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EU LCS standings after W10D2

Week 10 comes to an end and we have a first look at the new standings. No surprise here, it’s a three-way tie for first place, between Alliance, Fnatic and SK Gaming. In 4th place we find Gambit and Roccat all tied up, one game behind the leading trio. CW are in 6th and only 1 game behind them is SHC. Bringing up the rear with very little chances of getting out is MIL, with only 7 wins. As it is obvious from the the picture below, a big tie is very likely at the end of the next super-week. Just 4 more games to go for every team!

Eu Standings10


CW – ROC: Spears to secure the wins

On the blue side Copenhagen Wolves decide to ban out Trundle, Renekton, Ryze and choose Shyvana, Elise, Xerath, Caitlyn and Annie. On the opposing side, Roccat bans Lee Sin, Evelynn and Lulu while picking Gragas, Kha’zix, Nidalee, Lucian and Karma.

Confident in Gragas’ advantage in a 1v2 scenario, Roccat initiate the lane swap and send their duo-bot to the top lane. Sadly, it does not work out as expected for the Polish team. 3 minutes in Copenhagen Wolves manage to force the 3-man push bottom and take the turret. Kha’zix decides to come assist Gragas which forces ROC to get the outer tower top later, at the 5th minute mark. Right when everyone is questioning what ROC won off the lane swap, Nidalee pounces through the jungle and completely catches the CW duo-bot off guard. She gets the first blood, the double kill and with that acquiring the tiny snow ball to her name that would roll on throughout the rest of the game.

13 minutes in the game, ROC get a swift kill on CowTard near the dragon area, as he misses his stun and with that the uncontested drake ( Shyvana had misused the TP that never got off when Nidalee got the double kill before). Only 2 minutes later Kha’zix catches Annie out in the tri-bush and transforms the advantage into a turret kill bot. The second uncontested drake from ROC comes 20 minutes in followed by a fight that breaks off in the top lane. Shyvana dies in the skirmish and CW tries to respond two minutes later by taking the outer mid turret. ROC’s poke is so strong however, that they are pushed right back and must pay with their own inner mid turret.

At the 26 minute mark ROC take yet another uncontested drake while rushing baron only 1 minute later. CW has no vision of the area and can not respond, even though their burst composition could harshly punish ROC in that tight space. As the game clock shows 29 minutes, ROC starts an aggressive 1-3-1 siege onto CW’s base causing the bot inner turret to fall. From here on out, everything escalates to CW’s despair: 31 minutes in Shyvana dies, the bot inhibitor turret and the inhibitor are downed, however Celevar dies to Forg1ven. The CW adc is then punished right after when he is caught off and killed in the jungle, 32 minutes in. Shyvana gets some gold back for the Wolves and downs the top turret, at this point ROC’s lead is at a respectable 7k gold.

37 minutes in ROC are knocking on CW’s top entrance to the base when CW go for a long awaited aggressive Tibbers engage. Looking good in the start, it is short lived, as no kills come out of the fight, ROC manage to secure the baron and resume their top siege. The inhibitor turret falls at 35 minutes, followed by the bot inhibitor one minute later and finally the top inhibitor. CW can no longer react, are overwhelmed by ROC and their superminions, lose Xerath and Annie at 38 minutes and are forced to concede their Nexus right after. Well played from the Polish team, reminding the audience, that they were once the number one team in Europe!


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FNC – MIL: Unkillable dragon perseveres

On the blue side, FNC want to continue the hype with a win against the last place in the league as they ban Ziggs, Ryze, LeBlanc and pick Shyvana, Elise, Zed, Sivir and Karma. On the other side, looking to pull off a huge upset, MIL ban Lulu, Gragas, Kha’zix and pick Renekton, Evelynn, Xerath, Lucian and Leona.

