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TSM – C9 (URF): Your KDA will never be the same again.

Special request to do a review on yesterday’s URF exhibition game from North America featuring TSM and C9, so we thought we would give it a go 🙂

On the blue side, TSM bans Ziggs, Karthus, Soraka and picks Vladimir, Maokai, Kog’Maw, Xerath and Lux. This is the actual order, with Oddone going way back to his jungle roots and picking Maokai, Dyrus picking a familiar face and WildTurtle drops the gloves and picks Xerath. On the other side of the Rift, C9 ban Alistar, Morgana, Nidalee and pick Ezreal, Urgot, Lux, Jayce and Kog’maw. Double Lux and double Kogmaws as the teams descend into the Rift to show us a glimpse of the future of Esports.

C9 want to show their superior combat prowess from the get go and initiate an invade by flashing over the dragon wall with 5 people. They do not find anyone in that bush though and Xpecial manages to flash away to the dismay of the C9 fans. While Oddone is spreading his saplings all around the red side enemy jungle, the 2 Kog’maws have some fun in the mid-lane covering the ground in ooze. No deaths at level 1 and C9’s duo bot steal the enemy red buff before coming to lane. It is worth mentioning that the blue buffs have no impact in the Ultra Rapid Fire mode, because you do not spend any mana or energy on spells nor do you need any CDR since it is already maxed out at 80%. Back to the game though, FB goes to Balls in the top-lane, no idea how because the camera man wasn’t fast enough. Instead, he was focused on Meteos ganking in mid, as he caught Bjergsen out of position, but the Dane got away. Meanwhile, in the bottom lane, Turtle kills Sneaky with a cheeky maneuver and Lemon falls shortly after. The action shifts quickly to the mid-lane as Urgot comes out huge getting a double kill on Maokai and Kog’maw, with the help of Lux and we get a small breather.

It does not last long, as 4 minutes in, Dyrus gets a revenge kill on Balls, while the rest of his team collapse on the c9 duo down in the bot-lane and exterminate them. While Oddone is busy taking the wraiths, Meteos returns bot and finds a kill on Lux, who was caught out of position and solos the dragon shortly after. Meanwhile, Hai kills Bjerg in mid, but dies to the Maokai gank and down in the bot-lane, the C9 duo get a kill on Xerath. 30 seconds later, a gank from C9 in the bot-lane catches Xpecial off-guard and he gets the res-timer.  Bjergsen kills Hai 1v1 in the mid-lane and Maokai comes for a counter-jungle in the bot-lane and in the skirmish that followed, Sneaky and Oddone are killed, Turtle survives and takes down the undefeated Meteos, but manages to trade kills with Lemonnation. The permanent brawl in the top-lane sees Dyrus victorious once again as he kills Balls a second time, while Sneaky kills Bjergsen in the mid-lane and C9 take the first turret of the game.

Lemon goes top to duel with Dyrus and they both die at the same time, while in a 2v2 duel mid, Hai kills Oddone, but the General takes both him and Sneaky with him, as only WildTurtle remains standing. Balls comes to help, but so does Xpercial and the little man from the top-lane finds a swift death. After that, C9 group up and push as five in the mid-lane. TSM was not expecting this, they lose Xerath instantly and Balls finds a double kill on Xpecial and Bjergsen. Finally TSM react, Maokai stops farming his jungle obsessively, but it is too little too late, as the mid inner turret falls down and the tree gets chopped to pieces as well, taking Lux with him to the grave and C9 have the early lead, 17-16 kills after 9 minutes and 3-1 in turrets. Just as we were preparing for another breather, C9 dive Xerath in the bot-lane getting an easy kill on him, as Dyrus and Maokai come late to the fight, Dyrus decides to go ham and dies between 4 people and Oddone stays out of it, but gets caught anyway and killed again. During all this action, Balls wins a 1v1 in the mid-lane versus Bjergsen and the 4 man push from C9 in the bottom lane can not be stopped by Xpecial, who gets the res-timer after trying to dodge Ezreal’s ult, Jayce’s Shockblast, Lux’s Final Spark and Kog’maw ult all at once. The score is now 21-16 for C9. Yes, only 20 seconds have gone by since i last said the score. Wildturtle comes back to lane and also finds his death aaaaand I’m done, this is impossible!!

