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NA LCS Week 2 Info-graphic

The NA LCS Week 2 action is already in our match history and it is time to take a look at some early statistics. The info-graphic of this week tells the story of the eight action packed games in a few doughnut shaped graphics, representing the percentage of games won after taking the respective objective first. (click on the picture to enlarge!)

NA LCS Info-graphic W2

If you can not get enough of statistics or you just want to compare these numbers with the European ones, be sure to check out the EU LCS Week 2 Info-graphic as well!

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NA LCS Day 3: Recap and Standings

LMQ vs Team Curse

LMQ vs CRS Champion select

During the laning phase, XWX finds two kills on his LeBlanc and with LMQ’s great vision control in the enemy jungle, he becomes a big threat for Voyboy and crew in the mid-game. Curse do their best and try to come back in this game, like they did in the previous two matches of the week and succeed up to a point, winning two consecutive team-fights with 2-1. Around the 30 minute mark though, LMQ would make the decision to rush baron down and with the map around the Nashor pit being dark for CRS, the Chinese team has no trouble in securing the objective and upping their gold lead to 6k.

With the baron buff on, LMQ played patiently, did not force any engages, but made sure to down objectives and by the time the buff had ran out, all three enemy inner turrets were down. When the baron re-spawned, Curse were looking to challenge it, but following a bad team-fight they end up losing two members and the baron. Curse manages to down the enemy mid inhibitor though, while LMQ was busy taking Nashor down, so they end up stalling the game a bit longer, but except for a very bad team-fight from LMQ, this game could only have one outcome. XWX and crew played the end-game perfectly and after getting a clean ACE on their opponents the new Chinese Overlords finish the game and end the week in first place with a perfect score: 4-0.

LMQ vs CRS Item builds


Cloud 9 vs Complexity

C9 vs COL Champion select

Complexity surprise everyone and get a huge confidence boost after scoring a triple kill in the very early game, following a bad gank attempt from Meteos. coL also took down the first dragon and the first turret of the game, but Meteos and crew always found a way to come back in the game and even out the gold lead. Following a very good team-fight in the mid-lane at the 23 minute mark, C9 get themselves 3 kills for 0 and immediately down all three mid-lane turrets of Complexity.

When Prolly and crew got the first baron and the first inhibitor down, everybody realized this game could turn out to be one of the biggest upsets of the season, but C9 kept their cool and relied on Soraka’s godlike team-fighting prowess. For every objective that CoL would take, C9 would answer back and the whole game would turn into a very exciting back and forth movement. At one point, Col took down one Nexus turret and then had to run all the way back to defend their own Nexus turrets, which Cloud 9 ended up destroying. The whole game came down to one team-fight in the mid-lane, that CoL played perfectly and after killing Cloud 9’s front line and not losing any members they strolled down the mid-lane and ended the game. Cloud 9 looked stunned by this very unlikely defeat, but need to get it back together before their game against CLG later on to avoid a third loss in a row.

C9 vs COL Item builds


Evil Geniuses vs Team SoloMid

EG vs TSM Champion select

TSM gets the early lead picking up first blood and the first three outer towers, but EG take the dragon and keep themselves in the game. One mistake from Turtle gets him killed and EG wrestle back the control of the game, by managing to down a couple of turrets while they had an extra man on the Rift.

Bjergsen and crew kept securing the vision control around the baron pit, spending a lot of time and resources to set it up, but every time they were close to starting the baron, one of their members got caught out and killed and they had to repeat the whole process all over again. At the 45 minute mark, thanks to a max range Bjergsen stun into a Gleeb hook, Team SoloMid finally find a good initiation and kill the enemy jungler. With both teams being low, the fight resets, but  Snoopeh’s death timer was huge and TSM secured the baron and ended the game within minutes of Nashor going down. Bjergsen and crew did a good job of avoiding the second biggest upset of the day, but they still have a lot of work to do in order to become one of the best teams in NA.

EG vs TSM Item builds


Team Curse vs Team Dignitas

CRS vs DIG Champion select

Curse picked an early team-composition and were looking to make their mark on the early-game. Being strong early comes at a price though and if Dignitas could trade even during the early and the mid-game, their comp would be unstoppable in the late-game with the likes of Dr.Mundo, Elise or Twitch all out-scaling their opponents and adding in the Nidalee spears, just makes Dignitas look unstoppable after the 35-40 minute mark.  Curse do a good job of securing the first kill, takeing the first tower and the first dragon down, but DIG kept finding a way to answer their early aggression and keeping the gold equal for most of the game.

