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NA LCS Final Standings & Play-off Bracket

The NA LCS Spring Split has come to an end and it is now time to take a look at the final standings. Cloud 9 is in first place with 24 wins and 4 losses, followed by TSM, two games behind with 22-6. The 2 teams have been almost inseparable for the majority of the split, but due to TSM’s poor form, they managed to drop a number of surprising games and gave Cloud 9 sole possession of first place. In third, we have CLG with 18 wins and 10 losses rounding up the podium and the so called top tier teams in NA, as evidenced by the huge gap between them and the rest of the pack. 6 games behind, in fourth place, we have Team Dignitas with 12 wins and 16 losses, who barely came ahead of Team Curse in 5th, 1 game behind. In 6th place, grabbing the last ticket to the play-offs, we have Team Coast with 10 wins and 18 losses. Following an almost 50 minute thriller against XDG, EG secured themselves 7th spot in the standings while their opponents, XDG, finish in last place with 7 wins and 21 defeats. A fun-fact at this point, XDG managed to win one game against each team, but only one.


The North American Play-off will start on Friday, 18th of April and will feature CLG vs CST and DIG vs CRS in the first round. Then, on Saturday, the winners of these games will face off against C9 and TSM and the losers will play each other to avoid relegation. On Sunday, the grand final will be played to decide the NA Spring Split Champion, who will represent North America at the All-Star Invitational in Paris, starting May 8th. There, they will face the champions from the other 4 regions in an epic show-down.

NA play-off bracket

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XDG – EG: 11/0/12 Lee Sin

On the blue side, XDG ban Nidalee, Heimerdinger, Zed and pick Ryze, Pantheon, Orianna, Caitlyn and Morgana to face off against EG, on the purple side, who ban Kha’zix, Lulu, Thresh and pick Lee Sin, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Lucian and Leona. The big game of the day is finally here as the two teams go head to head to decide who gets sole possession of the 7th place and avoids LMQ in the Summer Promotion Tournament


2′ – Standard lanes from both teams, as ManCloud gets the first blood on his opponent, but overstays his welcome and gets killed by Evelynn, 1-1 overall

4′ – 1-1 in the bot-lane as well as both ad-carries get themselves a kill on the enemy support

5′ – Lee Sin and Evelynn tower-dive Ryze and get a clean kill on him

7′ – early dragon for EG thanks to their superior vision control

10′ – CS count shows pretty even lanes overall, top 65-64, mid 86-74 and bot 72-86

11′ – 2-1 for EG as they lose Leona in the bot-lane but with Lee Sin teleporting in, they get 2 kills on Pantheon and Morgana. However, they over-reach as both LeBlanc and Orianna come to the aid of their team-mates and it is Orianna who finds a 3 man Shockwave and with it a triple kill, huge misplay from EG who lose their early advantage.

14′ – Crazy fight breaks out around the dragon pit as Leona does not have her ultimate. EG look to contest the dragon from XDG, as Ryze engages all alone and finds himself inside the enemy team and instantly dies. A brilliant silence into stun from LeBlanc kills off the powerful Orianna and although XDG take the dragon, EG manage to ACE them while only losing one member.

16′ – 2-0 for EG in the top-lane as Evelynn and LeBlanc gank Ryze and Pantheon comes to help his team-mate, but ends up sharing his faith.

19′ – Another gank top from EG in the top-lane, as Evelynn assists Lee Sin in taking down Ryze. Meanwhile in the mid-lane, LeBlanc, Leona and Lucian, the 3 L’s work well together and secure a kill on Orianna. Back in the top-lane though, Pantheon and Morgana try to go up against Lee Sin and Evelynn, but fail and Pantheon dies to the Blind Monk. EG destroy the mid and the top outer turrets on the back of those moves to extend their lead to 6k gold.

21′ – After a short dance around dragon-pit, XDG decide to start off the drake, but they find a pick on Evelynn and instantly burst her down. Lee Sin comes in to save the day once again, getting himself a double kill and forcing XDG out of the pit. EG kills the dragon and extends their gold lead to 7k.

