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CRS – EG: CoPsistency will win you games.

On the blue-side CRS bans Evelynn, Nidalee, Pantheon and picks: Trundle, Vi, Kassadin, Caitlyn and Thresh to face-off against EG, on the purple side with Gragas, Olaf, Riven, Sivir and Morgana. EG previously banned LeBlanc, Lulu and Elise.

CRS manages to pick up Kassadin and decide to run a double teleport-composition. 4 minutes in, Snoopeh overstays in the blue enemy jungle after pushing Vi out and gets caught by Trundle and the returning Vi for the FB of the game. Pobelter seems to say don’t worry dude, we got this, as he gets a kill on Kassadin in a 1v2 scenario and another kill, 2 mins later with a great flash binding from Krepo, putting Kassadin very behind. The CS scores after 10 minutes looked like this: 80-84 for the top-laners, 48-85 in mid and 90-69 down in the bot-lane.

EG manage better rotations and secure an uncontested  drake 11 minutes in, but after a team-fight win in the enemy jungle 3-2, they overstay and actually end up losing it 3-4. Two minutes later, CRS will start making their presence felt even more, as they completely destroy EG in a 3v3 skirmish, coming out 3-0 ahead and taking down the outer turret. CRS wasn’t winning every engage by a land-slide, but always managed to come out ahead, 4-2 in the 18th minute, 5-3 plus the dragon in the 20th minute and finally Voyboy and crew get a clean ACE in the 26th minute after a beautiful Rift-walk and Zhonya engage from Kassadin. CRS secure both baron and dragon afterwards and tip the game heavily in their favor.

With the baron buff on, Curse manage to down 3 inner turrets and get vision control for the next baron, as they weren’t about to leave anything up to chance. They played a very calm and composed game and were rewarded with a dragon and a baron kill to increase their gold lead to 14k. After that, CRS set their eyes on the bot inhibitor, destroyed it and eliminated EG in the process, 4-1, before destroying the Nexus and taking home an important victory. They go 3-1 in this super-week, netting important wins over DIG and EG, two of their main rivals for the 4th spot.

You can also find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesports

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C9 – CLG: Embarrassing-Lift

C9 on the blue side ban Ryze, Sivir, Lulu and pick Trundle, Elise, Gragas, Lucian and Morgana to face off against CLG, on the purple side with Syvana, Evelynn, Ziggs, Caitlyn and Leona. CLG’s bans were Kassadin, Kha’zix and Renekton.

CLG starts this game off exactly the same way as they did with TSM, with a level 1 FB, this time on Morgana and ride their momentum from the start of the game, winning a 3v3 skirmish in the bot-lane (3-2, double kill for Aphromoo) and getting a kill on Balls in the top-lane after a successful roam from Link. Elise wants to stop the enemy bot-lane from snowballing, comes for a return visit down there and gets rewarded with a kill on Doublelift plus an early dragon to even out the game. The CS count at the 11 minute mark showed all around winning lanes for CLG, 79-91 in the top-lane, 93-103 in the mid-lane and 72-84 in the bot-lane.

As the next dragon spawns, C9 has a better positioning around it, manage to catch off Doublelift, take him out and secure the objective. They lose the next fight 3-2, but come ahead due to the gold-reward for killing dragon. C9 manages to find picks all over the map and get a little advantage from every skirmish securing themselves a 3k lead before the next dragon. Despite seeing that their opponents are ahead, CLG keep engaging on them, lose the next dragon, the next team-fight 3-1 and all their inner turrets to boost C9’s lead to 6k gold. Sneaky baits CLG in a strange engage down the mid-lane as 4 people jump him, yet he somehow survives long enough for his team to arrive and clean up the opposition, 4-0 win in that team-fight for C9 who takes a free baron right after. C9’s ability to jump on the enemy ad carry is impressive and make Doublelift look silly.

