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NA LCS standings after W9D2

The NA LCS action is over and it’s time to take a look at the leader-board. TSM, C9 and CLG maintain their top 3 spots as they go 2-0 this week and the trio remain the only teams with a positive W/L ratio. In 4th place, we have the first tie between CRS and DIG, as the two teams faced each other this week, CRS coming out on top in that duel. In sole possession of 6th place, we have CST, while EG and XDG share the 7th spot.

NALCS standings

Now, if you look closely, there is some potential for a 5-way-tie at the bottom of the standings, with 6 games left to play. One can only hope 🙂


CST – CLG: Shiphtur the Yordle-God

On the blue side, Coast ban Evelynn, Lulu, LeBlanc and pick Renekton, Kha’zix, Ziggs, Lucian and Annie. On the other side of the Rift, CLG ban Jax, Nidalee, Kassadin and pick Shyvana, Elise, Ahri, Sivir and Thresh.

4 minutes in, Dexter ganks bot for the first time, but CST’s duo manage to trade even, 1-1, with FB going to Annie. Kha’zix pays a visit to the top-lane and assists Renekton in taking down Shyvana. The response from Elise comes 1 minute later as he returns to the bottom lane and finds another kill on Annie. 9 minutes in, Elise lands a perfect cocoon on Ziggs in the mid-lane, Ahri follows it up with a charm and gets the kill on the yordle. CLG capitalize on their early success with an uncontested dragon. Kha’zix answers with the same aggression and finds himself a kill on Ahri in the mid-lane, before rotating top and getting another kill on Shyvana, with the help of Renekton. Meanwhile, Dexter joins his duo-bot and the three of them get a kill on Lucian. Very good ganks from both junglers in the early game. The CS count at the 12 minute mark shows a small advantage for Renekton in the top-lane 92-83, an even mid-lane 84-90 and bot-lane 83-89.

After a prolonged ward-war, Thresh and Sivir face-check the enemy tri-bush, only to find a Tibbers there and Thresh pays for it with his life. 3 minutes later, CLG starts the dragon-fight and CST engages on them, but Nien comes out big and finds a 4 person ultimate and the aoe that CLG can put out is simply too much and they ACE their opponents and take both the dragon and the baron while only losing Ahri to open up a 5k gold lead. With the baron buff on, CLG get both the bot and mid inner turret down. In the fight that breaks out around the mid inner tower, CST blows everything on Link, get him down, but lose 2 members of their own and decide to retreat. The siege would continue even after CLG lose the buff and they down 2 more turrets in the top-lane. With 40 seconds until baron respawns and dragon already up, they decide to stay in the top-lane and pressure the inhibitor turret. It turned out to be a very good call as they make good use of their hook-charm-cocoon combo and pulverize Renekton and Lucian and destroy the top inhibitor.

Around the baron area, CLG find a pick on Kha’zix who gets blown to pieces, but CST continues the engage and get themselves a double kill. Because Shyvana killed Lucian and was pressuring their base, they had to return and defend and could not start off the baron. In the meantime, Dexter takes the dragon down, uncontested, to up CLG’s gold lead to 12k. After a very good engage from CLG, CST lose Renekton, but decide to re-engage and even out the trade around baron, 3-3. The two teams recall, buy some more items and return to the Baron pit. CLG actually starts off the baron and CST come in hard trying to interrupt it. ZionSpartan, does not even get a chance to pop his ultimate, as he instantly dies, but Shiphtur comes out huge with a tripple kill and gives his team a 4-1 victory in the skirmish, but being very low, they can not capitalize with a baron kill. CLG isn’t cutting their opponents any slack either, as they repeatedly take the dragons to deny them the global experience and gold provided by that objective.