The game started off with both junglers focusing their ganks in the bottom-lane. No kills were achieved, but FNC take the first turret of the game after 10 minutes as they rotate for dragon, but get interrupted by MIL. Leona will pay with her life for it and xPeke’s Zed continued to hammer at the mid outer-turret this entire time, bringing it to half-hp, no dragon for FNC though, who decide to base. The cs count at the 10 minute mark showed a small advantage for Renekton in the top-lane 77-86, a bigger one for Zed in the mid-lane 95-82 and a huge one for Sivir in the bot-lane, 82-65. Having returned from the base, FNC pick up the dragon as well, uncontested.

A few minutes later, in the top-lane, Cyanide anticipates an Evelynn gank perfectly and comes to help, but Shyvana was too low to assist and in a 1v2, Elise gets one kill before dying herself. However, Shyvana recalls and comes back with teleport to take the top outer turret down. In the mid-game, FNC make a few positional mistakes as they lose the first fight to MIL, in the mid-lane, 1-2. Elise got a bit greedy and ended up dying, trying to get a solo kill on Lucian. The new decreased damage on Elise in the 4.4 patch is noticeable. Two minutes later, around the dragon pit, MIL force FNC in a very messy fight and kite them very well around. The result of this skirmish was 2-0 in favor of MIL, the dragon on top of that and another kill on xPeke, after a very long chase that lasted from the dragon pit, through MIL’s red side jungle and all the way up to the FNC’s outer top-turret.

FNC looked like they realized what they are doing wrong and after MIL got a kill in the mid-lane and overstayed to kill the outer turret, they re-engaged and turned the fight on it’s head, getting themselves 2 kills and chasing MIL away. Three minutes later, at the next dragon fight, MIL wanted to contest it, although they did not have the best positioning and FNC ran them down, 3-0 and Cyanide and crew decide to skip dragon and go straight for baron. It turned out to be the right call, as they manage to kill it very fast, but have to sacrifice Shyvana in the process. MIL take the dragon (the actual drake, not Shyvana) as a consolation prize and keep themselves in the game. With the baron buff on, FNC decides to run a 1-3-1 split-push tactic to avoid the excellent wave clear from Xerath. The tactic is successful as Zed picks himself up a kill on Lucian in the bot-lane together with the inner turret, while Shyvana takes down the top inner turret.

35 minutes in, FNC try to melt down the baron with only 3 people, while Zed and Shyvana are running interference around the enemy red buff, this tactic works wonders for them and the 2 heroes manage to get a 2-0 win in a 2v4 skirmish!! Absolutely impressive and FNC are hyped and ready for more. With the baron buff on, they rotate top, get a kill on Xerath and the inhibitor down, then make their way mid and destroy that inhibitor as well before recalling to base. Two minutes later they push down the bot-lane and with Shyvana tanking the turret they just dismantle the enemy team, winning the trade 4-0 and ending the game in 38 minutes. This new and improved FNC, who ar enot chasign kills but instead are forcing down objectives reminds the viewers of the team that went 7-0 in the beginning of this split. Great performance!


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SHC – GMB: No crescendo, no shockwave, no win

On the blue side, the Supa Hot Crew ban Thresh – seeing the amazing game Eddy had yesterday, Evelynn and Lee Sin. They pick Karma, Pantheon, Ryze, Caitlyn and Kayle. Gambit decide to deny LeBlanc, Lulu and Khazix from SHC, while picking Lucian, Renekton, Xin Zhao, Sona and Orianna.

It seems like Gambit is going for the core recipe that brought them a dominant win versus SK yesterday and the start of the game favors them, 4 minutes in, Xin sets off a good counter gank in the top-lane getting First Blood for Gambit on Pantheon.  Impaler then responds bot by catching off Lucian and Sona rather pushed and getting a kill back on the artistic support. Both teams engage in skirmishes bringing themselves low, but not securing kills. The first major objective comes 11 minutes in, when GMB decide to kill the drake and do not encounter any resistance from SHC. Only 3 minutes later though, GMB’s push on the bot outer-turret falls short, they lose Xin and give SHC a slight gold lead plus the first turret of the game. Sadly for the Russians, Diamond would take yet another step back from the much needed snowball road when he gets surrounded and slain by SHC in their blue side of the jungle.  The SHC duo-bot rotating top to push for another turret, opens the door for yet another uncontested drake for GMB at the 17th minute mark.