The game ended after 18 minutes, 48-29 in favor of C9, as they pushed a very fast baron, right as it’s spawned, at 15:00. The URF mode proved too strong even for Nashor, who had to give away his buff in under 8 seconds. In all this mayhem, one man rose above all, C9’s Meteos, who managed to only die one time and suicide himself at the fountain, after the game was secured. It only makes sense that he would still have the best KDA, even in an exhibition URF game. Do not listen to anybody else, the MVP title for this game, goes to him 🙂 A short note from the editors, try to read this game very fast, like you would read a medicine’s prescription and side-effects on TV, to get a feel of how the game was really like. Additionally, you can check it out here.


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NA LCS standings after W10D2

As week 10 draws to an end, it is time to have a look at the standings. In first place, Cloud 9 and TSM are tied once again with 20 wins and only 4 losses and have both secured their top 2 spots and the bye for the first round of the play-offs. In an uncontested third place we have CLG with 16 wins and 8 losses, followed by Dignitas in fourth with 10 wins and 14 losses. Just one win behind them, CST and CRS share the 5th spot and have almost secured their play-off spots as they are 3 wins ahead of EG and XDG with 4 games to go.

NA LCS standings10


It should make for an interesting super-week as the teams who find each other in a dead-lock all want to avoid facing CLG. The two highlights of the super-week being the battle between DIG, CST and CRS for the 4th and 5th spot which ensures they will not meet CLG in the first round of the upcoming play-offs and the battle for first place between C9 and TSM, which gives the added benefit of not facing CLG in the second round of the above mentioned play-offs. Be sure to tune in next Friday for all the action!

EG – CST: Double ACE all the way

On the blue side, with full roster once again, EG ban Jax, Ziggs, Nidalee and pick Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, Zed, Lucian and Morgana to go up against Team Coast, who are undefeated against them. CST ban Pantheon, Lulu, Thresh and pick Renekton, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Varus and Leona.

The early game was pretty much eventless and funnily enough Kha’zix had a bit more influence on the lanes than his counter-part, Evelynn. In the 9th minute, the first gank would come from the bug in the top-lane and the result was a dead crocodile. Three minutes later, following a good trade in the middle for Zed and Kha’zix against Evelynn and LeBlanc, the latter would be forced to recall and that meant a free dragon for EG. The CS count at the 13 minutes mark saw CST winning all lanes, 105-114 in the top-lane, 89-103 in mid and 111-117 in the bot-lane. Renekton finds it hard to trade with Lee Sin and needs to concede his outer turret around the 14 minute mark, but a gank from Evelynn one minute later would restore the balance in the top-lane. Innox manages to escape the initial gank, wastes two ultimates from the enemy team, but for some reason still ventures out on the lane and gives the duo an easy kill and has to watch as his outer turret is destroyed.

The laning phase would go on forever and 17 minutes in CST send 4 people in the bottom-lane, to finally take down the outer turret, as EG are forced to retreat. CST would then take the dragon as well, but would lose their top inner turret as Lee Sin and Kha’zix pull off another successful gank on Renekton. EG kept pressing and never gave CST a chance to recall after downing the dragon and being low on health and mana, Shiphtur and crew are forced to concede both the mid and the bottom outer turrets. After recalling, CST makes a big push down the mid-lane, catching EG a bit off-guard and down two turrets of their own, before over-staying and losing 2 members in the team-fight that followed. The action moves around dragon, as CST start it off, but a great steal from Kha’zix was the beginning of a brutal team-fight. Renekton also came in from the top-lane to help his team and secured number advantage for them, as CST emerged victorious 3-1. Lee Sin preferred not to teleport and help his team but instead took down the top inhibitor turret. Not a bad move from Innox, securing his team a 4k gold lead. The next skirmish and dragon would both go EG’s way to add to their lead.