36 minutes in, the action still revolves around the baron-pit and CST invest a lot of resources in catching Link off-guard, flash Tibbers and Ziggs’ ultimate are used to neutralize Ahri and they start off baron. CLG know their opponents are down a lot of cooldowns and decide to contest it. A messy fight breaks out, but Ziggs comes out huge once again, scoring a quadrakill for his team, as CST wins the engage, 4-2 and baron lives to see another day. The next team-fight would happen around the mid-lane, as CLG find a good engage this time and force CST on the back-foot. The skirmish ends 2-2, but the Coast members are all too low to contest baron and are forced to retreat while CLG finally downs baron in the 41st minute.

With the baron buff on, CLG decide for a very intresting approach on the siege, as they split-push all 3 lanes, to avoid the very fast Ziggs wave-clean-up and after getting the bot inhibitor turret down, they find a pick on Kha’zix, blow him up and then proceed to systematically take out Lucian and Renekton to end the game in under 45 minutes, despite the opposition from Ziggs, who finishes the game 14/3, breaking the record for most kills in one game in the NA LCS. It really looked like Shiphtur was alone on his team, with both ZionSpartan and NintedudeX getting caught out and instantly killed. Regardless, a really good game from both teams, including some highly entertaining team-fights and well deserved applause and cheers from the crowd. On CLG’s side, Dexter had another monstrous appearance, dominating the early game and landing multiple max-range cocoons by the end of the encounter and Aphromoo’s Thresh play was over the moon once again.


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C9 – EG: The Kaylezedarian Wars

On the blue side, Cloud9 ban Gragas, Elise, LeBlanc and pick Renekton, Evelynn, Zed, Lucian and Thresh. On the purple side, the EG subs trying to get some more LCS experience from the game today, ban Lulu, Kha’zix, Kassadin and pick Jayce, Pantheon, Kayle, Sivir and Morgana.

After securing both his buffs, Meteos comes down in the bot-lane to assist his duo in getting FB on Morgana. Two minutes later, the same scenario would repeat itself and poor Ken on Morgana dies again, this time to Sneaky, after FB was taken by Lemonnation. Up in the top-lane, Innox would also come to realize the danger of an Evelynn jungler, as he gets ganked himself 3 minutes later and suffers a painful death. 9 minutes in, Kayle walks over a pink ward as he was roaming down bot, then turns around to kill it, but gets collapsed on by Zed and Thresh and killed where he stood. Pantheon would also use his ultimate to try and help his team-mate, but ends up sharing his faith as C9 pick up an uncontested dragon.

Teams trade kills 11 minutes in as Pobelter roams top and gets a kill on Balls’ Renekton, while down in the bot-lane, Sneaky gets a kill on RobertXLee. Same thing would happen again, 2 minutes later as Pantheon finally arrives in time for the counter-gank in the bot-lane and the skirmish ends in a draw, 1-1. Sadly for EG though, their two solo-laners both give up kills in 1v1 scenarios and C9 take down all three outer turrets. Meteos and crew would pick up the 2nd dragon of the game as well, uncontested, to increase their gold lead to 7k.

At this point, the whole game revolved around the comedy of errors and kills in the bot-lane and the never ending duel between Zed and Kayle. Round 1 is won by Kayle in a straight-up 1v1, but he lingers too much and gets killed by Lucian and Evelynn and C9 take down the bot inner turret as well. Pobelter takes a breather from dying in the bot-lane and goes to the top-lane to die there as Renekton and Evelynn collapse on him and kill the top inner turret too. Coming back in the bot-lane, he finds Hai and the two duel it out again, this time Zed comes out victorious because of an ill timed ultimate from Kayle. Only 2 minutes go by and Kayle returns to the bot-lane and looks for a revenge kill on Zed, but ends up dying yet again as Zed brought friends this time. Meanwhile, in the mid-lane, Innox dies in a 1v1 vs Sneaky and C9 get their first inhibitor down. Zed waits patiently in the bot-lane as Kayle brings some friends along this time and manages to kill Zed, but the rest of C9 were already killing Nashor. EG tried to steal it, but Pantheon was killed and C9 storm towards the base of EG to get an ACE as only Thresh and Renekton are alive to down the Nexus. Commanding win by C9 and commiserations to the subs of EG who had such a gargantuan task ahead of them this week, their first games in the LCS being against CLG and C9, good effort guys!