A couple of minutes later, Pantheon sets up a good engage bot forcing out two ultimates from GMB . It enables his team to subsequently put pressure on the mid lane and claim the tower. The dance at drake right after seems unsuccessful for SHC, but they decide to switch their focus to the inner bot turret instead. GMB kill off the dragon, but cannot rotate fast enough to stop the turret from going down at 25 minutes in the game. A catastrophic “death bush” engage at 30 mins in GMB’s jungle puts SHC 3 men down giving Gambit baron while they also kill off Kayle in the process. This fight puts GMB now 7k gold ahead of SHC in the game. The first drake for SHC comes at the 31st minute when Impaler manages the steal, but dies right after and GMB get the mid turret in response. Capitalizing on their lead, GMB manage to siege mid, taking down the inhibitor turret.

The red flags of danger from SHC’s powerful late game composition come only 4 mins later when GMB is brought low and chased away from SHC’s jungle. This gives SHC a massive morale boost on top of the mid inhibitor and subsequently the drake. 39 minutes in GMB are encouraged to start baron after they managed to kill Kayle, but SHC rush from the base and manage to get 2 double kills on both Ryze and Karma, securing the baron buff as well. GMB now realizing the come-back crew means business, can only take the poke and watch their bot inhibitor turretand Xin Zhao fall. SHC decides to pursue the siege in the top-lane 46 minutes in, they get the inhibitor turret and with the help of super minions one of the Nexus turrets as well, while Kayle gets the res-timer.

SHC takes things slowly, get the drake, safely back off baron deciding to not risk anything and it would pay off 51 minutes into the game: GMB decides to rush mid and get the exposed inhibitor, but are engaged upon by SHC with the man-drop and must sacrifice the Swag Lord’s life, after they cannot get off a good crescendo nor an optimal shock-wave.  Thereafter, SHC finally get Baron and try to advance. GMB attempts an approach from the flank in mid, but cannot find the right targets and must walk away with their HP chunked off and try to recall asap. SHC sets off to a final siege in GMB’s base that allows them after some uninspired ultimates and powerless defending from GMB to walk off with a surprising, but convincing win. What a game it has been, what a spectacular come back and what a close game it was in the end, if only one of the many missed ultimates from Edward or Alex would have landed, the game would have looked entirely different.


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SK – ALL: Froggsen tries out Zed

SK Gaming on the blue side, ban LeBlanc, Thresh, Yasuo and pick Shyvana, Kha’zix, Gragas, Vayne and Morgana. On the purple side, ALL ban Lulu, Nidalee, Renekton and pick Trundle, Evelynn, Zed, Lucian and Leona.

Alliance decide to go for a 5 man invade at level one, gunning for the enemy’s red buff, which they successfully take with no casualties on any side. FB of the game will be drawn in the 4th minute, as Evelynn makes a surprise visit to the bot-lane and combined with a very good engage from Leona, ALL manage to take down Vayne. Evelynn would make her presence felt again in the 12th minute as she roamed top, together with Zed to get a kill on Shyvana, despite the dragon using her ultimate and flash to get away. The CS count right after that kill showed a comfortable advantage for ALL in the top-lane 105-120 and mid-lane 107-123 and an even lane down bot 99-103 and one minute later Froggen and crew manage to take an uncontested dragon as well, while SK took down the top outer-turret.