A fight in the mid-lane 32 minutes in would bring CST in a dominant position as they almost 100->0 Lucian and they rush baron right after. As soon as EG make an attempt to contest it, CST immediately switches focus and make quick work of their enemies, another 2 members fall from EG and CST secures the baron to reduce the gold difference. At the next dragon fight, CST have a better position and vision control, but Snoopeh manages yet another steal. There was a bit of miscommunication in the EG ranks, because Lee Sin teleported right in the middle of the enemy team and got crushed although Krepo and crew had no intention to fight CST after stealing the dragon. Pobelter also got caught on the retreat and killed. Having a 2 man advantage, CST decide to push in the top-lane and are rewarded with an inhibitor turret and the inhibitor. With EG in disarray, CST take the next baron uncontested as Lee Sin would take down their bottom inner turret. With the baron buff on, CST push down the bot-lane and following a messy team-fight they down the inhibitor and are up 2 kills to 0, but their health bars are not in a good shape as they continue pushing to possibly end the game. The 3 remaining EG members put up a valiant effort and although CST down the two Nexus turrets as well, they take a lot of poke from them and in an incredible turn of events, the 2 teams ace each other, due to Shiphtur’s amazing mechanics who manages to take down 2 EG members with his last breath.

As the inhibitor in the top-lane re-spawns, CST want to down it again and group up for the siege. EG find a very good engage though, but they only trade 1-1 as they give up the chase on the remaining CST members because super minions were knocking on their Nexus. As they rushed to defend it, the bottom inhibitor re-spawned and confused the minions who are left without a target. CST would proceed to downing the baron and resume their siege in the bot-lane. In the epic fight that followed, EG seemed to have the upper hand as they get two fast kills and Lucian steps forward to claim a third victim, but LeBlanc displays some wonderful mechanics yet again to win the skirmish for his team after he 100->0 Lucian before he could get the final auto-attack in on him. Following the skirmish, CST ace their opponents and take the win. It was one of the closest games we have seen in quite some time between the 6th and 7th team in the NA LCS. With their win, CST tie with CRS for 5th place and EG are forced to face a cruel reality, 7th place, tied with XDG, 3 wins behind CST and CRS and relegation seems a certainty at this point.


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C9 – DIG: Sneak-attack!

On the blue side C9 ban Zed, Annie, Karma and pick Rumble, Lee Sin, Lulu, Lucian and Morgana. On the opposing side Dignitas bans Renekton, Kha’zix, Evelynn while picking Ryze, Pantheon, Lux, Jinx and Thresh.

Starting off, Dignitas decides to keep Ryze and their bot-duo top, putting pressure on the lane. After the first 3 minutes of the game Lulu capitalizes on Lux’s low hp in the mid, flashes for the kill and manages to take her down for First Blood after the Lady of Luminosity had used her flash and barrier. Following this, C9 get the bot outer turret down, DIG get the top outer turret, but C9 gets the second turret of the bot lane as well. After 5 minutes DIG rotate bot and attempt the dragon. C9 contests it and scores 2 kills whereas DIG only gets one. Concluding this fight, C9 rotate 4 man top and take down the outer turret.

