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TSM Amazing’s AMA sum-up

TSM’s new jungler Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider has arrived at the gaming house almost a week ago and fit right in with the rest of the team. He has decided to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit yesterday to give some insight about himself, the transition from EU to NA and his view on the other players. Here is what he had to say about the various topics.

About himself:

Q: How did you begin playing LoL? Have you ever felt attraction towards other games?

Amazing: I was introduced by my younger brother, i obviously have felt attraction to other games, you make it sound like i would be cheatin on League if i admit it ;D

Q: Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Amazing: No clue, time will tell. Hopefully playing league and being a bigger figure than i am now, and a more accomplished esports athlete with world stage accolades.

Q: Would you consider changing your name to Azing, so that you could be called TSM Azing and it would be the best thing ever?

Amazing: Thought about it already, wont happen doe

Q: How did the move to NA affect your relationship with your GF so far? Is she fine with it or did you have arguments about you going over there?

Amazing: time will tell, we had no arguments.

Q: Who is your favorite basketball team, and since you’re in the US now, will you eventually go to an actual live event? 😀

Amazing: LA Lakers, sadly Kobe isnt what he used to be ;C will have to see, if Kobe tryhards next season, imma try to get tickets!

Q: Just wanted to ask what your favorite music is and if you are super hyped for NA LCS?

Amazing: Favorite Music: Childish Gambino and CHVRCHES, followed em both on twitter, and ofc i am hyped 😀

Amazing profile picture

About other players:

Q: If TSM were not to have gotten such a fine catch in you, who was their next prospect?

Amazing: This is awkward………..Xmithie rip

Q: Which jungler do you want to play against the most in the LCS ?

Amazing: Meteos obviously, he is considered the best western jungler by many, gotta see it for myself.

Q: Which NA LCS player do you think will be the most satisfying to successfully gank?

Amazing: Brokenshard on his red buff ofc

Q: How do you think you’ll matchup with the junglers in na, especially meteos?

Amazing: I will do fairly fine, i think that meteos is a step above all, but i am used to playing top notch junglers in Diamond/Jankos/Svenskeren and even Impaler being pretty high up there.

Q: How do you think your playstyle compared to the Oddone’s will change the way TSM plays?

Amazing: I think the aggression is gonna rise, the pace of the game will increase and therefore the action will go up.

Q: Upvote if possible, but as a fan of both Copenhagen Wolves and forg1ven, i would like from you to hear your crystal clear opinion about a lot of things, for example expectations and performance from your former team, how forg1ven is as a person and if he is supposedly ‘toxic’ to his team etc.

Amazing: Good question. Forgiven has been a really really eager person, but he may be a bit overzealous, which shows in his style of arguing and trying to bring points forward. He adapted a lot towards the end of the split, toxicity was only an issue for me in the beginning of the split, he really tried to hard to improve in that department. He is one of the hardest working players out there, so he earned my respect, he really wanted to make the team he was in the best team it could be, but people didnt follow up, and didnt work as hard as he did, therefore creating a gap in individual skill level. I expected to become top 4 that split, but we didnt manage to, and it is not due to Forg1vens “toxicity”.

Q: Hey amazing ive had your lolking saved since early S2. It was good to finally play against you GL in NALCS. Oh and a question who do you think is the best jungler outside of professional play? Thanks.

Amazing: Dont really know, i think whiteknight/k0u/amin may be the best junglers outside of LCS.

About the transition to NA / the differences between EU and NA:

Q: How did your parents react about your going to L.A ?

Amazing: They were really happy and sad at the same time obviously, since i am leaving home for good, but they support my choice and help me out whereever they can.

Q: how does it feel moving from EU to NA? And what will you miss from EU?

Amazing: It feels odd to me, but the US seems a whole lot more relaxed, but i can only speak for the West Coast ofc, i will miss my family and friends, its really hard to leave em behind, but you gotta do what you gotta do to fulfill your dreams and pursue your career.

Q: Are you gonna miss skjoz? And if so how much on a scale of 1-10.

Amazing: i got phreak now, worth the trade

Q: What is the first restaurant you’re looking forward to eating at in the states?

Amazing: KoreanBBQ was good to eat already, and i didnt really look forward to anything tbh, food is good in germany as well.

Q: How do you feel about NA soloq in comparison to EUW, are there many differences?