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XDG – CRS: Sheep > Bunny

XDG, on the blue side, are looking for their big break as they ban Pantheon, Vi, Thresh and pick Shyvana, Elise, Ziggs, Jinx and Zyra. CRS are looking to keep their 3-0 record against XDG intact as they ban Evelynn, LeBlanc, Lulu and pick Renekton, Kha’zix, Syndra, Caitlyn and Leona.

XDG initiate the lane-swap as they send their duo in the top-lane and due to Jinx’s uncanny ability of melting turrets, the two teams trade 2 turrets each with CRS taking the dragon as well, for the very early gold lead. The 10 minute CS count would show pretty even lanes all over the map, 65-63 top, 97-97 mid and 78-68 down bot. The next dragon would be a very big point of interest for both teams, as XDG secure a better position around it, down the drgon and win the skirmish that followed, 2-1, thanks in part to a very well placed Zyra ultimate from Sheep.

XDG had a bigger impact in the early game and secured themselves the mid outer turret, 17 minutes in without CRS being able to reply or contest. They would have an important say at the next dragon fight, although XDG manages to down the beast, it’s CRS that win the skirmish that followed 1-0 and have XDG running. Being a bit too confident in their pick-off abilities, IWDominate and crew get a bit impatient at times and force engages on Zuna or Mancloud, like in the 24th minute, but they dive too deep and due to their immense disengage potential, XDG manage to turn the fight around and a perfect ultimate from Zuna nets him a double-kill. The fight is won by his team, 3-1 and they also get the mid inner turret as a reward for their efforts. As they recall, CRS take down the dragon to keep them in this game.

Very excited about their earlier win, XDG starts baron and although they had very good vision control around the pit, IWDominate comes in and manages a great steal. He pays for his life in the fight that broke out after the death of Nashor, but CRS trades even, 2-2 and come out ahead due to that spectacular move from Kha’zix to secure the baron. Sadly for Voyboy and crew they can not put the baron buff to good use, but they stay in the game and The Boy manages a great pick-off on Zuna in the 31st minute, melting him down with the help of Cop’s ultimate. Being inspired by their team-mate, CRS chase down the rest of XDG, get a few picks and win the skirmish 4-2, just as the dragon would respawn. Easy pick-up for them.

In the late-game, each team manages to out rotate the other and they trade a tower each in the mid-lane, but XDG comes out on top as they down an inhibitor turret. 42 minutes in, a very chaotic fight around baron breaks out, XDG secure Nashor this time around and come on top 2-1. With the baron buff on, they rush towards the open inhibitor in the mid-lane, but another out-play from Voyboy gets Zuna killed and XDG’s aggression comes to an end. 2 minutes later, CRS get a bit impatient again and force an engage on their opponents, only to lose 2 members and their inhibitor without getting any kills. Around the 50 minute mark, as the baron respawns, XDG make quick work of it and a very good Ziggs’ ultimate catches on 3 people from CRS with the rest of the team collapsing on them. XDG win the skirmish 3-1 and push in to take down the remaining inhibitors and the Nexus. Well deserved victory for Zuna and crew, they finally catch a break and put an end to the bad streak they’ve been having. One of the best games that both Zuna and Sheep have had this split, both of them on new champions!

XDG build2

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TSM – DIG: Godlike Solar Flares

On the blue side, TSM ban Gragas, Elise, Kassadin and pick Renekton, Evelynn, Lulu, Sivir and Leona. DIG, on the purple side, have some tricks up their sleeve as they ban LeBlanc, Kha’zix, Nidalee and pick Shyvana, Kayle (jungle!) Orianna, Quinn and Annie.