With the timers indicating the buffs respawning, C9 bite on a little more than they can chew at 8 minutes in. They try to steal DIG’s blue buff, but are punished as both Lee Sin and Lulu die, taking only one with them. One minute later a fight is engaged by DIG near dragon when they try to collapse onto C9 with Ryze TP and Pantheon’s man drop but lose 2 while only killing one. DIG manages to keep C9 away from dragon for another minute, as Thresh ultimately goes down as well. 12 minutes in, the dragon remains the main attraction as Lemonnation is caught and killed in its vicinity. The hunt is put on hold, but DIG are the ones coming back for it quickly enough and are finally rewarded with the objective at 13 minutes. After another 4 minutes DIG commit to catching Lee Sin at their wraith camp, but quickly realize that C9 is ready with the follow up. Was a bit to late, as they end up losing Thresh and consequently the mid outer turret. Things were going to get slightly better for DIG 19 minutes in, as they get a good fight with Ryze teleporting in and Jinx doing a tremendous clean-up job: 4-2 in favor of DIG and they are rewarded with the drake. At this time the gold difference was showing a 2k advantage for C9.

For the next minutes objectives would be put on hold as both teams get to pick off some enemies out of position. 21 minutes in, Thresh and Lux are caught in mid, Lux falls to C9, but 2 minutes later Hai’s Lulu is also caught and slain in the tri-bush near drake. DIG push the mid lane and as they attempt to down the turret the man drop comes in. Sadly for them, they end up spending a lot of resources to kill off the support and fall short in the team fight, 4 people down for only 1 death on C9. The latter push mid and get the mid inner turret and the inhibitor turret down before backing off. 2 minutes later C9 get the drake and set off for the siege. They get the exposed mid inhibitor, Lee Sin is caught in DIG’s base but gets away while DIG lose Jinx and Lux to the aggressive flashing-in Lulu, C9 getting the baron uncontested, right after.

31 minutes in, a fight in DIG’s base from a confident C9 ends up in an even 3-3 with Jinx and crew taking the drake for DIG right after. At the 35 minutes mark, DIG attempts to defend the inhibitor in mid and a fight breaks off, but they only kill one from C9 and lose two of their own and C9 take the inhibitor. One minute later, around the baron pit, C9 has the vision control and secures 4 kills over DIG with Sneaky picking off targets left and right. They return to baron right after and head for DIG’s base once the beast is slain. After taking down the mid inhibitor again, they rotate bot, take the inhibitor turret and must face Thresh’s aggressive engage. It is however short lived as C9 ace the defenders and take the game after 41 minutes on the Rift. Solid play by Sneaky and crew to share first place in the standings with TSM.


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CRS – TSM: Fear the Bjergspear

On the blue side CRS bans Zed, Evelynn and pick Renekton, Elise, LeBlanc, Caitlyn and Elise. On the purple side TSM look to clear their name, banning Lulu, Ryze, Lee Sin and picking Shyvana, Kha’zix, Nidalee, Lucian and Leona.

TSM initiate the lane swap sending their duo lane in the top, but because of some early blunders, they hesitate between the enemy blue-buff and the lane pressure and CRS manages to down 2 turrets in the bot-lane before TSM can destroy the first one. Naturally, CRS find a very easy drake-kill after that and back off with a huge gold lead. Bunny and Cop rush in the top-lane to save their turret and they manage to do so for a while as Renekton teleports bot. One of the main objectives of the game was TSM’s blue buff, CRS really needed that to stay out of the hands of Nidalee and they succeeded for the most part as they tried to take it a 2nd time with Renekton and Elise, but a cheeky Darius play kept it in TSM’s possession. 10 minutes in, as TSM finally downs the top outer turret, the CS count would show very even lanes: 70-63 top, 87-90 mid and 71-80 bot. WildTurtle and Xpecial rotate top once again and try to find a kill on Renekton, but they fall just short and offer the 2nd uncontested dragon to CRS. After slaying the beast, CRS rotate mid and following an aggressive engage from TSM, both supports die and the two teams back off.

