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EU LCS standings after W9D2

As the League action comes to an end this week, it’s time to have a look at the standings. It wouldn’t be the EU LCS if the teams were not tied. In first place, GMB and SK remain tied up after this week as well, with both teams going 1-1. In 3rd place we have a three way tie  between ALL, FNC and ROC with 12 wins and 10 losses, while CW is in 6th and the last 2 places, the ones that no one wants to be in, are occupied by SHC and MIL. 6 games to go in Europe and the Internet is already buzzing with a terrific scenario, a possible 7-way-tie, that would require 21 tie-breaking-games. That would be a real treat, wouldn’t it?! 🙂

EU Standings9


FNC – CW: New champions

On the blue side, Fnatic ban Lee Sin, Karma, Evelynn and pick Shyvana, Kha’zix, Lulu, Lucian and Morgana to face off against the Wovles, who spawned on the purple side, banned LeBlanc Nidalee, Kassadin and picked Renekton, Elise, Kayle, Annie and Caitlyn. It’s very rare you see Cyanide play Kha’zix and it is xPeke’s first game on Lulu. In fact, FNC was usually forced to ban Lulu even on the blue side because Peke was not accustomed to it.

Wolves knew that xPeke was vulnerable and Elise kept hovering over the mid-lane, burning his flash on the first visit and finally taking him down, the second time around. As a response, Cyanide gets a kill for himself following a good gank up top. Annie and Caitlyn do a very good job in the bot-lane putting a lot of pressure on their opponents and with the help of Elise they manage to destroy the bot outer turret at the 6 minute mark and get the dragon as well. The Danish duo-bot rotate in the mid-lane and a very good engage by Annie is not followed up by her team-mates and FNC quickly capitalize on their enemies’ lack of coordination and kill the Drak Child. The CS count at the 12 minutes mark would show a very even top-lane 99-103, a decent lead for Lulu in the mid-lane 114-101 and absolute domination for CW’s duo in the bot-lane 80-113.

The mid-game would be very similar to the early game with CW picking up the 2nd uncontested dragon, as FNC reply with the top outer turret. A few minutes later, another great engage form Annie nets his team a kill in the mid-lane, but FNC manage to turn the fight around and win it 2-1. Due to their better positioning, Cyanide and crew manage to secure themselves the next dragon, also uncontested. In the top-lane, Kha’zix assists in killing Renekton, but as it will always be the case in this game, CW reply with a kill on xPeke and down the mid outer turret. Every time FNC tried to make a play somewhere on the map, it was immediately answered by CW or vice-verse. Sneaky play from the Wolves, rewards them with a baron 25 minutes in, as Elise, Renekton and Caitlyn all jump over the wall of the baron pit and make quick work of the baron, before FNC could realize what was going on, however they end up losing their bot inner turret to the FNC duo. The dragon is back up and CW take it uncontested, while FNC don’t even bother with it, being to busy to take down both top and mid inner turrets against a baron-ed up team. The Wolves finally realize they have baron buff on and decide to siege the mid inner turret of FNC. They win the skirmish 2-0, down the tower and retreat with a smile on their faces.

With no big objectives around the map for the next couple of minutes, the game enters a very slow phase. When the next drake spawns CW reacts faster and with better positioning take it uncontested. In the fight that broke up in the mid-lane a couple of seconds later, FNC would dismantle their enemies, getting an ACE and a quadra kill for Rekkles while only losing 1 team-mate. FNC have so many objectives to choose from after their victory so they decide to take down only the mid inhibitor turret, before killing Nashor. Wearing the baron buff, they would rush back to the mid-lane get the open inhibitor down before rotating top. One fight was all that was needed to end this game and FNC get themselves another ACE to end it in style. Rekkles came out huge in this game, as his Lucian went 8 / 0. Fantastic week for FNC who go 2-0 and seem to have bounced back very nicely after their harsh 0-3 loss in the final of IEM.


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ALL – SHC: Dream team or super hot team?

On the blue side, ALL ban Lucian, LeBlanc, Kha’zix and pick Aatrox, Evelynn, Gragas, Jinx and Thresh to face off against SHC and their recently hyped mid-laner Selfie, who banned Lulu, Kayle, Irelia and picked Renekton, Elise, Ryze, Caitlyn and Karma.