Amazing: NA soloQ decides itself at baron, every damn game. Players are usually a tad less aware, than in EU soloQ. Mid lanes have less impact, Bot lanes shine however in NA soloQ.

Q: What do you think are the major differences in NA and EU scene?

Amazing: NA organisations are more willing to go the extra mile to improve their players, they really try to invest into infrastructure and allow players to build their fan base way more handily than EU teams/orgs.

Q: How have your daily routines changed since joining TSM and moving to NA?

Amazing: getting up at 8 am atm, which is 7 hours before i usually got up, going outside more, more social activity etc. etc.

Q: Do you think that jungler talent in NA is that small? The last two newly LCS-recruited junglers were Germans .. also, if a region had the playerbase of EU and the recently forming and improving infrastructure (aka $$$) of NA, would it have a better shot at world domination?

Amazing:  I can’t say too much about the jungle talent in NA, but i guess its safer for an organisation to settle for proven talent amongst the lines of LCS when it comes to the jungle position, as shotcalling/pressuring/rotations/timings/timers etc. all are usually seens as less important in the challenger scene than it is in LCS. Probably, but i can’t tell, i do not see EU players as that much better as their NA counterparts, it is just that they usually are more serious about the matter, and dont troll around as much. (SoloQ)

Q:  Were you worried about leaving your home? What do you like about being here in the USA. How much different is it compared to were you lived before? (As far as gaming goes).

Amazing:  I was hella worried, because its such a big step, and i actually despise flying for a longer time, and i obviously left a lot behind, friends, family, my old life basically. USA is just really different but at the same time kinda familiar, cant really explain it, i like all of it though.

Q: What do you think the EU scene lacks compared to the other regions?

Amazing: The balls to kick members when they are supposed to be kicked, people are waaaaaay too kind in EU and rather stay 5th-8th and in LCS than to try to go for the extra mile by gettin new members in.

TSM Wallpaper

About his new team, TSM:

Q: Who have you had the easiest time hanging out with so far in the TSM house?

Amazing: Dyrone.

Q: How does the atmosphere in the TSM house compare to the one in the Wolves house?

Amazing: Better, the fun is way higher, and we are waaaaay more equal in personalities, everyone is really cheerful!

Q: With you joining Team SoloMid, replacing TheOddOne you have some big shoes to fill. Especially since TSM finished 2nd last split and are eager to take 1st place. Going to worlds seems to be the minimum. Do you feel any weight on your shoulders? Or does that just makes you more focussed than ever?

Amazing: I feel the weight, but i have always been a fan of pressure, pressure keeps you focused and helps you try harder than usual.

Q: What do you think you can bring to the team that oddone didn’t have?

Amazing: Body size!

Q: What are your expectations for this split for TSM, based off of scrims so far? (if you have played enough) are there any players in particular that you look forward to facing?

Amazing: Gonna do well, just gonna have to sort out a lot of stuff in order to be the best team we can be.

Q: How has American life been for you so far? do you like it better than germany? and how is the rest of the team treating you?

Amazing: Pretty good, team is chill, everyone is helpin out wherever they can, i enjoy it.

Q: Why is everyone calling you morris -.-

Amazing: CUZ OF BJERGERSEN. Cant pronounce my name bg wp

Q: When do you plan on burning down the house?

Amazing: Wait till i try to cook :^ )

Q: What is the difference between working with TSM AND CW? How do the two teams compare?

Amazing: TSM is generally more skilled in their laning phase, the initiatives for roams are bigger. Everyone actually helps trying to improve the teamplay, and noone takes himself out of teamdiscussions on TSM.

Q: How have scrims been going and duoq with other players, do you feel your play style will suit the team and how do you think you will fare vs C9 this split.

Amazing: Cant tell anything about scrims, DuoQ is usually really fun, and they went well with Dyrude – Jailstorm.

Q: What do you think TSM needs to do to become a serious contender for Worlds?

Friendly member of the community: Beat Koreans

Amazing: Beat off to Koreans

Q: How much has TheOddOne helped you fit in at TSM so far?

Amazing: He helps me setting up everything, and takes care of me

About champions:

Q: Who’s your favorite champion beside Lee Sin ?

Amazing: I am not sure, i actually have a lot of love for Thresh, really fun champ!