CRS are looking for the outer turret from TSM, but face a lot of spears. With the dragon respawning in under 30 seconds, TSM concede the turret finally and recall before the big dragon fight would follow. They get better vision around the drake and out-rotate CRS, making them believe they will start dragon, but instead take their outer mid turret, and the dragon dance begins anew. Xpecial gets caught by a hook and killed, but CRS fear the Nidalee spears too much to pursue in the enemy jungle and back off, leaving the dragon free for TSM to grab. Around the 25th minute, the game-changing fight would happen around the TSM blue buff. TSM is scattered around, meaning easy picks for CRS on Leona, Lucian and Kha’zix, as they win the trade 3-0, but are low on mana and hp. They decide to rush the bot inhibitor turret, but Shyvana and Nidalee are waiting for them there. Following a great spear, Thresh gets one-shoted and CRS realize the danger and back-off. A little too late though, as they get chased down and killed by Nidalee, Shyvana and the homeguard boots Leona. TSM turn the fight on it’s head get 4 kills, 3 of them on Nidalee and rush baron, before returning to dragon. The drake gets stolen by IWDominate, after a valiant effort, but the spider ends up paying with his life and his team’s mid inner turret for it.

After recalling, TSM have their eyes set on the top inner turret and after destroying that, they cross the entire CRS jungle to get to the bot inner turret. They get jumped on, as 3 members of CRS were waiting for them in a bush and they explode Nidalee. In the fight that followed, TSM would come out ahead 4-3, but that was a great play from CRS as they stopped TSM’s assault and bought them enough time to contest the next baron. Having the superior vision control around that objective, TSM would start it off and immediately turn on CRS when they showed. A great hook from Bunny catches Nidalee, but Bjergsen flashes away from that and the rest of TSM dive CRS who were overextended in an attempt to delete Nidalee from the map once again. TSM come out victorious, 3-0 and return to finish off the baron.

With the baron buff on, TSM return to the mid-lane to carry out their siege, but another great hook from Bunny catches on WildTurtle this time and they blow him up. Without their AD-Carry, TSM manage to turn the fight around and win the skirmish 2-1, but are forced to retreat once more. 2 minutes later, Bjergsen and crew cover all the angles, before finally taking the turret down. CRS want to fight though, but lose the encounter 4-0 and the game shortly after. It was a very even game all the way till the end, but TSM managed to capitalize on every little mistake their opponents did and snatched the win. The 4.4 patch seems to not go in TSM’s favor at all, as they did not adapt to it as well as the other teams, so if they want to have another perfect super-week, they need to improve a lot in this area.


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CLG – XDG: Nien eating the MontecristO’s and carrying

On the blue side, CLG ban Zed, Jinx, Kha’zix and pick a similar composition to yesterday: Trundle, Lee Sin, Ziggs, Lucian and Alistar. On the purple side, XDG ban Ryze, Lulu, Thresh and pick Renekton, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Twitch and Leona. XDG’s composition was almost identical to the one from TSM in their loss yesterday, hoping they can play it better.

CLG make a bold play at the beginning of the game, as they spot out the only XDG ward and read them like an open book, with Lee Sin invading the enemy blue buff, taking his own red buff and Trundle picking up their blue buff, to give him a huge advantage in lane versus Renekton. By the 5 minute mark, Nien manages to get a solo kill on Benny’s Renekton and take control of the top-lane. Meanwhile, down bot, Lee Sin comes for his first gank and together with his duo, they find a kill on Twitch. CLG tunnels on the bot-lane, exercising a lot of pressure and in the 7th minute, due to a teleport from Nien, they are able to destroy the enemy duo and their jungler, winning the trade 3-1 underneath the enemy turret. As Lee Sin goes top to gank Renektron, XDG tries to make a come back in the bot-lane and kill both Link and Double-lift. One minute later, Lee Sin and Trundle have another go at Renekton, but this time Evelynn was there and in the 2v2 skirmish, XDG comes out on top 1-0, with Lee Sin running away in a slither of hp. 60 seconds later, the action moves bot again, as Trundle teleports there again, securing another 3-2 victory for his team and CLG takes the dragon as well for the early 3k gold lead. The early game was packed with events, a real blood bath with very many kills, much to he delight of the crowd.