Being 10k gold up and wearing the baron buff, C9 just push the bottom lane, get the inhibitor and end the game in 27 minutes, keeping up with today’s trend of very short, one-sided games and very dominating wins. They also get themselves a 4-0 perfect score in the super-week and remain one game behind their friends and rivals TSM. Well played C9 and good luck in Poland at the IEM World Finals!

You can also find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesports

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DIG – CRS: Madlife Fufu

Dignitas spawns on the blue side with Shyvana, Kha’zix, Lulu, Lucian and Annie after banning LeBlanc, Caitlyn, Panth. On the other side, CRS ban only Jayce and Eve, the thirst ban being revoked by the judges and they pick Trundle, Elise, Nidalee, Draven and Thresh.

Elise has a bigger impact in the early game as she makes her first visit in the bot-lane and gets the FB 4 minutes in, takes the drake after 9 minutes, helps Trundle get the first turret of the game 14 minutes in and secures a 2nd drake 1 minute later. Having destroyed his turret, Quas rotates mid, kills Scarra and take his turret while a crazy spectacular engage in the bottom-lane ends with a draw, 2-2.

The big team-fight that will end up deciding the game takes place around dragon 22 minutes in and CRS come out big, taking the drake and winning the fight 4-0. CRS realizes the momentum they have and rush down to baron to secure that objective as well and net themselves a 6k gold lead. Draven and Thresh are instrumental for their team as CRS goes mid to take down the inhibitor, before rotating bot to do the exact same thing. Having a Trundle and a Nidalee in the team also doesn’t hurt and Dignitas seem hopeless against this very well-thought-out poke composition.

CRS does not want to hurry, they take their time, down another baron before finally pushing top-lane and securing the game after an exquisite ACE over Team Dignitas. Although it is hard to pick an MVP after this game, Thresh deserves another shout-out for his on-point max-range hooks and lantern ganks. IWDominate said at the end of the game he has never played with such a support, who makes his ganks so easy.

You can also find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesports

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CLG – CST: Team speed is a must!

CLG on the blue side, ban Jax, Annie, Elise and pick up: Shyvana, Evelynn, Lulu, Sivir and Leona to face off against CST with Renekton, Vi, Ahri, Lucian and Morgana. CST previously banned Ryze, Kha’zix and LeBlanc.

The game starts off pretty slow with both junglers focused on farming and getting that all-important level 6. In the 10th minute, the game starts to tilt ever so slightly into CLG’s favor as Dexter discovers NintendudeX solo-ing the dragon, kills him ruthlessly and finishes off the dragon as well. The only thing that was going in CST favor was the top-lane where Zion’s Renekton was 30 CS ahead of Shyvana 12 minutes in, with the other 2 lanes being pretty much even. Sadly for Coast, Zion never really got to have a huge impact in the game, as their bottom-lane gets caught out between rotations and killed on the spot right before dragon would re-spawn. Easy pick up for CLG who also get the inner bot turret and another kill on Lucian.

20 minutes in the game, CLG come out huge, after they manage to get an ACE following a brawl in the jungle and down two turrets and the top inhibitor before recalling. CST manage to get a few retribution kills back, as they find a pick on Leona and secure another two in the mid-lane reminding their fans about their almost-great come-back yesterday. However, it was not enough and CLG capitalize on their huge gold advantage to win the next fight, get two more turrets in the mid-lane plus the 3rd dragon in a row. The action revolves around the baron-pit and although CLG start it, they are very afraid of a steal and instantly engage on CST as they challenge it. 4-0 win in that fight and nothing can stop Doublelift & crew from winning this game. Two minutes later, they return to baron, secure it, win the next fight with a clear 3-0 and push down the mid-lane to end the game. CLG borrowed a page from the TSM hand-book and looked very impressive in this game, after losing yesterday to their old-time rivals in a similar manner. WP from CLG as they get ready to face C9 a bit later in the day.