A crazy base race at the 20 minute mark ends with top inhibitor down for Curse and bot inhibitor plus one Nexus turret down for Team Dignitas. The game goes back and forth for the next couple of minutes, until Curse decides to make a big play in the 30th minute and start off the baron, knowing that Twitch had to recall. Voyboy’s LeBlanc finds a pick on Zyra and one-shots her and Curse start the baron. Dignitas still look to contest it, even though they only had three members around the baron pit and it turns out to be the wrong call as they lose the smite-battle and their lives without getting any kill in return. With an exposed inhibitor and only one Nexus turret, Dignitas could not hold on and lose their first game of the week. On the other side, Curse are very happy about their first win of the week, after losing so many close games.

CRS vs DIG Item builds


Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9

CLG vs C9 Champion select

Cloud 9 get the early 4k gold lead as they manage to get 4 kills, 2 turrets and 2 dragons compared to CLG’s 1 kill and 1 turret. Two skirmishes around the 20 minute mark also go in C9’s favor and after taking the third dragon in a row and two inner turrets, they boost their gold lead to 8k, making a come-back from CLG very unlikely.

The two teams taunt each-other in the mid-lane and C9 somehow manage to cut off the retreat of CLG putting themselves between them and their base and forcing them to fight. The initial trade is even 1 for 1, but CLG lose their mid-laner, while only taking down the support of C9 and Hai and crew push their advantage further and destroy the middle inhibitor. CLG are still looking for a fight, but they calculate the engage poorly, lose another two members and Cloud 9 are able to take the baron before returning to base. With the Nashor buff on, C9 push down the bot-lane, lose Hai in an early engage, but are able to finish off the rest of CLG 4 v 5 and end the game in 34 minutes. Great win for the reigning champions who land on their feet after the heavy loss they suffered earlier against Complexity.

CLG vs C9 Item builds


At the end of a crazy super-week with many close games and a lot of upsets, it is time to take a look at the standings. In sole possession of  first place, we have the undefeated Chinese powerhouse LMQ with 4 victories. In second place, Dignitas and TSM share the spoils with 3 wins and 1 loss, while Cloud 9 and CLG are tied for 4th place with 2 wins and 2 losses followed by Curse and Complexity in 6th with 1 win and 3 losses. Bringing up the rear we have EG with no wins and 4 losses.

NA LCS Standings Week 1

If you are passionate about statistics, be sure to check out our NA LCS Week 1 Info-graphic and don’t forget to come back tomorrow, when we will break-down the different champions picks and bans for this super-week.

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NA LCS Week 1 Info-graphic

The NA LCS Week 1 action is over and it is time to look at some statistics. First off, the info-graphic of this super-week tells the story of the 16 action packed games in a few doughnut shaped graphics, representing the percentage of games won after taking the respective objective first. (click on the picture to enlarge!)

NA LCS Week 1 Info-graphicIf you can not get enough of statistics or you just want to compare these numbers with the European ones, be sure to check out the EU LCS Week 1 Info-graphic as well!

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DIG – C9: Precise ganks place Dignitas on Cloud 9

On the blue side, DIG ban Soraka, Elise, Evelynn and pick Shyvana, Lee Sin, Lulu, Lucian and Zyra to square off against the reigning NA champions, Cloud 9 on the purple side, who ban LeBlanc, Jax, Kassadin and pick Trundle, Kha’zix, Twisted Faith, Twitch and Morgana.

DIG vs C9 Champion select

2′ – Both teams sent their duo-bot in the top-lane and that means we will have standard 1v1 and 2v2 side-lanes.

8′ – Crumbzz and Shiphtur work together to secure the FB on Hai as he was walking towards his blue buff.

9′ – The lane dominance of Lucian and Zyra turned into the first turret of the game for Team Dignitas as Sneaky and Lemonnation can not do anything about it.

10′ – The CS count shows a decent lead for C9 in the top. 78-88 and mid-lane and a good advantage for Twitch in the bot-lane 80-65

11′ – Dignitas secure the first dragon of the game, after finding another kill in the enemy jungle, this time on Lemonnation’s Morgana

12′ – Cloud 9 finally put themselves on the board when they find a kill on Lucian in the bottom lane thanks to a great ultimate from Twisted Faith

13′ – Crumbzz decides to pull one back for his bot-lane and plays an instrumental role in taking down Morgana, while Twitch barely got away. As a result of that gank, DIG destroy the bot outer turret and C9 respond with the top outer turret.

16′ – DIG focus their attention on the mid-lane and also get a kill on Hai before downing the outer turret. That was the last outer turret left standing for C9 and DIG’s early game looks pretty impressive.