Around the mid-game, CLG had very good control of the enemy jungle and would try to catch people off-guard. In the 17th minute, they over-extended around the enemy mid turret though and would lose Lee Sin and Lucian. Luckily for them, XDG could not capitalize on those kills with any objectives and two minutes later, they would catch Evelynn due to their good vision control, kill her and scare the rest of XDG away. That meant an easy mid outer turret and the dragon for Dexter and crew. One minute later, ManCloud gets caught out  in his jungle as well and XDG loses their bottom inner turret. CLG were hungry for more and rotate mid to take that inner turret down as well before retreating.

XDG were looking for a pick in the mid-lane and they thought they got it on Lucian, but the rest of CLG collapsed on them and instantly killed Twitch and Renekton and rewarded themselves with an uncontested baron. Wearing the baron buff and having a substantial 9k gold lead, CLG simply rushed down the mid-lane and started sieging the inhibitor tower. A missed ultimate from Leona, would be their queue to engage and they instantly kill 2 members of XDG and end the game. A very one-sided play, as was expected from the champion select, judging by how the match-up went yesterday, when CLG got their upset win against TSM with both teams having a very similar composition.


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CRS – C9: Bananas for everyone

On the blue side, CRS ban Zed, Lee Sin, Thresh and pick Trundle, Elise, LeBlanc, Caitlyn and Karma. On the purple side, C9 want to take advantage of TSM’s loss and re-take the first place as they ban Kha’zix, Lulu, Pantheon and pick Renekton, Evelynn, Soraka, Lucian and Morgana.

Explosive start to this game as both teams engage in a level 1 5v5 full-out brawl. Having the superior vision and initiating on their opponents with flash-starfall and bananas, C9 get 2 kills before the game even starts. Afterwards, they send Soraka in the top-lane to face off against the CRS duo, keep their own duo in the mid-lane to shut down LeBlanc early and in the bot-lane the two tanks go head to head. The action would slow down, and the next kill would only come in the 9th minute, as a mobi-boots LeBlanc roams bot and kills a pushed Renekton. After he returns to his lane, Voyboy is stuck in a 2v2 with his jungler against Soraka and her jungler. The trade goes in favor of C9, as Soraka gets a double kill with her last breath, 2-1.

Surely the turret dive from Meteos and Balls in the 12th minute was no surprise and Trundle waited too long to activate his ultimate and ended up paying with his life, as C9 take the drake as well and get a 1-1 in the fight that breaks out right after. Another trade would go down a couple of minutes later as Evelynn and Morgana kill Trundle in the top-lane, but C9 loses Hai in the mid-lane. However, they regroup and take the next dragon, uncontested and open up a 6k gold lead. C9 pushes down the mid-lane and get the inner turret down, but up in the top-lane Curse are way faster and down the inhibitor turret on top of the inner tower. Sadly for them and their fans though, they get chased down and have to leave two bodies behind.

The vision war around baron breaks out and C9 seem to have the advantage as they start off Nashor in the 26th minute, but stop at the first sight of Curse and turn the fight on their opponents. In a long chase that extended all the way to the dragon, they finally get a kill on LeBlanc, return to secure baron, but lose the dragon instead. A few seconds later, Hai finds a kill on an oblivious Cop, running around in the enemy jungle, with the help of Lemonnation. With the baron buff on, C9 lose no time and dive the mid inhibitor turret, but Renekton having only one tanky item dies very fast, followed by Morgana. Thinking they have the edge, Curse chases down the remaining 3 members from C9, but Soraka and friends turn it around, get a kill for themselves and down the inhibitor. After they base, Meteos and crew rotate bot and continue their siege. A way better executed dive this time with Evelynn flanking from the mid-lane, meant a cleaner fight and following a 3-1 win for c9, they run down the Nexus turrets and the Nexus itself for a well-deserved victory. They tie with TSM in the standings and the next game between the two in the super-week will most likely determine who will finish first in the regular season.


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