Q: Do you fear Lee Sin getting banned away from you every single game? Or do you feel more than confident on the other top-tier junglers?

Amazing: No i do not fear it tbh, i can perform equally well on eve/elise/khazix.

Q: What do you about the current state of Ryze, Pantheon, and Braum?

Amazing:  Ryze: no waveclear, bad in laneswaps, good in 1 v 1s however. Panth: no outplay potential, overall just a really odd champ with no fun ingredients. Braum: Probably good, he is permabanned in soloQ however.

Q: Which unorthodox jungler would you like to play?

Amazing: Mobi boot rammus for funzies


That was all the man had to say. It has been a light, but very entertaining AMA, thank you “Morris”. If you want more, feel free to check out our other recent AMA sum-ups: CLG DoubleliftC9 Lemonnation, CLG Link, TSM Reginald

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CLG Doublelift’s AMA sum-up

CLG’s AD-Carry and super-star, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has recently participated as a member of Team ICE at the All-Star Challenge 2014 in Paris, France and won the friendly competition together against Team FIRE. He has decided to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit yesterday to give some insight about his team’s communication, his past experiences and his view on the other players and teams. Here is what he had to say about the various topics.

About champions in the game:

Q: From an ADC’s perspective. What do YOU think of Braum as a support?

DL: broken beyond belief

Q: Could you give some insight on why Twitch has become such a popular pick “all of a sudden” and which build do you think is the best for him atm, to rush IE or the attack speed build?

DL: Stealth is OP, he’s strong in lane, midgame, has pressure while rotating unlike other ADs who lose pressure while moving, and one of the best lategames. BoRK has the most natural build path for Twitch and that’s why everyone buys it first.

Q: All of these facts have always been true, why is it that he’s popular NOW? What changes to meta or preferred strategy have made Twitch more valuable?

DL: I think as with a lot of champions, some are overlooked for a really long time despite never really having been changed. It happened with mid Lulu and Soraka, and will continue to happen for a long time. The cycle of patches buffing or nerfing certain champions opens up other unchanged champions to be stronger due based on matchups. Twitch is just one of those champions that was overlooked because of the constant bot lane fluctuations in what was OP (Cait -> Sivir -> Lucian). Nobody really thought about him

Q: Do you think Graves is competitively viable at the moment?

DL: Graves is picked pretty consistently in NA/EU at the moment

Q: What does Quinn need to be a more viable marksman?

DL:  A champion like Quinn is fundamentally flawed for competitive play because she needs to get kills in order to be good. Draven similarly needs to be ahead in items in order to be a better pick than other ADs. Low range + shitty escape + low utility ADs just need to pound out more damage than their counterparts, and will either be OP or unused due to their snowbally nature. Looking at the champions that are being played right now, each has their respective role within a team comp and is strong without having to be ahead in lane. Vayne for splitpush/dueling, Caitlyn for laning/siege/safety, Jinx for wombo, Lucian for consistency, and Twitch for picks/lategame.

Q: So lucian and twitch are supposed to be getting nerfed soon, which adcs do you think will be strong/picked a lot in competitive play once that happens?

DL: MF, Cait, Kog, and Graves. ADs will always have a bar for being able to survive lane in certain matchups because almost no team will counterpick ADs.

Doublelift profile picture

About his past and general aspects of the game:

Q: Were you instantly good when you started, naturally picking it up? Or did you have to scramble through Bronze, celebrate breaking into Silver, etc?

DL:  I think over the course of my first month in ranked I climbed to top 100, but I remember spending days stuck at certain elo ranges and being extremely frustrated with myself. The most important attitude I kept from my climb is when I met a better player, to blindly copy him and understand what he was doing.

Q:  What do you think are the more human aspects of eSports that the audience may not know. For example, how do personal issues affect players, or do problems outside the game affect players differently? What do you think people should know about pro gaming that people might not find interesting or that you think deserves more attention?

DL:  Personal issues indirectly affect performance in a lot of ways, depending on the issue. For the most part, community hate/gf problems/other misc. personal problems will affect your practice. You might be discouraged or distracted from playing solo queue or be frustrated at how much time you spend scrimming. One bad mood can spread to your teammates and either cause dissent within the team or ineffective practice time. It’s both ideal and impossible to have a team that is void of personal issues, and generally the coach/manager is the one who helps the player learn how to deal with them quickly. Consistent personal issues within a team come from poor guidance/coaching for the most part, considering almost everyone in the scene is still a kid.