Dignitas had a plan and initiated a lane switch, sending their duo-bot in the top-lane and invading the enemy blue-buff. It all goes side-ways for DIG though, as Evelynn takes their blue as well and helps secure 2 towers in the bot-lane by the time DIG only kill the outer turret and half of the inner turret up in the top-lane. Dyrus, Oddone And WildTurtle manage to defend their top inner tower and keep pushing the wave in the top-lane. DIG gets the early dragon because of that, but TSM is not interested in that, they would rather push the lanes and get the early experience advantage. At the 8 minute mark, the DIG’s top outer turret would fall, without them being able to do much about it. They were not that much behind though, as the 10 minute CS count would show: 42-53 in the top-lane, 82-70 in the mid-lane and 80-68 in the bot-lane.

The game would be decided at the next dragon fight, as DIG starts it off with very little vision and group up perfectly, so that Xpecial can land a Godlike Solar-Flare on 4 members of the team. That was the signal that TSM needed to go all-in and with their aoe-heavy team-comp all of DIG would drop insanely low and eventually die. Clean ACE for TSM as they also take the dragon and the inner mid turret to increase their lead to 5k gold after 12 minutes. Once TSM gets such a strong early lead, it is very hard for any team to come back as they push it even harder and snow-ball this lead out of control. In the 15th minute, Evelynn, Leona and Sivir dive Shyvana in the top-lane, kill her and get the inner tower down. DIG tries to respond with a tower of their own in the bot-lane and they get it down, but linger too much and Quinn gets killed, following a good roam from Bjergsen. One minute later, DIG think they see Lulu all alone in the mid-lane out of position, but get baited in an engage and TSM get themselves 2 more kills.

When the next dragon would re-spawn, DIG tried to do everything by the book and secure vision of the pit, but are forced to watch how TSM takes it down as they are not strong enough to contest it. One minute later, Xpecial does get caught in the mid-lane, but manages to escape with the help of Sivir’s ultimate and because of a misplay from Cruzer, they are able to turn the fight around as Wildturtle kills Crumbzz within one stun from Leona. TSM wins the fight 4-1, as Lulu comes from the side and does an excellent janitorial duty to clean up the rest of Dignitas. Because they won that fight so convincingly, TSM are able to also take an uncontested baron and extend their lead to 13k after 20 minutes. With the baron buff on, they push down the mid-lane looking to finish the game fast and following another great ultimate from Leona, they get another clean ACE on DIG, down the mid inhibitor and push for the Nexus’ turrets. Being so early in the game, the re-spawn timers are not that big and DIG wants to make one final fight happen, but the result is the same, 4-0 for TSM and the Nexus falls in just under 24 minutes. Commanding performance from TSM as Bjergsen ends the game 12/0 and reclaims his spot on top of the ‘Most Kills in the NA LCS’ rankings with 121. There is a reason why TSM is ahead of the standings, their team-play and decision making have been outstanding this split.


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EG – CLG: No joy for the subs

On the blue side, EG, with 3 substitutes as the European trio could not get their Visas in time and are still stranded in their respective home countries, ban Pantheon, Sivir, Kha’zix and pick Nidalee (top lane!), Elise, Zed, Caitlyn and Morgana. On the other side, the more experienced CLG, ban Kassadin, Gragas, Lulu and pick Shyvana, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Vayne and Thresh.

CLG use all the tactics in the “putting an inexperienced team out of their comfort zone” manual, they do a lane swap and Innox finds himself in a lot of trouble as he gives up the FB of the game to Vayne after a successful hook from Thresh. At the same time, Dexter invades the red-buff from EG and is in position for another kill on Nidalee, as she returned to lane. Disastrous start for the top-laner of EG. Evelynn roams bot to help his top-laner and finds a kill on Caitlyn, before moving to the mid-lane and assisting Link in a kill on Pobelter’s Zed. Dexter is everywhere in the start of this game! A very one sided start, as EG lick their wounds and with the help of a lot of pink wards, they find a 2 for 2 trade in their own jungle, secure the first dragon of the game and find Evelynn snooping around in their jungle. The CS count at the 11 minute mark showed a decent lead for Shyvana in the top-lane, 44-60 and even lanes in mid 75-75 and bot 91-89.

