge as every jungler plays a big part in their team’s first blood, Lee helps Lulu in the mid-lane, while Wukong wonders top to assist Aatrox. The action takes a five minute break before exploding again, while Wukong makes a repeat visit up top to secure another kill on Irelia, Draven melts Annie and then ALL take the first dragon. Darien and Diamond keep insisting in the top-lane, kill Irelia a second time in 1 minute, just as she comes back to lane, but they get caught and pay for their overextended visit, Irelia gets one kill, Lulu gets another. The CS count at the 11 minutes mark pretty much sums up the above: 54-78 in the top lane, 105-88 in the mid lane and 98-82 in the bottom lane.

15 minutes in the game, GMB win the skirmish around the drake, but both teams are way too low to take on dragon as well and recall, ALL being able to return faster to the pit secure that objective. Three minutes later, GMB decides to contest the blue buff of ALL and come out ahead as they get 2 kills for nothing. One could detect a bit of carelessness in the GMB line-up though, as both Eddie and Darien get caught and killed, as they manage to secure 1 tower each. Same scenario for the next dragon-fight, 2-1 GMB, but Lee Sin manages to steal away the drake, their 3rd of the game, with the 4th one following 6 minutes after, uncontested.

GMB look for fights and they decide to start the baron and force ALL to react, they do, Wickd teleports right on top of them and barely gets away with the help of Lulu’s ultimate. Draven isn’t so lucky, neither is Lee Sin and both go down, together with Nashor for an overall GMB win. They have the stronger team-fighting composition and take the mid inner turret and their first drake to amount to a 4k lead with Kayle being Godlike. The only reason ALL is still in this game is because they systematically killed dragon, time and time again in the early game. 39 minutes in, disaster spells for GMB as Diamond gets caught and executed with 40 seconds before Baron re-spawns. Game-changing mistake there, ALL take Nashor uncontested and start to siege the mid-lane, they are still in it. Diamond gets caught again around the mid inner turret and a brilliant hook from Nyph secures the kill on Edward plus the mid inhibitor. ALL simply rotate bot and repeat the same scenario, ride their momentum and end the game. Fabulous week for Froggen & co., going undefeated in the super-week, 4-0, the dream comes true.

You can find a link with the full game stats and item builds here:

SHC – CW: The Amazing show

SHC spawned on the blue side with Shyvana, Evelynn, Gragas, Lucian and Leona after previously banning Kassadin, Renekton, Caitlyn to face off against a very determined CW on the purple side, consisting of Trundle, Lee Sin, Lulu, Jinx and Morgana. Wolves previously banned Thresh, Pantheon and Jax.

The Wolves show a lot of respect for Mimer and switch their bot-lane up top to deal with his Shyvana, but the First Blood goes to Amazing’s Lee Sin who catches Evelynn 4 minutes in the game and barely escapes with a slither of health. Evelynn comes back strong and gets a kill on the enemy mid-laner, Lulu, but can’t do anything to prevent another kill from Lee Sin, this time on Gragas. After CW secure the first dragon in the 7th minute alongside 2 additional kills, the game turns into a solo-queue blood bath. After a 4v4 extended skirmish in the bot lane, CW comes out ahead with 3 kills to 2 and Amazing shines once again, having 4 kills to his name already.

Impaler’s Evelynn was looking to punish every single mistake of CW and manages to get a shut down on Lee Sin, but that wouldn’t stop Amazing and his team, as they pick up another uncontested drake, before pushing down the middle and finally getting the outer turret and another kill for a commanding 5k gold lead after 18 minutes. The next drake fight also goes in favor of CW who come out ahead 3-1 and take the dragon as well. Although SHC seems to pull a bit back after a 1-1 trade in the mid-lane, it’s Amazing’s Lee Sin, who wrecks havoc in the enemy team, picking up another double kill, the mid inner turret and a 4th uncontested dragon for his team, he is now 10/2 and CW do not want to pick up fights without their star-jungler.