26′ – EG try to force the baron down, benefiting from their better vision control, but get spotted out by XDG, who engage on them. In the skirmish that followed, XDG lose Pantheon, but 3 people from EG are very low and XDG try to take advantage of that and force their mid inner turret down. However, a great flanking maneuver from Evelynn, who catches a 4 man ultimate, takes them by surprise and all of them die one by one, as EG only lose LeBlanc in the process. EG return to baron, take it down and increase their lead to 11k gold.


31′ – With the baron buff on, EG take two inner turrets, in the mid and bottom lane, before recalling and taking the last inner turret down, the one in the top-lane.

35′ – EG secure dragon before cleaning all the wards around baron and slaying Nashor. XDG do not want to contest it.

38′ – With the baron buff on, EG siege the top inhibitor tower and following a good engage from LeBlanc and Leona, they manage to get both Caitlyn and Pantheon very low and as XDG is forced to retreat, they are able to take the inhibitor down.

42′ – EG rotate bot and after a prolonged siege and a good team-fight where everyone uses everything they have, it’s Krepo and crew who come out ahead, 3-0 and down the bot-inhibitor.

44′ – EG take another uncontested baron and then head top to take out the exposed inhibitor, before rotating to the mid-lane to take down the last inhibitor

46′ – Great Solar Flare from Krepo stuns Zuna, who gets exploded by Pobelter and EG finish off the game to take that all important 7th place. You can see the relief on their faces as they now get the chance to avoid playing against LMQ in the Summer Promotion Tournament. Congratulations to them and commiserations to XDG who finish in last place and will await their opponent for the Summer Promotion Tournament, having no say in the matter.


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C9 – CST: Nocturne closing the light

On the blue side, Cloud 9 ban Jax, Thresh, Leona and pick Renekton, Nocturne, Gragas, Lucian and Karma. On the purple side, CST ban Lulu, Kha’zix, Soraka and pick Lee Sin, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Caitlyn and Annie.


2′ – C9 rotate their duo in the mid-lane to pressure Shiphtur and send Hai in the bottom-lane to deal with the enemy duo

4′ – FB comes for CST in the mid-lane, as LeBlanc gets help from Evelynn and kills Karma

6′ – Evelynn ganks top as well and finds a kill on Renekton

8′ – Annie helps Evelynn and LeBlanc to get a kill in the mid-lane on Lucian and CST capitalize with a dragon

10′ – CS count: C9 are pretty much in control of top, 87-62 and mid-lane, 73-44, while down in the bot-lane it is all square, 73-75

11′ – Coast win a fight around the dragon pit, 2-1 as Evelynn gets caught out, but Lee Sin teleports in and saves the day

13′ – C9 down the middle outer turret and almost get the inner turret down as well before CST can respond, but they lose Gragas on the retreat

14′ – Sneaky over-reaches in the bot-lane, gets killed and C9 lose the bot outer turret.

17′ – Epic fight around the bot-outer turret of CST, as another great flash+Tibbers from Annie stun-locks Lucian and LeBlanc is able to burst him down. After that C9 are in full retreat and get ACED by CST, while only getting 1 kill for themselves. Zion and crew capitalize on the win with a dragon-kill and LeBlanc puts a big target on his head, as he takes a triple kill in that fight.

19′ – Meteos uses his ultimate to get a solo-kill on Caitlyn and downs the bottom inner turret without any reply from CST

21′ – CST continue the fight in the mid-lane and find another pick on Karma for LeBlanc

23′ – Annie gets killed around the mid-lane as she gets over-aggressive and CST is forced to disengage, while Meteos split-pushes bot and gets down the inhibitor turret.

24′ – Uncontested dragon for C9, as CST are late to the party

26′ – Better rotations from C9 as they get down the top outer tower, the 6th turret of the game for them to only 2 from CST, and despite the huge kill disadvantage, C9 keeps the small gold lead, due to their better objective control.

28′ – 1-1 in the bot-lane between the two split-pushers, Meteos and Zion. Initially Zion got the kill on his opponent, but a well timed Gragas ultimate finishes him off.

30′ – Following an engage around the mid-lane from C9, the 2 teams trade 1-1 as the 2 junglers go down, but CST are forced back and C9 take the dragon

31′ – Very sneaky maneuver from CST as they send only a small 2 man team to down baron, great move from Lee Sin and Caitlyn!