Most people who look at pros think that we live the dream life when in reality, you either practice 16 hours a day or lose and end up frustrated. Sometimes you practice 16 hours a day and still end up losing/feeling frustrated. Pro players have a lot of to be thankful for and a lot to be unhappy about. I think at least 90% of pro players get done with their career and are completely forgotten in a year. They just end up several years behind in life/work experience with nothing to show for it in the end, just a bunch of memories of their glory days.

Q: Do you feel ADCs are being balanced around pro level mechanics? Do you think that is why people think ADCs are weak or are they actually weak?

DL: I’ve always been under the impression that Riot balances for skill levels across the board, but sometimes it does feel like they make changes specifically for pro level play (which I think is good). ADs are in a pretty good spot right now, but if the trend of constantly nerfing the top ADs continues, they might fall behind like they did in S3. I do think that there’s a massive circlejerk about ADs not being able to carry games. If you look at the top of Challenger, for example, it’s almost all AD players. It didn’t get that much harder to carry games, people just got better at the game.

Q: How well do you think solo queue skill translates to ranked 5s games and competitively? What is the most crucial thing a marksman has to have when relied on to carry a team? If you are the only one fed on your team, when should you build full damage in order to carry and when should you get Guardian’s Angel to make sure you stay alive? How can a marksman considered good be noticed by the community?

DL:  Solo queue skill translates into only mechanics for competitive play, which is not an issue with AD players right now. It’s almost all about game knowledge at this point. I think the number 1 skill is and always will be knowing where to go and what to do next. If you snowball your lane win into 2 lanes winning, it’s gg. If ahead, defense is better. If behind or even, build glass cannon. Players at the top of challenger are instantly noticed by LCS/Challenger teams. Especially players with multiple accounts.

Q: what is ur mouse sensitivity?

DL: It’s actually really low, 30 in-game and on the 4th tick in Windows @ 3500 DPI

Q: How was life on epik gamer? How were each of the members?

DL: I was a super awkward and unsociable loser coming into the pro scene on EG. I remember Dyrus was a lot more well-spoken at the time (likely because he played bball and was doing plumbing afaik). Westrice Salce and Dan were the exact same. The only time I remember Dan getting mad in my entire life is when we lost and ended up 4th place because we didn’t listen to one of his calls. Without EG, I never would have made it into the pro scene most likely.

About Seraph:

Q: How has your first impression of Seraph been, do you feel he would fit in with the team if given the spot?

DL:  my first impression and only impression of him so far is that he plays the game from when he wakes up til when he goes to sleep. His work ethic is amazing, and he is a very nice + sociable guy. I think once his English shapes up he’ll be very friendly and great for the team as a personality. As a player, we have yet to scrim so I will reserve judgement until then. His mechanics already seem top tier from what I’ve seen in solo queue though.

Q: How do you feel about the retirement of Nien and how well will Seraph replace him?

DL: Sad, Nien had a great attitude and was always a positive influence on the team. It was the most sudden and unexpected leave I’ve experienced on the team. Seraph is mechanically top tier and also has a great attitude, but we will need to test him for tilt/LAN choke/game knowledge as we scrim.

Team Ice vs Team Fire Preview

About the All-Star event:

Q: After coming back from Allstars, did you feel you have a lot to improve on that you didn’t give much thought on from before?

DL: After coming back from Allstars, one of the biggest things I ended up noticing about Koreans is how close to their character they point their mouse to move. This allows players on SKT to change directions much more quickly than I can on reaction, and forces them to play at 30%+ higher APM. I have already begun to incorporate this into my own play.

Q: How did communication work on Team Ice? Did you guys all understand each other?

DL: Me/Froggen/Madlife/Archie/Misaya/Cool all spoke English, Cool’s being the worst but still understandable. I can speak a little Mandarin and Korean so it ended up working well for all of us. At first, Madlife and Cool were really nervous but eventually softened up and communicated more often. I think Froggen and I did most of the talking

Q: Since you have pretty good experience playing with and against other teams and players from around the world thanks to all stars, what is something the NA scene lacks that you think would help pull it closer to the other regions?