You can also find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesports

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XDG – TSM: Glorious ride off into the sun-set

XDG on the blue side start with Trundle, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Caitlyn and Leona after banning Renekton and Sivir (the 3rd ban was revoked by the judges for a violation of the rules). On the purple-side TSM ban Kassadin, Elise, Lulu and pick Shyvana, Panth, Gragas, Ezreal and Annie.

Xpecial picks the “nerfed” Doran’s shield on Annie and manages to get a stun on Zuna, Ezreal easily follows up and they get the FB on Caitlyn. The TSM bot-lane would come out big through-out the game, with a little help from Pantheon who secures another kill on Zuna 2 minutes later. XDG try to reply with an Evelynn gank in the top-lane, while the non-stop action in the bot-lane produces 2 more kills, this time a 1-1 trade. 9 minutes in, the General returns there again, secures yet another kill on Caitlyn who is now 1-4 and take the dragon. Oddone might as well set up camp in the bot-lane as he returns there two minutes later for another kill on Caitlyn and the outer turret.

The TSM duo-bot rotate mid to get that outer turret as well and the blue buff. Overall, TSM won all the trades around the map and then capitalized with objectives, Reginald melts everyone in the bot lane, as Zuna and Mancloud fall to the combat prowess of Gragas. Three kills, two dragons and two turrets later, TSM manage to gather a huge 9k gold lead with only 22 minutes gone by. A big fight breaks out one minute later, as TSM comes out ahead 2-1 and the rest of the XDG line-up flee towards their Nexus with their health-bars blinking. TSM then decides to go for the baron, even if their adc was dead and manage to secure it along-side 2 more kills as XDG came back to contest it.

From this point on, nothing could stop Regi & crew from closing off the game. They go for a push in the mid-lane, win a fight 3-0, down the inhibitor and increase their lead to 15k. Astonishing! Two minutes later, as TSM prepared their onslaught down the bottom-lane, the surrender and the GG’s came out from XDG, who didn’t see a realistic chance for a come-back. 4-0 and TSM completes the perfect super-week and Reginald, being congratulated by the entire team, gets to retire (for the 3rd time I believe) with a win. This victory is that much more impressive, as it is the 3rd one in a row, that TSM manages to achieve before the 27 minute mark, very good job from them, getting the early lead and being able to snowball it so hard.

You can also find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesport

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XDG – CST: No come-backs allowed

On the blue side XDG ban: Jax, Nidalee LeBlanc to neutralize the 2 biggest threats on CST ZionSpartan and Shiphtur and pick Trundle, Vi, Lulu, Sivir and Leona. On the purple side, CST bans Renekton, Pantheon, Elise and pick Lee Sin, Evelynn, Ziggs, Lucian and Thresh.

A lot of CST’s strategy was relying on the early game and they invested a fair share of money in the Lee Sin match up, only to see it explode in a million pieces. Around the 6 minute mark, Trundle goes all in on Lee Sin and with a little help and a ks from Vi, he manages to get him down. Two minutes later, a roam from Lulu to the top-lane through the same unwarded tri-bush produces the same result, a dead ZionSpartan as XDG does a good job of shutting him down early. CS count after 10 minutes shows winning lanes for CST, 88-101 in the mid-lane, 81-94 in the bot-lane and 74-61 in the top-lane for Trundle, being the only lane in favor of XDG.

CST manage to secure the first dragon in the 13th minute as XDG had their eyes set on their own blue buff, very good out-play there by NintendudeX. Despite that, XDG takes control of the early game as Vi ganks bot, gets a kill on Thresh and helps secure the turret, only to roam top one minute later and find another kill on Lee Sin. With no turret to kill in the bot-lane, the XDG duo rotate mid and get a kill on Ziggs plus the mid outer turret. As a result of these good movements around the map, XDG will take an uncontested dragon and continue to find picks all around the Summoner’s Rift for a 9-1 kill lead and a 6k gold advantage over their opponents. 31 minutes in the game, they also take an uncontested baron after a very good ward-coverage and with the baron buff on, XDG systematically take down the outer turrets of CST.