Another skirmish inside EG’s jungle would restore the balance of pwoer in favor of CLG, as they come out 2-0, with Nidalee managing to get one kill back for his team on the retreat. When they return, CLG take the mid outer turret and the dragon, both uncontested and rotate bot where they destroy the inner turret after a prolonged siege. Link finds a pick on Caitlyn in the bot-lane and the rest of CLG start the baron-fight. EG decides to contest it, lose 2 people for only 1 kill but stop the baron-take-down. At this point, Doublelift and crew had a 6k gold lead. A few minutes later, LeBlanc finds another pick in the enemy jungle, this time on Elise and CLG capitalize on that kill with a baron and a 2-1 win in the next skirmish. Pobelter is looking to find some easy kills for himself, but ends up trading two times, first with Link and then with Nien, both times Zed died first but Morgana and Elise were there to avenge him and even out the trades. The next team fight in the bot-lane would be won by CLG (3-1), who also down the inhibitor and kill dragon before recalling to spend their gold.

With a 15k gold lead, CLG was looking good and after a push down the mid-lane, they ACE their opponents and take the game in just under 33 minutes. Fun game to watch for the CLG fans with all players individually outperforming their opponents. EG fans will naturally be displeased with the performance of their substitute players, but they can always hope they will pull off a huge win tomorrow against C9 to end the week at 1-1. That would probably be the biggest win of their careers for the three subs. Tune in tomorrow for that game!


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CST – C9: 4.3 do you copy? Kass still needs a nerf! Over!

Coast on the blue side, ban Lulu, LeBlanc, Elise and pick Ryze, Pantheon, Ziggs, Sivir and Annie to take on Cloud9, who ban Jax, Nidalee, Lee Sin and pick Renekton, Kha’zix, Kassadin, Lucian and Morgana.

After what looked like a sloppy face-checking maneuver from Lemonnation at level 1, CST get themselves first blood in the upper side of the map, but they get baited into thinking that C9 will send their duo top, and they send their own duo there, only to find Renekton waiting for them. What this meant for them was that Ryze would be all alone in the bot-lane and in a lot of trouble. After losing his turret, Balls roamed to the mid-lane, got very aggressive and tower-dove Shiphtur, who died but the turret also killed the crocodile, 1-1. As both outer turrets were down, top for C9 and bot for CST, C9 pushed for an incredibly early drake ( 4 minutes in) while CST wanted to take a 2nd tower in the top lane.

Kassadin returns the favor and TPs in the top-lane to help out Renekton get a kill on Ryze, but Pantheon is there to kill the wounded crocodile, who had to tank the turret, 1-1 again. Two minutes later, a man-drop gank in the bot-lane is answered by C9 as both Hai and Meteos join to turn the fight around, 2-0 for C9 and they secure the dragon as well. The bot-lane is the target of the next gank as well, as Kassadin uses his teleport, only to be countered by the man-drop. C9 comes out ahead again 3-2 as Kha’zix got there before Ziggs and was able to secure numbers advantage for his team. 19 minutes in, a good engage from CST in their own jungle looked promising, but C9 were too ahead and managed to turn the fight around, 4-0 for them at the end of that skirmish, Kassadin and Kha’zix’ resets making fast work of the enemy team and increasing their gold lead to 11k.

22 minutes in the game, C9 destroy both inner turrets in the mid and bot-lane before taking down an uncontested dragon. After base-ing, they push down the mid-lane, with Hai teleporting behind CST and catching them with a pincer maneuver, 4-1 for C9 as they take down two inhibitors and Renekton finally gets a kill on Ziggs who kited him all the way to his own base. After spending their hard-earned gold, C9 return to the field and manage an easy ace on CST around the baron pit, to force the surrender. Team Coast was too behind the whole game because of the level 1 action and could never recover, despite their best efforts. Great aggressive game from C9, who stay only 1 game behind TSM in 2nd place.


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