A positional mistake from SHC would get Migxa caught and annihilated by the Wolves who get Baron down and score an easy kill on Impaler, who was looking for the steal. 13k gold ahead and the Nashor buff in their back pocket, CW storm the top-lane, get the inhibitor turret down, destroy the SHC champions and finish the game in style. We might be looking at the fastest CW win this season, it only took them 33 minutes to close out this game and they tie for 4th place with FNC and ALL with 10 wins and 10 losses. Amazing definitely had something to prove this game as he took the whole team on his back and carried them to victory.

You can find a link with the full game stats and item builds here:

FNC – SK: El Classico. Yes SK without Oce.

FNC will spawn on the blue side with Trundle, Evelynn, Ahri, Caitlyn and Morgana after banning Annie, Pantheon and Kayle. On the opposite side of the Rift, SK picked Renekton, Elise, Nidalee, Lucian and Thresh after banning Kassadin, Lulu and LeBlanc.

Very aggressive start to this game with Rekkles being caught out at level 1, but managing a great escape without burning his flash. 7 minutes in the game Peke gets the FB, after a prolonged bait and counter bait by the 2 top laners and junglers around the Fnatic top outer turret. FNC comes up ahead on that one, but 2 minutes later SK secure the first drake with the very tanky spiderlings from Elise and also manage to catch out Morgana during that process. The 10 minute mark CS count shows a small domination by Renekton in the top lane 76-83 and Ahri in the mid lane 90-82 and a clock-work FNC bot lane up by 20 CS, 93-73. Trundle gets killed during a prolonged siege on top and Elise manages to kill Ahri with her last breath, before dying to the roaming Morgana support. All in all a good trade for SK who capitalizes on it with the 2nd drake of the game. This was the story of the early game, SK managed to find picks all around the map and got a small gold lead because of that.

The game changing fight happened 22 minutes in the game, after a very long back and forth from the two teams, SK manage to secure an uncontested drake, rotate back to mid and defend their inner turret, only to turn it all around on FNC, chase them down, get 2 kills and capitalize with a baron to extend their lead to 6k gold. FNC tries to defend their base desperately, force a kill on Renekton in the top-lane but end up losing their mid inhibitor for it. After that, SK simply rotates to the bottom lane and use the Nidalee spears to chunk the opposition down, take the bottom inhibitor as well and end the game in just under 27 minutes. Very impressive performance from SK who finish 3-1 in the super week. On the other side FNC have won 2 games and lost 2 games this week and the dark times are not yet gone for Peke and crew.

You can find a link with the full game stats and item builds here:

MIL – SHC: First time Olaf top

Starting on the blue side, MIL banned Gragas, Lulu, Kayle and picked Olaf, Evelynn, Ziggs, Caitlyn and Zilean. The Zilean support is something I predict we will see more of after patch 4.3 is implemented, because of the blue support item change. On the purple side, SHC banned Kassadin, LeBlanc, Renekton and picked up: Jax (again blind pick), Kha’zix, Oriana, Lucian and Thresh.

The game started very slow with everyone, including the junglers, preferring to farm up. FB was given away by Olaf in the 8th minute, due to a well executed gank by Kha’zix up in the top lane. CS count at the 10 minute mark showed the early advantage that MIL had, 79-58 in the top lane, 97-75 in the mid lane and 79-82 in the bot lane. Despite giving away FB, both Olaf and Ziggs dominated their lanes in terms of CS. 11 minutes into the game MIL make an aggressive play towards Kha’zix firing both Ziggs’ and Caitlyn’s ultimate at him, getting him down to 30% hp and start off the dragon. Sadly, Araneae had no smite available and despite their best efforts, Kha’zix manages to steal it, but MIL get 2 revenge kills.

It’s all even in the mid-game, with both teams trading kills, 1-1 in a skirmish in the top lane in the 14th minute, 1-1 again in the bot lane in a prolonged skirmish and another 1-1 in the top lane as Evelynn gets caught by Jax and Kha’zix, but Olaf manages to bursts one of them down for the revenge kill. The 2nd and 3rd dragon are also split 1-1, although Araneae sacrifices his life to steal the 3rd one. The only thing that does go in favor of MIL is the map pressure and having caught Thresh out of position in the 27th minute, they capitalize on that lead destroying the top inner tower as well and bringing the total turret count to 5-1 in their favor.