Against Wickd’s better judgement, ALL call for a lane-swap and send their duo-bot in the top-lane to face off against Renekton, despite having an Evelynn on their team, who usually prefers even lanes for more effective ganks. Evelynn decided to concentrate her ganks in the mid-lane and got a kill on Ryze after 4 minutes, but died to the turret. The scenario would repeat itself 2 minutes later, as Gragas and Evelynn set up another gank on Ryze, but this time Elise was close by, saved Ryze’s life with a perfect cocoon and managed to get a kill on Evelynn. With the enemy jungler down, SHC secure their first drake. Around the 10 minute mark, SHC’s 3 man gank in the top-lane would turn out terrible as ALL read it perfectly and turn it around, due to a great Gragas barrel and casket, 3-1 and ALL does not want to give up the early game. The CS count after 12 minutes agreed with them, 77-66 in the top-lane, 104-85 in the mid-lane and 91-105 in the botlane.

At the next dragon fight, SHC would take the dragon just before ALL show up and in the brawl that followed, ALL came on top yet again, 3-1, after SHC put so many cool-downs in killing Aatrox who simply revived right after and with all of SHC clumped up, Gragas would come out huge again. The two teams regroup and while ALL focused their attention on the bot-lane, SHC was determined to push top, as a result of this, both teams get 2 turrets and a kill each. SHC actually manage to kill Aatrox one more time before recalling. The bot-duo of SHC wanted to get a tower of their own in the mid-lane, but they both get caught out and eliminated and ALL push as a 5-man unit down the mid-lane to get themselves the inner tower. As they go back to the shop, dragon re-spawns and SHC takes it uncontested.

The mid-game would be decided by picks. First, SHC catch out Nyph and after a 2-0 win in the skirmish, they finally down the mid outer turret and set themselves up for the baron-dance. Then, caught in a bad rotation, Elise gets killed and ALL take the baron, uncontested, but sure enough, SHC takes another dragon, to stay in this game. With the baron buff on, ALL can not pressure the enemy towers enough and they are forced to retreat. The buff wears out and SHC are more confident as they come out of their base to challenge the next dragon. In the fight that breaks out, ALL manages to ACE their opponents while only losing 2 members and go straight for the baron. ALL have won every single skirmish, but the fact that they did not take a single dragon the whole game, meant they could not get a big enough lead to force the inhibitor turrets and end the game. Sure enough, SHC would take the 5th dragon as well, right after ALL took the baron and Froggen and crew were only 4k gold ahead.

This time though, wearing the baron buff and being able to land great hooks and caskets, ALL managed to take the mid inhibitor, before rotating top. A brilliant slow from Jinx, followed by another hook from Thresh and an Explosive Casket from Gragas, got the fight in the top-lane going and ALL would come out on top, 3-0 and end the game in 37 minutes. 6th win in a row for ALL, who are now a top contender in the EU LCS. Froggen’s dream team is finally coming alive.


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ROC – SK: Flawless victory

On the blue side, Roccat ban Sivir, Nidalee, Renekton and pick Lulu (in the top lane!), Elise, Gragas, Jinx and Sona. On the other side of the map, SK Gaming look to strengthen their lead at the top of the standings by banning Lucian, Kassadin, Morgana and picking Jax, Kha’zix, LeBlanc, Caitlyn and Karma.

First blood goes to Elise after a successful gank up in the top-lane after 4 minutes, Jax being the unlucky victim of that. Kha’zix finally manages to get one back for his team as he finds a kill on Sona in the bot-lane five minutes later. Elise wants revenge and only one minute passes by until she pays a visit to the bot-lane and helps secure her team a double-kill and the first dragon of the game. The CS count after 10 minutes shows pretty much even lanes, 68-61 top, 72-83 mid and 78-73 bot.

The Polish bot-lane would get out of control, after they find a duo-kill on Karma and 3 minutes later together with Elise win a 3v3 skirmish in the bot-lane, 3-1. Meanwhile in the mid-lane, Jesiz gets killed and after ROC secure both outer turrets in the mid and bot-lane, they see their gold lead rise to 5k.  From this point on, they would just pressure all lanes and snow-ball their hard-worked early lead, as they get a dragon, a kill on LeBlanc and both top and mid inner towers down. The next fight in SK’s jungle would see ROC coming out on top, 3-0 and they capitalize on the won skirmish with a bot inhibitor tower.

After securing an uncontested baron in the 21st minute, ROC rotate bot and take the open inhibitor down, slay the dragon one more time before finally paying a visit to the shop as SK couldn’t do anything but watch. Back from their base, they make a final push in the top-lane, get themselves 2 more kills and end the game. Highly impressive win for ROC who finally end their bad series both in the LCS and against SK, who won the previous three games against the Poles. The victory is even more impressive if you consider the fact that Sona was the only member of Roccat to die, the other 4 had a flawless game.