18′ – As the dragon re-spawns, Cloud 9 are desperately looking to have some vision around the pit, but DIG do a very good job to deny that vision, secure the objective and get out scar-free.

20′ – Following a small positional blunder from DIG, Crumbzz finds himself alone in the river with three people from C9. He keeps them interested long enough and allows his team to collapse on them from all sides and at the end of a very one sided skirmish, DIG comes out ahead 3-0. Meanwhile, in the top-lane Balls manages to down the inner tower, but Dignitas immediately answer with the mid inner turret. At the end of all this, DIG increase their gold lead to 3,5k.

DIG vs C9 Important moment

23′ – Sneaky is alone in the bot-lane, trying to push the wave and down the inner turret. Noticing that, Dignitas decide to go for the grand prize, baron Nashor. Historically that has never been a good idea for them, but this time, even though C9 were looking to contest the call, a great Zyra ultimate interrupts the jump from Kha’zix and allows his team to kill Nashor. Risky play from Dignitas, but it certainly pays off and with the baron buff on, they are able to siege the mid inhibitor turret, before rotating bot and killing the dragon to boost their gold lead to 6.5k.

27′ – With under a minute left on the baron buff, DIG make a push for the exposed inhibitor in the mid-lane and after getting it down, Cloud 9 feel like they can take DIG on 4v4 (both top-laners were in the bot-lane) and start the fight. They are heavily mistaking and DIG win the fight 3-1. With their ADC still at full hp and being already a couple of steps inside Cloud 9’s base, DIG decide to end the game and they do so in a convincing fashion. Incredible early game from Crumbzz and crew and Cloud 9 looks stunned after this severe defeat, 11-2 in kills and 10k gold behind at 28 minutes. C9 are rarely in a position of being dominated like that and will have to analyze that game thoroughly to figure out what exactly went wrong. On the other side, DIG are ecstatic with their win and are looking forward to ending the super-week undefeated.

DIG vs C9 Item builds

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TSM – CRS: Three brilliant hooks were not enough

The first game of the day features Team SoloMid going up against their former support player and his new team, Curse.  On the blue side, TSM bans Evelynn, Jax, Lulu and pick Shyvana, Elise, Soraka, Twitch and Zyra. On the purple side, Team Curse ban Kassadin, Lee Sin, Morgana and pick Dr. Mundo, Kha’zix, Yasuo, Lucian and Thresh.

TSM vs CRS Champion select

2′ – CRS are the ones who go for the 1v2 lanes, sending their duo in the top-lane.

7′ – It is TSM who get the first dragon of the game, as they see CRS moving 4 people in the top-lane

10′ – The CS count at the 10 minute mark, show a huge lead for Quas in the top-lane, 26-47 and an even fight in the mid, 91-87 and bot-lane, 87-85

10′ – FB goes to CRS as they find a good gank on Bjergsen in the mid-lane to get Voyboy going.

14′ – Curse have a very good vision around the dragon pit and are able to secure the second dragon of the game before TSM can reach the pit. However, in the skirmish that followed, TSM barely come out ahead 3-2, as Yasuo dove neck-deep for Twitch and killed him.

19′ – Soraka baited both Kha’zix and Yasuo in the mid-lane perfectly as Elise and Zyra were coming in from the river and even though  Xpecial also joined the party, it’s TSM who come out ahead of the skirmish, 2-0

20′ – CRS secure themselves another uncontested dragon, but TSM lay a trap for them in their own jungle and take them out, 3-0. After the won skirmish, Bjergsen and crew rush towards the baron pit and slay Nashor. Up until this point the two teams were pretty close, but now TSM has a 3.5k gold lead.

24′ – With the baron buff on, TSM assert good map dominance and manage to down both inner turrets in the top and bot lane. The two mid and top laners have a skirmish in the top-lane and CRS barely comes out ahead 2-1, but Amazing’s Elise comes in from the side and finds a kill on the sole survivor of that skirmish to even things up at 2-2.

28′ – A brilliant hook from Xpecial onto a stealthed Twitch around the baron pit, as both teams were tip-toeing around the area, is the catalyst for a full-blown team-fight, that Curse win convincingly, 3-0 and by securing the baron as well they get a second chance at this game, being only 5k gold behind now.

33′ – With the baron buff on, Curse secure two inner turrets and dragon for CRS and shrink the gold difference between them and TSM to 3k.

35′ – TSM get a good team-fight going in the mid-lane as Xpecial hooks in Dyrus and the rest of TSM is free to do damage from the backline. They win the skirmish by a huge margin, 4-1 and take down Curse’s mid inhibitor.