34′ – With the baron buff on, CST finally down the mid outer-turret and want to take down the top inner one as well, but fall just short and lose Lee Sin in the process

35′ – C9 want to get something out of their power-play and try to push mid, but CST are able to stall long enough for Zion to revive and turn it around, 3-0. The mid inhibitor also falls down for C9 as a result of that skirmish.


37′ – C9 answer with a very good ultimate from Nocturne, get a kill on Caitlyn and take the dragon before rotating bot and looking to destroy the exposed bot inhibitor, but Shiphtur blows up Hai over the base-wall and halts their retreat, as he is now 10/0. With C9 retreating, CST is able to kill Nashor uncontested.

39′ – CST struggle again and fail to get objectives down with the baron buff on. Moreover, Meteos returns to split-pushing in the bottom-lane, while CST was grouped in the top-lane and tried to siege the inhibitor turret. He methodically killed the exposed inhibitor first, faked a recall, but sticked around waiting for his minions and as soon as CST engaged on the rest of his team he went in, guns blazing and took down both Nexus turrets and the Nexus as Renekton and Lucian did a great job of preventing CST from recalling. What a incredible turnaround for C9, who manage to finish the spring split 24-4. Great way of ending the battle to keep the crowd alive for the last game of the day, the decisive one between XDG and EG, in their fight for 7th place.


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XDG – TSM: Who let the underdogs out?

On the blue side, XDG bans LeBlanc, Zed, Renekton and pick Ryze, Elise, Orianna, Jinx and Thresh to face off against TSM, on the purple side, who ban Lee Sin, Lulu, Kha’zix and pick Shyvana, Evelynn, Syndra, Corki and Karma.


5′ – FB for XDG as they rotate 4 people mid to answer the gank from Evelynn and they get a kill on the Widowmaker

6′ – Xpecial gets caught out warding near dragon and killed, after he misses his flash over the hardest wall in the game

7′ – Dragon goes to TSM as they also get a kill on Elise, who tried to steal it.

10′ – CS count: Overall, pretty even lanes, top 54-62, mid 85-78 and bot 72-82

12′ – Dyrus gets a 1v1 kill on Ryze and downs the outer turret in the top-lane, while the rest of his team find a kill on Thresh in the mid lane, the outer turret there goes down as well, as Orianna and Elise retreat with little hp

14′ – XDG take the mid outer turret and an uncontested dragon as TSM realize they are too low to fight for it, after initially engaging the dragon-fight

15′ – Zuna gets killed in his own jungle due to better vision control from TSM

18′ – XDG get a kill on WildTurtle, who was out of position and take the bot outer turret, meanwhile TSM take the middle inner tower and almost kill Orianna, but as they retreat, they collapse on Jinx and Thresh as they were coming back to their base and in the fight that followed, TSM come out ahead, 3-1

20′ – Uncontested drake for TSM to get a 3k gold lead

22′ – A fight around the mid-lane ends 2-0 for XDG, as both Evelynn and Shyvana initiate too early in the middle of the enemy team and get destroyed by Ryze and Jinx

27′ – Dragon goes down to XDG, but TSM manage to win the skirmish that followed,2-0, despite a very good chain of ultimates from Orianna and Jinx

30′ – The next big fight would happen around baron, as TSM initiate with a great engage from Shyvana behind the whole XDG team, 4-1, but are too low to start baron

33′ – Dragon goes uncontested to TSM, who get out-rotated by XDG and Zuna & co get the baron. What a turn-around!

35′ – XDG capitalize on the baron-buff and down 2 inner turrets in the mid and bot-lane

38′ – TSM are out for blood and go hunting in XDG’s jungle, but following a crazy team-fight, the 2 teams come out even, 1-1. TSM is forced to retreat, while XDG take dragon and with it the gold lead!

41′ – Xpecial gets caught around baron and in the fight that starts, XDG get another kill on Bjergsen and are able to force down the mid inhibitor

42′ – With Bjergsen down, XDG starts off the baron, but TSM come out huge as they manage not only to interrupt the fight with only 4 members, but to win the skirmish, 2-1 and force XDG back, claiming Nashor themselves.