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GMB – MIL: The Swag-Croc

Gambit banned Ziggs, Caitlyn and picked Renekton, Kha’zix, Ryze, Lucian and Thresh. Only 2 bans allowed for GMB, but they pick such an incredible composition with Eddie back to the champion that gave him the nick-name the “Thresh Prince”, a scary Diamond in the jungle and AlexIch bringing out the Ryze in the mid-lane. To face the Russian onslaught, on the purple side, are MIL, who ban Kassadin, Lulu , LeBlanc and pick Trundle, Lee Sin, Gragas, Ezreal and Leona. Very good synergy in the bot-lane for them, plus Araneae on a carry jungle should be good enough reasons for a spectacular game.

Explosive start to the game as Ryze catches a rune prison on Gragas 3 minutes in, followed up by a flash+jump+slow from Kha’zix would surely mean the death for Gragas, who tries to escape in his jungle but eventually dies to the ignite. Lee Sin also came to the aid of his team-mate, but because he had only half of his hp bar, he couldn’t prevent the death, but instead gave up double buffs and a double kill to Ryze. Disastrous start for Millenium. Morale of this story? Whenever you clear the jungle, keep chugging those health pots guys, they are in your inventory for a reason.

After that horrible start, Araneae wanted to redeem himself and stuck around the mid-lane, but Ryze just farmed safely. Lee Sin would roam bot and try to get his duo going, but after a miss-play from him and a great hook from Edward, the Spaniard ends up dying yet again. One minute later, Darien would get caught proxy-farming up in the top-lane and with the help of Lee Sin and Trundle, Gragas would secure an easy kill to help him stay in lane with Ryze. 11 minutes in, the trio would do a repeat gank on Darien, but as they were unsure to who they should give the kill, the sneaky crocodile manages the first of several epic escapes. Meanwhile, down in the bot-lane, the rest of GMB killed the first dragon and would eventually find a pick on Leona as well. CS count after 12 minutes would show a big advantage for Renekton 112-93, a smaller advantage for Gragas in the mid-lane 79-90 and an even bot-lane 95-95.

Sadly for him, Araneae would keep under-performing through-out the entire game, as he first gets caught and killed at his red-buff and then at the dragon a few minutes later. MIL group as five and go to the bot-lane, where they find themselves a double-kill on Genja and Edward, to stay in the game. Next drake would go to GMB again, as MIL trade it with a turret in the top-lane. Kha’zix gets a kill on Ezreal, as he sneakily waited in the lane bush for him and in the top-lane, Darien makes another great escape. Having lost vision control over the baron area, MIL find it hard to group around that objective and GMB do not hesitate to go for a 20 minute baron. As Lee Sin approaches he gets hooked and insta-killed. GMB stop the damage on baron just in time because Gragas came from the other side to try and sneak it with a barrel and an explosive casket. The damage wasn’t enough and another great hook from Thresh seals Gragas’ faith and GMB finish off the baron.

From this point on, the game is very one-sided and everyone is invited to the Darien show. It hardly maters that Edward lands another great hook and gets GMB 2 more kills and the mid inner turret when Darien buys Morellonomicon on Renekton and baits for his team, providing two more kills for the Russians. Gambit take the dragon and return to pushing the mid-lane. The next skirmish would also go in their favor, 4-1 and the mid inhibitor goes down. At this point AlexIch and crew are up by 14k gold and Darien has many more tricks up his sleeve. He buys an Ohmwrecker, as Gambit go 5-0 in the next team fight and they destroy the top inhibitor tower, the two nexus turrets but do not have enough hp to end the game. As there were hardly any turrets on the map left, Darien sells his Ohmwrecker and buys a Zhonya’s Hourglass instead. The crowd goes wild as Gambit march down the mid-lane to get a few more kills and end the game with a golden crock in the enemy fountain. Spectacular performance from GMB, enabled in part by MIL under-performing a lot and only a miracle would get them out of the 8th place at the end of the season.


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CW – SK: Be on the same page or lose

On the blue side the Wolves ban Nidalee, LeBlanc, Kha’zix and pick Shyvana, Lee Sin, Lulu, Jinx and Karma. Over on the purple side, SK Gaming ban Kassadin, Annie, Lucian and pick Renekton, Elise, Orianna, Caitlyn and Kayle.

CW start with a lane-swap bringing their bot-duo up in the top-lane and with the immense demolition power of Jinx they blow through the first turret inside the 3 minutes mark. Getting help from Lee Sin, the duo also gets their hand on the FB, as Renekton is bullied around and does not want to waste flash. SK respond with a turret of their own in the bottom-lane and the two teams go for one more turret each before ending their push. SK also gets the first dragon of the game, 5 minutes in, with the added bonus of killing Lee Sin who tries to steal it. CW reply with a kill on Orianna 1 minute later, as Lulu and Karma finish her off. The bot-duo of the Wolves push down the bottom-lane without wards and after a very good gank from Elise, they both end up paying the ultimate price. CS count after 10 minutes shows two very behind top-laners 44-51, an equal fight in the mid-lane 75-74 and a huge CS lead for CW in the bot-lane 96-64.