37′- The next time that baron would re-spawn, both teams would be around the pit and the baron-dance starts anew. Another brilliant hook from Xpecial lands on Bjergsen this time and Curse win the team-fight 2-0 and get their second baron in a row. After securing dragon as well, the gold difference between the two teams is almost non-existent. However, Team Curse can not capitalize on the Nashor buff to take any objective down and it simply runs off.

TSM vs CRS important moment

46′ – Both teams think they are stronger than the other  and want to fight, but are looking for a good engage. CRS think they have found it as they destroy Gleeb, but the rest of TSM can do enough damage back to Curse to turn the tide around. 4-2 for TSM and they are able to take some objectives as well at the end of that skirmish. The mid inhibitor is the first to fall, then a Nexus turret follows shortly after and they also find a kill on Kha’zix as he was desperately trying to slow them down and prevent them from taking down the base. Instead, he gives up his life, saves the base, but without the threat of the smite, TSM can now fully commit to Nashor and kill him in a blink of an eye. Curse do not even want to contest it without their jungler.

51′ – With the baron buff on, TSM go for the the exposed inhibitor in the bot-lane, take it down and then rotate to the top-lane, where the final inhibitor turret was still standing. Curse are weary about starting a fight, but yet another great hook from Xpecial on Turtle meant it was go time for Voyboy and crew. They do their best but it just isn’t enough, Soraka’s late game scaling is out of this world and TSM manage to get an ACE on their opponents while only losing two people and close out the game after 51 minutes. It was a very good game from both sides and it was anybody’s game at the end, both teams needed one good team-fight to be able to close out the match. It was TSM who got it in the end and they score their first victory of the summer-split. Very disappointed looks on the faces of Voyboy and crew, who really fought hard to come back in the game after falling behind early.

TSM vs CRS Item builds

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CLG – LMQ: The hype is real!

The first big test for the new potential Chinese Overlords is right around the corner as they face Doublelift and CLG. On the blue side, CLG ban LeBlanc, Soraka, Kassadin and pick Jax, Lee, Nidalee, Sivir and Lulu (a Lulu support is not something you see that often nowadays). On the purple side, LMQ ban Lucian, Thresh, Elise and pick Shyvana, Nunu, Yasuo, Twitch and Morgana.

CLG vs LMQ Champion Select

2′ – Double kill in the bot-lane for Doublelift and crew as they bait the Chinese in a 2v2 action in the river and then Seraph and Dexter appear out of the enemy jungle, catching the LMQ duo by surprise and sealing their fate.

5′ – A nice gank from Dexter in the top-lane, who helps Jax get a kill on Shyvana. Meanwhile, in the bot-lane, LMQ target and kill Doublelift and put an end to his aggression.

7′ – Dexter dies in a two versus two skirmish in the mid-lane between the junglers and the mids.

9′ – Link’s Nidalee baits Yasuo into thinking he could kill her and once he committed Lee Sin and Jax came from the river and made quick work of him. In the aftermath of that gank, CLG takes down the dragon and gains an early 2k gold lead

15′ – LMQ timed the drake pretty accurate and secured it immediately after it re-spawned. A valiant attempt from Dexter’s side to steal it away ended in him being chain CC-ed and killed.

16′ – CLG think that the aggressive moves will win them the game and try to make a play in the enemy jungle, but it backfires and LMQ come out ahead from that skirmish, 2-1.

20′ – The next play would be around the CLG blue buff, which has been consistently stolen away by LMQ until that moment. Dexter and crew lay a trap in the river bush and kill two members of LMQ as they wanted to invade their jungle again. Immediately after, they rush the baron, but LMQ prove they are a real Chinese team and look to contest the courageous baron call even if they are two man down. Their valiant attempt pays off and because the baron did so much damage to the CLG members, XWX and crew manage to turn the fight on it’s head and get four kills while only losing one member. Huge momentum swing for LMQ, who also manage to get the baron at the end of the skirmish.

21′ – Another dragon goes to LMQ uncontested, but despite the Chinese team having the baron buff, it’s CLG who take down two turrets in a row in the top-lane, before LMQ finally down the outer mid turret. LMQ want to push for the inner turret as well, but CLG are faster and down the inhibitor turret and the inhibitor itself. A stunned LMQ finally collapse on CLG, gets two kills and pushes some objectives, getting the top inner turret and the bot outer tower down.

27′ – The two teams trade objectives, Jax takes the bot inner turret while LMQ push as five in the mid-lane and take both the inner and the inhibitor tower down, finally equalizing the number of destroyed turrets at 6.