In the 17th minute, ALL were looking to get some towers down in the bot-lane and after a prolonged 3v2 siege, they finally decide to go in and grab two kills in the process, but SK secure themselves two revenge-kills as Gragas cuts off Evelynn’s retreat and Kha’zix finds Lucian all alone and with no mana to spare. After Gragas returned to the mid-lane, he was an easy pray for Zed, who gets the solo kill and builds himself up as the biggest threat for SK. One minute later, a gank in the top-lane from Kha’zix would mean a dead troll, while SK also secure the top inner turret, but ALL take themselves another free dragon. Zed was hovering in the side bushes of the bottom-lane waiting for a pick and he found Vayne, initiated on him only to see Morgana and Kha’zix right next to him. He was in luck though, as his team-mates were close and managed to turn the fight around and get a 2-1 win. At the next dragon fight, ALL had a better position and just as SK wanted to engage, some quick moves from Zed explode Morgana and forces the enemy team to retreat.

The teams trade kills back and forth, Vayne dies to Zed and Eve in the bot-lane, while Leona dies in the mid-lane, but nothing big happens until the next dragon fight. Same scenario as before, ALL have the better position, but Svenskeren goes for a steal, fails it and is trapped between 4 ALL members and an all-out fight breaks out. SK were focusing the 2 tanks and thus ALL managed a 4-0 clean win and they rushed to the baron. After downing it, they had a gigantic 10k gold lead. Returning from the shop and wearing the baron buff, ALL pushed down the mid-lane and got the inhibitor down after a 2-1 won skirmish. Afterwards, they tried to rotate bot, but were stuck in a dead-lock, because SK had better wave-clear. The only thing they could do is wait, until the super-minions would start to pressure the mid-lane and one of the SK members would have to respond. It was Vayne who went and ALL started the fight, getting themselves a 3-1 win, the bot inner turret and an uncontested dragon.

A final team fight would erupt in the mid-lane, as both teams went head to head, but only Shyvana died, with the rest of SK being chased off. As they realized they couldn’t get any more kills ALL turned their attention towards the baron and pushed down the mid-lane once more. Following another great initiation from Zed on Morgana, who died instantly, ALL throw everything they had at SK, win the next encounter 3-1 and end the game in 44 minutes. Great performance from Alliance and especially Froggen, who carried his team to the 8th consecutive victory, they only need 1 more to break the all-time EU LCS record.


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SHC – FNC: Rotations, rotations, rotations

SHC ban Ziggs, Evelynn, Nidalee and pick Shyvana, Kha’zix, LeBlanc, Lucian and Sona to go against a very motivated FNC, who banned Yasuo, Ryze, Lulu and picked Renekton, Elise, Gragas, Jinx and Karma.

FNC had an agenda going into this and rotated their duo in the mid-lane to go against LeBlanc. SHC followed with a rotate of their own, but then FNC’s duo went bot after LeBlanc, who was forced to switch again. This whole walking around meant LeBlanc would have a much harder time cs-ing and lost a lot of farm due to this. At the 6 minute mark, Cyanide gets FB on Mimer in the top-lane. FNC rotate their duo once more and as SHC are forced to respond, they dive Leblanc 3v1 and kill her. Sona would also die in the mid-lane, 1 minute later, but SHC do not freak out and take first dragon of the game, despite xPeke’s attempt to steal it. The rest of FNC were grouped in the mid-lane and did manage to respond by downing the outer-turret there.

16 minutes in the game, FNC were already knocking on the inner turrets, the first one to go down was the top one and despite Soaz having to die for it, Fnatic are now 5k gold up as both teams recall. Dragon re-spawns and SHC are faster, take it down and manage to get a draw in the skirmish that broke out right after, as both junglers bite the dust.  FNC continue their siege and the bot inner turret would fall as well 2 minutes later, together with SHC’s new mid-laner, Selfie.  The next couple of fights would all go in favor of FNC, as first they win a skirmish in the mid lane, 2-0, then they take down the last inner turret and get the dragon on their way out too. After a successful pick-off in the mid-lane , FNC start baron as they have the number advantage but are forced to stop as SHC come in to contest it. SHC lose 2 team-mates but stop the baron from being killed. Having superior vision in the area around Nashor, FNC secure it uncontested, after they return from the base. With the baron buff on, they march down the mid-lane, destroy the inhibitor there before rotating top and downing their second inhibitor.