In the 12th minute, SK get themselves their second drake of the game, uncontested. The two mid-laners and the junglers have a prolonged back-and-forth fight in the mid-lane without anyone dying, until the 17th minute mark when CW finally manage to get ahead 1-0. Right as the dragon respawns, CW having a one man advantage try to force a fight, they finally get it, but as they barely win it 2-1, they are forced to go back and the 3rd dragon of the game goes to SK again. Over the next couple of minutes, due to better map rotation and better poking abilities, SK manage to down both top and mid inner turret before recalling. When they do though, CW down their first dragon, to reduce the gold difference between the two teams.

The Wolves were almost never on the same page as both Amazing and Youngbuck tried to engage on the enemy team separately but their plays were not followed up by their team-mates. 29 minutes in though, they get a kill on Renekton and start off baron, but have to stop as SK engages on them. The fight is brutal, but no casualties are reported and the two teams have to back off. SK have prevented the baron so they have to be happy about it. They are smiling for sure one minute later as they manage to actually down the baron, uncontested, CW not being able to reply in time. The whole game would be decided around dragon as both teams move to contest it. In what looked like a brilliant move, Shyvana was kiting the entire SK team away allowing Lee Sin to steal the dragon, only to have her team re-engage and lose two more members. A very good trade gone awful for CW, who were having a horrible day in terms of team communication and with the long death timers, SK do not hesitate and simply push down the mid-lane to end the game. Very impressive performance from SK yet again as they are now solely in possession of 1st place.


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ROC – FNC: GG = Godlike Gragas

On the blue side, Roccat ban LeBlanc, Sivir, Kassadin and pick Renekton, Lee Sin, Yasuo, Caitlyn and Thresh to face off against the IEM finalists, FNC, who decided to ban Elise, Kha’zix, Lulu and picked Shyvana, Pantheon, Gragas, Lucian and Karma.

The third game of the day started off with a lane switch, despite having Renekton on the team, ROC decide for the switch, sending their duo-bot up top against Shyvana. This move put Soaz very behind as he was caught off guard, chunk-ed quite a bit and forced to recall right from the start. The fact that he forgot to buy his trinket was just an added bonus 🙂 FB would come as late as 11 minutes in the game when Lee Sin was invading the enemy jungle, but despite his wards he got caught out and killed by Pantheon and Shyvana, which meant the first dragon would also go to FNC, uncontested. CS count at 12 minutes looked like this 78-66 top, 115-103 mid and 102-111 down in the bot-lane.

There were a few very spectacular fights in the early mid-game as the two mid-laners had a go at it in the bot-lane, with Yasuo getting the best of Gragas but dying to the turret in the end. A few minutes later, in the mid-lane, a great combo from Lee Sin, sent his target flying right towards a Thresh hook, but it was Gragas who came out with a kill at the end of that 4v4 brawl. FNC take the second dragon as well and ROC decide to push down the mid-lane to get that outer turret down, but FNC rotate better and respond with two destroyed turrets in the top-lane. Even though Overpow managed to get a good pick on xPeke, it was always Fnatic who had the edge in the mid-game, managing to come out ahead every single time to add to their very good dragon control throughout the game. In fact, after getting the third one down, they managed to find a pick on Caitlyn in the enemy jungle and increased their gold lead to 6k.

The action moved around the baron area and the first skirmish ended in a draw 1-1 before both teams were forced to recall. In the 33rd minute, ROC forces a fight around their mid inner turret and actually win the initial skirmish 2-0, as they were one man up, but they keep chasing for too long and Shyvana joins the fight, turning the tide and Fnatic win it with an overall 3-2 score and get the mid inner turret down as well. One minute later, due to the very good ward coverage from Yellowstar, ROC are too scared to contest the baron and are forced to concede it, granting their opponents a 9k gold lead. With the baron-buff on, FNC siege the top inhibitor, win the following fight 2-0, get the inhibitor down, before rotating to the mid-lane and destroying that inhibitor as well. ROC do not give up and find a pick on Soaz, but this only delays FNC’s sure win as they have to wait for the majestic dragon to re-spawn. The next fight around the bot-inhibitor would end in a draw 1-1, but FNC get the inhibitor-tower down and one minute later the inhibitor falls down as well, as another great explosive casket from xPeke catches Thresh off-guard and Fnatic win the fight 3-0 to close out the game in style. Very impressive win for FNC, lead by an 11-2 Gragas, who has become xPeke’s favorite champion and will probably be banned against him.


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