28′ – With super-minions doing their bidding in the top-lane, CLG decides to start baron, but stop once LMQ contest the call with Shyvana teleporting in the pit. The two teams engage and disengage very well with only Jax dying in the process and LMQ is trying to run away with half hp bars, but get chased down by CLG and Morgana loses her life to a well targeted javelin from Nidalee. CLG decide to turn tails and go for the baron, which they secure, but end up losing the skirmish that follows, 4-1, with Twitch getting himself a triple kill.

30′ – LMQ take another dragon down and extend their gold lead to 7k.

35′ – After a long back and forth in the mid-lane from both teams, LMQ finally gets a chance to destroy the exposed inhibitor.

36′ – With 13 seconds left on the baron re-spawn timer, Doublelift gets caught by Yasuo in the mid-lane and CLG are forced to give up the baron to LMQ.

CLG vs LMQ Crucial moment

37′ – With the Nashor buff on, LMQ looks to finish the game and apply pressure in the top-lane. They are rewarded with an inhibitor tower for their efforts, but a great InSec maneuver from Dexter sends Twitch towards certain death in the enemy team and CLG manage to get an ACE over the Chinese team, while only losing two members of their own. Meanwhile, the super-minions in the mid-lane destroyed both CLG Nexus turrets and Doublelift and crew are forced to retreat and defend their base.

39′ – After re-spawning LMQ realizes the big gold lead that they have and pushes decisively down the mid-lane instantly killing the re-spawned inhibitor. In the skirmish that followed, LMQ show off their combat prowess and kill three members of CLG before putting an end to a very exciting game which had everyone on the edge of their seats. LMQ looked really strong throughout the entire game and proved that they deserve their spot in the LCS and are a huge contender for the three spots to the World Finals in Korea. One can argue that CLG did some mistakes that they could’ve avoided, but LMQ’s strength came from the fact that they knew how to punish Doublelift and crew for them. Very impressive performance from the Chinese team, who are now the number one team in North America with two wins at the end of Day 1.

CLG vs LMQ Item builds

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CRS – CLG: Nashor finds more victims

On the blue side, Team Curse ban Twitch, Kha’zix, Soraka and pick Dr.Mundo, Evelynn, Yasuo, Miss Fortune and Thresh to face off against CLG, who ban Kassadin, Jax, Renekton and pick Shyvana, Elise, Kayle, Lucian and Morgana.

CRS vs CLG champion select

2′ – Weird engage in the top-side of the river between the team’s duo-pairs and Xpecial falls victim to Doublelift. FB goes to CLG!

6′ – Quas teleports back to his top turret, but being only level 2 against two level 4’s, he gets dove and killed pretty easy by Aphro and Doublelift.

7′ – In a 4v5 in the mid-lane, CLG manage to come out even 2-2 and allow Doublelift to farm safely in the top-lane

10′ – CRS take the first dragon of the game uncotnested, but CLG happily trade it for the top inner turret

11′ – CS count shows a small advantage for CLG in both the top, 25-31 and mid-lane, 83-94 and an even fight between the two AD-carries, 87-86

16′ – CLG take the dragon uncontested because of their better positioning, but CRS decide to push down the mid-lane and CLG collapsed on them. Surprisingly the team-fight goes in CRS’ favor as Doublelift misses his ult completely and Xpecial’s Thresh outplays Aphromoo’s Morgana

20′ – CLG send two people in the bot-lane to take down Voyboy, but they are unsuccessful and Curse get a kill on the counter-gank

22′ – Another dragon goes down for CLG, because CRS is out of position yet again and as Voyboy and crew try to collapse on them, CLG does a very good job of kiting backwards and find themselves two kills while only losing one player. After all is said and done, CLG walks away with a 4k gold lead.

CRS vs CLG Important moment

29′ – CRS want to pull a fast one on CLG and do baron, when the dragon just re-spawned, but they are not decisive enough, hesitate with starting of the objective and give CLG time to kill the dragon and arrive all the way to baron to stop them in their tracks and being already pretty low from baron, they lose the team-fight, 4-1 and hand over Nashor to CLG. Doublelift and crew are now up 10k gold and only a miracle can prevent them from losing the game at this point.

32′ – With the baron buff on, CLG split-push in the mid and bottom lane and after catching Xpecial in a binding and a cocoon and killing him, they are free to take down both inhibitor towers and the two inhibitors. Curse want to fight though, but end up losing 3 more members as Link’s Kayle is an absolute monster at this point. CLG have no issues closing out a game they dominated from the very first moments as Curse was not able to punish them for their mistakes.

CRS vs CLG item builds

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