The next fight around drake would be crucial for MIL who manage to get 2 kills, burst down the drake and rush to the baron. After killing Nashor, they find one more pick for a commanding 8k gold lead. With the baron buff on, they manage to push the bot inhibitor quite easily and rotate mid, to get that inhibitor down as well and end the game in 35 minutes. MIL has looked stronger this week and a 2-2 result at the end of it, isn’t that bad for Araneae & crew.

You can find a link with the full game stats and item builds here:

MIL – FNC: No level 1 action

On the blue side MIL ban Lulu, Renekton, Kassadin and pick Jax, Lee Sin, LeBlanc, Lucian and Leona while over on the purple side, FNC ban Evelynn, Ziggs, Aatrox and pick Trundle, Elise, Nidalee, Caitlyn and Morgana.

The action in the early game was focused around the bot lane, all of a sudden the 4 laners burn all of their summoners inside a 10 second window much to the delight of the crowd and the epic skirmish ends with 1 kill each, as Leona picks up the kill on Morgana and Elise comes from the side to kill Lucian. FNC picks up an early drake before the 10 minute mark but loses the fight after, 1-2. The CS counter at 10 minutes shows even lanes, just slightly ahead for FNC: 71-76 top, 75-82 mid and 68-78 bot.

The big man who really stepped up his game was Cyanide for FNC, he was always one step ahead of his counter-part, got a good gank and a turret in the top-lane and helped secure the tower kill after a 2-0 win in the bot-lane fight, followed by the 2nd dragon. FNC counter-engages are deadly and they secure the inner mid turret, after winning a 3-1 fight to establish a 7k gold lead. To add insult to injury, Cyanide manages to steal the next dragon, even though his team had a very bad position around that objective, illustrated by the 2-2 trade that followed the steal.

Although Kerp’s Leblanc is a formidable opponent and manages to delete Peke from the map in a 1v1 fight, FNC rotate better around the map and 27 minutes in, they manage to sneak Baron and dragon as MIL could do nothing, but watch. Peke and co start the siege in the bottom lane and after a couple of spears they decide to go in, destroy the turret and the inhibitor and go on to take the nexus and the second win of the day. Smiles are starting to appear on the faces of the Fnactic members, something their fans haven’t seen in a long time.

ALL – ROC: This can not happen 2 games in a row!

This game got underway with a crazy ban phase, the ADCs got a lot of love, 5/6 bans were targeting them, Alliance, on the blue side, ban Trundle, Luican, Caitlyn while ROC target Sivir, Draven and Ka…Jinx, leaving Kassadin open again, 2 games in a row now and a stunned Wickd picks that up for his team alongside Irelia, Lee Sin, Vayne and Thresh. Over on the purple side, ROC picks up Renekton, Elise, Kha’zix, Varus and Annie. Super late game scaling potential over on the blue side and everybody was wondering what plan does ROC have to deal with Kassadin, after just seeing the previous game.

The two junglers have a big impact on the early game again with kills coming up for ROC in the bottom lane and a 1-1 in the mid lane. Froggen is being a bit greedy and forced to flash away by Elise for 1 CS and ultimately killed a couple of minutes later on the return-gank. The CS count after 10 minutes shows pretty even lanes, 77-83 top, 61-64 mid and 86-82 bot. After taking the first dragon, ROC hits a small power spike and manages to secure all 4 buffs on the map due to the fact that all laners were a bit ahead. 2nd and 3rd dragon both go to ROC along with 2 picks to pile up on a 3k gold lead. ALL is ok with this small dominance of ROC, they know they are stronger in the late game and they will have a chance to come back as long as they keep farming.

The next team fight illustrates the above statement perfectly, ALL come out ahead 2-1 and take an inner turret for some increased map pressure. Due to better vision and the 2 teleport strategy on Irelia and Kassadin, they manage to catch ROC in a very bad position, ACE-ing them, with Kassadin managing to pick up 2 kills and  the other 3 going to Vayne. They take the bot inhibitor and the top inhibitor tower as well as a result of that ace. The next fight could have no different outcome, 3-0 ALL who also manage to take the Baron to add up to their 9k gold lead. One final systematic push, to finish off the remaining inhibitors, destroy the Nexus and end the game on a high note. 3-0 this week for ALL, they are the only team that can still achieve the perfect score in this super-week as they face Gambit on Thursday.