Despite Coast turning a 4v5 fight around as they get a 1-0 win and manage to down the outer mid turret, XDG is still looking strong and with the dragon pick-up 39 minutes in, their lead increases to 11k. However, a very good defense from CST and Lucian comes out huge with a triple kill in the next team fight, allowing his team to win it with 3-2 and get a baron and the next dragon for their efforts. CST’s comeback was short-lived as they lose the next fight 2-0 and their mid-inhibitor after 48 minutes. The next fight will also be the last one of the game, as XDG gets an ACE in a very even fight and the last 2 survivors, Lulu and Trundle manage to take down the nexus and give XDG a  big confidence boost as they face TSM tomorrow. Great re-engages from Xmithie and ManCloud to not let CST come back in this game.

At this point, I feel compelled to give a big shout-out to the two commentators of the game, Kobe & Phreak for the most entertaining commentary of the split, if you guys want to watch the game, be sure to check it out here: Youtube.

You can also find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesport

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DIG – C9: One team-fight is all it takes!

Dignitas spawns on the blue side with Shyvana, Kha’zix, Gragas, Lucian and Annie after banning LeBlanc, Caitlyn, Lee Sin to face off against Cloud 9, on the purple side, with Renekton, Pantheon, Kassadin, Sivir and Morgana. C9 previously banned Soraka, Lulu, Elise. Big news coming out of the champion select, Kassadin is out of jail. Will Hai be able to break the NA Kassadin curse and win a game?

Dignitas get the FB in the bottom lane after a brilliant flash stun from Annie to start things off. The bot-lane would end up to steal all the glory, as the adcs trade kills on each other’s supports 3 minutes later and another 3 minutes later, C9 pulls 4 people down there to set up a kill on Annie. DIG does a very good job of denying them the dragon afterwards and take it themselves in the 11th minute. The game would carry on to be very much even as the CS count in the 12th minute shows: 96-96 in the top-lane, 85-78 in the mid-lane and 70-79 in the bot-lane. Meteos ganks top and gets rewarded with a kill, a turret and a blue-buff, while Crumbzz does the exact same thing bottom and the story of the game remains the same as teams continue to trade kills back and forth around the map.

A couple of bad decisions in the mid-game would put DIG a bit behind though. They lose a dragon and the subsequent fight 4-2 in the 18th minute and get caught in a very bad trade as they get 2 turrets in the mid-lane but C9 also get 2 turrets in the bot-lane and add an inhibitor to that. Capitalizing on their advantage C9 win the next two team-fights with the same score 3-2 and manage to take down a dragon and the mid inner turret. 31 minutes in though, Kiwikid comes off HUGE with a flash-Tibbers that stops C9 in their tracks, getting the kill on Morgana and starting momentum for DIG. C9 takes the next dragon as DIG had no timer on it, but DIG rush Baron and get it down one second before Pantheon gets in smite-range. They manage to get 2 kills in the baron pit and destroy the mid inhibitor, before rotating top and taking the inner turret there as well. The same story would happen in the bot-lane as that inner turret falls and DIG pick up 2 more kills. They are way too low and need to go back so that C9 takes the drake. These drakes proved to be huge in keeping C9 in the game.

38 minutes pass by as DIG wins another convincing fight 3-0 and after they took down the baron, they seemed unstoppable. Hai manages to deliver a denting blow, downing their exposed bot-inhibitor though. In what looked as an easy push down bot for the baron-ed-up DIG to finish the game, a miracle happens for C9. A great flank from Renekton and a perfectly timed ultimate form Pantheon spell disaster for Scarra & crew who get ACED and lose the game, due to the big re-spawn timers. One fight was all that C9 needed to turn the game on it’s head. Remarkable performance form both teams, but it’s Cloud 9 who come out ahead and continue to mach TSM’s score in the super-week, 3-0 so far. Kassadin manages to break the curse and get his first win in the NA LCS at the end of a nail-biting game.

You can find a link with the full game stats and item builds here: Lolesport

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