44′ – WIth the baron buff on, TSM look to siege the mid inhibitor tower, but following a great hook from Thresh, they get engaged on and quickly lose Bjergsen, Dyrus and Xpecial as OddOne and Turtle run for their lives. Turtle actually comes out huge, as he successfully kites 3 members from XDG away from his base, thus denying them the win. At the end of the chase, he manages to get a kill on Xmithie and XDG retreat.


46′ – TSM goes right back on the offensive and destroys the middle inhibitor, as XDG takes down the dragon.

53′ – After a prolonged baron-dance, XDG finally manage to get a great engage on TSM, winning a huge skirmish, 4-1 and take both the baron and the dragon, building up to a 5k gold lead.

56′ – With the baron buff on, XDG pushes in the top-lane and following another great hook from Thresh, they get a good engage on their opponents and manage to capitalize on it with a 3-1 win in the skirmish and end the game. What a huge momentum swinging game for Zuna and crew, as TSM crumbles and really needs to pick up the slack if they want to have any chance at the Spring Champions title.


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EG – CRS: Help from above for EG

On the blue side, EG ban Renekton, Heimerdinger, Thresh and pick Ryze, Pantheon, Lulu, Lucian and Leona to face off against CRS, on the purple side, who ban Kha’zix, Lee Sin, Evelynn and pick Trundle, Elise, Nidalee, Caitlyn and Morgana.


2′ – CRS initiate the lane swap as they send their duo in the top-lane and each team down 2 turrets

7′ – In the first of many to follow team-fights in the mid-lane, CRS gets ahead 2-1 as  Lulu dives too deep for a kill on Elise, gets it, but dies and costs Lucian his life as well. Meanwhile in the top-lane, Nidalee dies to the other 3 members of EG, to even out the overall score, 2-2.

10′ – CS count shows pretty much even lanes, with a slight advantage for CRS, top-lane 46-57, mid-lane 73-69 and bot-lane 51-63

10′ – Very good engage from EG in the mid-lane as CRS threatens their outer turret, but it’s EG who takes down their tower, as they win the skirmish 2-0 after a picture perfect Pantheon ultimate. CRS would return to the scene of the crime 1 minute later, to take down the mid outer turret as well.

15′ – Another great figth from EG after they get the dragon uncontested and manage to pull off a win in the team-fight that followed, mainly due to their very good spear-dodging abilities, 2-1 for Krepo and crew at the end of that skirmish.


18′ – Back to the mid-lane, CRS are on the offensive again, but following another great Pantheon ultimate, they lose Morgana and are forced to retreat

21′ – Krepo gets caught around the dragon pit, but his team are close enough to retaliate in time and turn it around, win the skirmish, 2-1 and secure dragon after CRS were forced to retreat

23′ – CRS is on the offensive again, although they are down in gold and EG turn it around, as they chase CRS and take 2 kills for 0 to enlargen their lead to 6k

28′ – As drag comes up, CRS want to pull a fast one and make a risky call for baron, but EG do not get baited in and contest the baron call, winning the skirmish 2-1 and taking the dragon down right after, completely ignoring Nashor.

31′ – EG down the top inner tower and get good vision control in the enemy jungle, baiting CRS in checking for the baron and following yet another great Panth ultimate, they destroy CRS, 4-0, take down the baron and force the surrender from Quas and co. Very hesitant performance from Curse as they end their season with a hard to swallow defeat against the team in 7th place. On the other side, EG is thrilled with the momentum and hope to carry that in their last game of the split vs XDG.


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DIG – CLG: Fastest win NA!

On the blue side, DIG ban LeBlanc, Evelynn, Lulu and pick Jayce, Kha’zix, Orianna, Ezreal  and Annie. On the purple side, CLG ban Zed, Draven, Elise and pick Trundle, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Lucian and Thresh.


2′ – CLG switches their duo in the top-lane and the two teams destroy 2 turrets each

5′ – FB goes to CLG as they out-rotate DIG and get a kill on Annie and another one on Kha’zix, by diving the bot outer turret with 4 members

6′ – Link gets a kill of his own in the mid-lane as he hits level 6 before his counter-part

7′ – Due to their early advantage, CLG can take the dragon uncontested.