In the next two fights, SHC were looking for a come-back, as they barely lost the first 3-2 and they won the second one 3-1. Both engages originated from very good Sona ultimates, but there was just not enough damage to follow the cc. By the time the next baron was up, all FNC had to do was to lure their opponents out to fight and the super-minions were doing their job of downing both Nexus turrets. Alarmed by the fact that the minions could end the game, SHC were forced to recall and the Baron would go to FNC once again. With the buff on, they simply went in the enemy base and dismantled it. Last skirmish ended with a clear victory for FNC, 3-0 and they close the game. Impressive stats from both Gragas and Jinx as Fnatic start off week 10 with a win.


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ROC – ALL: Super team is real

On the blue side, ROC ban LeBlanc, Gragas, Sivir and pick Trundle, Kha’zix, Ryze, Jinx and Karma. On the purple side, ALL, ban Lulu, Renekton, Yasuo and pick Shyvana, Evelynn, Nidalee, Lucian and Thresh.

ALL were looking to continue their undefeated streak when they went against the Polish giants, Roccat. The Poles are the first to initiate a lane-swap sending their duo in the top-lane. With Jinx hitting at the turret like mad (pun? what pun?) ROC are able to win the first tower down race, but do not retreat in time and ALL also manage to down the bot outer turret, to even it up 1-1. As a result of that, ALL get themselves the first drake of the game, because they were having the numbers around the pit. FB would also go to ALL as Shyvana and Evelynn chunk Trundle down. At the 10 minute mark, the CS count shows a small advantage for ALL in all three lanes, 49-63 top, 84-95 mid and 73-86 bot.

The second dragon of the game would also go in favor of ALL, but ROC manage to get a kill and put themselves on the board. Three minutes later, another gank from Evelynn in the top-lane ends with the exact same scenario, a dead Trundle. Another three minutes later, the dragon and the mid outer turret of ROC would go to ALL, uncontested, as they get themselves the early 6k gold lead. 23 minutes in, Lucian’s farming spree came to an end as Ryze and Kha’zix blew a lot of cool-downs to assassinate him. The other four members of ALL immediately started off Baron, but had to back down as they were spotted by an ultimate from Jinx. ROC get themselves 2 towers as ALL found Karma and really wanted her dead.

An important moment of the game was 26 minutes in, as ROC pulls off a very successful bait, with Ryze teleporting in behind ALL and the Poles win their first skirmish of the game, 2-0. However, the fear of the Nidalee spears is too great and they do not capitalize on those kills with a dragon. Instead, having zoned out their opponents very effectively, ALL wait for their members to re-spawn and simply take the dragon themselves. 33 minutes in, following an extended baron-dance, ALL start Nashor and are able to finish it just in time, as ROC were too slow to react, but still wanted to fight and end up losing the skirmish 3-0 and three turrets on top of that. ALL recalls and begins a new onslaught, in the mid-lane this time. Inhibitor falls down pretty quick and they rotate top where they take a bit more time to down the exposed inhibitor there and ROC make a very good engage, deleting Froggen from the map before he could react. In the very long chase that followed, ROC actually ACE their opponents but as their two Nexus turrets were in danger, they chose to retreat.

The next baron would go uncontested to ALL because ROC could not leave their base undefended and one minute later Froggen and crew were knocking on the front door again. ROC made a good attempt at a last fight, but there was very little they could do in the end as they lost the final skirmish, 3-1 and the game shortly after. Alliance continue their undefeated streak and are now up 7-0, needing just two more games to break the record of longest undefeated streak in the EU LCS. Best of luck guys! ROC made a solid appearance, but fell short in the early game and could never come back from that deficit. A good performance, nevertheless by the Poles, who look to be in top shape for the super-week and the play-offs.


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