DL: Good coaching and management, as you can see in EU, is huge for success. A couple years ago, Hotshot told us how important it was and we all disagreed strongly with what he said. I think Korea has the best talent scouting/coaching in the world and therefore has the best teams. NA is slowly catching up but EU seems to have made very little progress.

About other players and teams:

Q: Who do you think is the most talented ADC in NA outside of the LCS?

DL: I’d say Altec or KEITHMCBRIEF based on solo queue performance, but I don’t pay much attention to ADs outside of the LCS, and play with nameplates off as well so nobody really stands out. It’s really hard to judge based on solo queue/amateur performances because some ADs will seem really strong but lack a lot of skills that win games at higher levels.

Q: Opinions on LMQ, especially on Vasilii?

DL: Vasilii is top tier and is probably the most hungry on his team to win based on solo queue performance and number of games played. I learned a lot just by playing against him so many times in scrims/solo queue, probably the most out of any player I’ve met so far. LMQ as a team, however, is a huge dark horse for me. I think they play considerably worse in LAN compared to scrims. If they can play equally well in LCS as they do in practice, they are contenders for top 3. As it is, I expect them to be 4th place but could be completely wrong if they step it up on stage.

Q: What do you think of Amazing to TSM? And do you think that bringing foreign players to NA is helping to progress NA talent, or just hurt it?

DL: I actually can’t remember any of his games in EU, but am told he is potentially the best or worst jungler on any particular day depending on his mood. Foreign players can only help us by showing the other players of that role a new level of play. For example, Bjergsen significantly increased the skill of NA mids.

Q: Will the Zion/ Shiphtur move to Dig help them?

DL: They’re stronger players than their replacements, so I would say yes. It also allows Scarra to step in as a coach, which might fix a lot of Dig’s fundamental problems. Now all 3 of Dig’s lanes are considerably strong and with the right guidance could mean a completely different team than we saw last split.

Q: If C9, CLG, and TSM were to compete in a season of OGN, how do you think each team would fare?

DL: Miracle to make it out of groups, highest any would make it is top 8. Korean teams are so far ahead it’s not even funny. If people think the rest of the world has caught up since worlds, they’re in for a huge surprise.

Q: What do you think about the new TSM bot lane and also Curse bot lane since Xpecial joined Curse recently?

DL: I can’t say, but I have a feeling Curse’s bot lane will never change so long as Cop is playing AD. He’s a better teamfighter than most but his laning has always had problems.

Q: Do you think Bjergsen and Froggen are the best midlaners in NA/EU?

DL: Bjergsen is by far the best laner in NA, and Froggen in EU. Outside of lane, it’s really hard to say. I think both of them make solid aggressive decisions when they should but also play very selfishly, which allows them to do so.

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C9 Lemonnation’s AMA sum-up

Cloud 9’s support player and owner of the notorious notebook, Daerek “LemonNation” Hart has recently participated with his team at the All-Star Invitational 2014 in Paris, France and finished 3rd/4th. He has decided to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit yesterday to give some insight about his team’s performance and other various topics. Here is what he had to say about the various topics.

About the All-Star event:

Q: Do you think you could take a map off SKT if you had Hai instead of Link? What do you think about overall strenght of the teams at All-Stars?

Lemon:  We were playing sub-optimally without Hai in our roster. Although our results at All Stars were respectable, we scrimmed extensively and I can say that we were playing much below our usual par. We were losing scrims to almost every North American team we scrimmed before we flew out to France. The reason I think this is is due to lack of optimal shotcalling on our team. I personally considered stepping up and attempting to be the shotcaller, but I am far too cautious in my shotcalling, I will not call any risky plays, even when they are needed. So we basically had Link and Meteos fill in for the gap in shotcalling that Hai would normally do.

Hai is without a doubt the best shotcaller in North America. He is extremely decisive extremely correct in his calls. If we had him we would have been a stronger team coming into the tournament. Whether or not that would have been converted into a map off of SKT is hard to say. We were able to take a few scrims off of SKT with Link, but I would attribute that to SKT using experimental picks, which allowed us to win lanes and snowball the game (not relying on team coordination).

Overall strength of teams is extremely hard to gauge without having more context from playing other teams in the world, I think any answer I could give on the subject would be misinformed.

Q: How did it feel playing with Link as a sub ?