9′ – CLG continue their pressure in the bot-lane, down the inner tower and having vision control on the red side of the DIG jungle, they find another kill on Orianna

12′ – CS count: Except for the top-lane, where Jayce had a rougher time than Trundle, 61-78, we have even lanes in both mid, 71-74 and bot, 70-69

12′ – As CLG finally base to cash in their unspent gold, DIG gets the mid outer turret

13′ – Aphromoo and crew move their ward control on the blue side of DIG’s jungle and find a kill on Jayce and as they secure the next dragon and the mid inner tower as well, increasing their gold lead to 7k

15′ – CLG take the baron down as soon as it spawns as DIG is very late to the fight, due to their poor ward coverage


17′ – With the baron buff on, CLG look to siege the top-lane and Doublelift gets a double kill against Jayce and Kha’zix with very little help from Thresh and his team proceeds to down both the top and the bottom inhibitor turret and inhibitors.

19′ – Although they have over 7k unspent gold in their pockets, CLG stick around and get down the middle inhibitor as well, but lose Doublelift in the process, as Kha’zix finally puts his team on the board.

21′ – After recalling, CLG come down the mid-lane and simply kill the Nexus turrets and the Nexus to win the game at 21:34, the fastest win of the split in NA. Incredibly convincing performance for CLG to finish the regular season with a decisive victory. On the other side, with this loss, DIG, open the door for CRS, who need 1 win to overtake them in the race for 4th spot.


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TSM – C9: Out-Soraka’d once again

On the blue side, TSM ban Lee Sin, LeBlanc, Kha’zix and pick Shyvana, Elise, Gragas, Lucian and Karma to face off against C9, on the purple side, who ban Trundle, Thresh, Lulu and pick Renekton, Evelynn, Soraka, Corki and Morgana. This is it, the big game of the day, of the week and of the season. The two big rivals and friends going head to head.

TSM - C9

2′ – Again, normal 1v1 and 2v2 lanes come out from the 2 teams, as Dyrus shows himself bot on purpose to throw C9 off balance

9′ – Balls pushes Dyrus out of the lane and together with Meteos takes his turret down, while Dyrus retreats in low hp.

11′ – The fight in the mid-lane Bjergsen and OddOne vs Hai and Meteos gets dragged into TSM’s jungle and following a few good jukes from the General, TSM pull out a bit ahead, but C9’s bot-lane comes to the rescue and the 2 teams retreat after a 2-2 trade with C9 taking first blood.

13′ – C9 are looking to keep the blue buff out of Bjergsen’s hands and invade TSM’s jungle. Bjergsen and crew are ready, but thanks to a missed ultimate from Gragas, C9 are able to steal the buff and get away with 1 kill over their rivals

14′ – One minute later, same scenario would play out on the red side of TSM’s jungle, C9 invade and get another kill on Elise.

15′ – TSM make a good play in the mid-lane as Elise lands a nice cocoon on Hai and together with Bjergsen, they get him down.

17′ – Uncontested dragon for C9, but TSM trades it for the top outer turret

19′ – TSM’s bot-lane is pushed out and following a gank from Meteos, Xpecial loses his life. C9 would not stop there and call in Hai from the mid-lane as well. Elise stuck around the turret and lost another 2 members, while getting only 1 kill in return. Gragas manages to barely get away.


21′ – C9 group mid and take the outer turret, as they push Bjergsen back in a slither of hp

23′ – Following a very good pick on Xpecial, who had a very rough game, in the mid-lane C9 take the dragon, while Dyrus hopes to down the inner turret in the top-lane, but runs out of minions and is forced to go back.

28′ – A fight in the mid lane initiated by TSM, would go from and to worse for them, as they get flanked by Evelynn and are forced to retreat, losing the skirmish 3-1 and their middle inner turret

29′ – Another uncontested dragon for C9, who increase their lead to 8k gold

31′ – As the two teams prepare for the baron dance, C9 out rotate TSM, get the inside track on the mid lane and downs their inhibitor tower. Dyrus and crew want to fight back, but despite their best efforts lose the skirmish, 3-0 and the game, as Cloud 9 make quick work of their rivals in a very unbalanced game that TSM lost from the champion select, offering C9 pretty much every champion they would desire. With this win, Cloud 9 finishes the season in 1st place and avoids CLG in the second round of the play-offs.


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