Lemon: Link was a great choice for replacement for Hai. He does not play selfishly at all, and although he is not as dominant or primary a shotcaller as Hai, he shares the shotcalling responsibility on CLG.

Link was basically put in the worst position, and was able to perform extremely well given everything pushing against him. His only vacation time is taken away from him to be put onto a team that is structured extremely differently from his own. We then basically asked Link to be the dominant shotcaller for the team (his calls are priority #1 if multiple calls are made), which I believe is something he is not used to. I made the call to put Link at #1 priority, in retrospect I believe it would have been better to put Meteos at #1 priority from the start, as it would have been a lot less pressure on Link. It would have allowed us to adapt to playing with Link much more quickly, and I believe we would have been more prepared. Given all of that, Link played extremely well in the games, and was even able to hold his own versus Faker. Our performance is WAY WAY better than what I would have expected us to do with a sub, and that is thanks to Link.

Q: Which support player stood out to you the most on a team in the All Stars?

Lemon: Certainly Poohmandu. I laned against him extensively from our scrims, and his champion picks for the current meta are actually very strong. A lot of people were criticizing his Zyra pick as a sign of him not adapting from before his break, but Zyra is an extremely strong counter pick to both Thresh and Morgana, the two most picked supports at the moment. His ability to apply pressure and become a secondary AP carry with that extremely squishy and risky champion is unmatched.

Q:  Some questions about OMG and China.

a) Link stated in an AMA earlier today that he feels both NA and EU will surpass China come worlds, how do you feel about this?

b) What do you think about the Chinese scene as a whole? With their massive resources, what is limiting them from becoming a world super power on the level of Korea?

c) What, if anything, stands out when playing Chinese teams other than the traditional response of “mechanically strong ADCs”?

d) A lot has been made of the fact that SKT went undefeated at all starts, yet dropped games so T1s, KTA, Ozone, and Frost, finishing in 8th in the last season of champions. Is Korea really so ahead of the world that the 8th place team can beat other region’s best teams, or did SKT preform particularly well at all stars?

Lemon: a) It is impossible to tell from lack of information.

b) China is a developing region E-sports wise. They have an unlimited player base, but they are being held back from not having resources, a proper set up. If I am informed correctly, more than half of the League player base is in China alone. Give them time to develop and China will become the dominant region, just from having the largest player base.

c) Chinese teams go GODDAMN HAM. They choose champions that can only GO IN and they do not hesitate to go FUCKING IN.

d) I believe there is not enough information to judge, all stars only showed a single team from each region, so judging regional strengths upon this tournament would be misguided.

Q: Considering the fact that Link subbed in for Hai, did you have to hide some of your strategies in order to not reveal things to CLG for the incoming split ?

Lemon: I  did not talk strategy with Link as much as was possible without hurting our chances at All stars, but I valued our performance at this event more than hiding information from him, so it is likely he will have information about our team that will help them play against us at the beginning of next split.

Cloud 9 All-Star

About NA Teams and players:

Q: What was the deciding factor between you picking sneaky over me a year back? (Question asked by Otter, a former C9 try-out for ADC)

Lemon:  It came down to be my decision, and although it was a very tough decision to make, I felt that Sneaky was the stronger player from the scrims and Duo Q I played with both of you.

Sneaky has improved immensely and has become the likely best ADC in NA, so I am very happy with the decision.

Q: Outside of your team, who would you say are the strongest LCS players for each position?

Lemon:  I am not informed enough to include EU LCS players, so I will only include NA. These are all very subject to change, I believe the top players are constantly changing (even weekly) based on who is able to stay on top of the meta and stay at peak performance. But these are my rough thoughts:

Top-Dyrus – Is always on top of the Meta, has consistently shown how good he is.

Mid-Burger and Sons – Bjergerson is consistently Amazing, as I’m sure everyone has seen.

Jungle-Amazing – This is based only upon his play in the European LCS, we have not scrimmed vs him at all yet, so I could be overestimating. But at the moment I strongly believe him to be a top contender.

ADC-Doublelift – Doublelift has been at the top of his game, I actually thought he was falling off last year, but he has improved immensely, I believe he became extremely motivated after failing to make it to worlds last year.

Support-Aphromoo – Aphromoo is an aggressive playmaking support, THE BEST KIND. Aphro has played the best of any support this last split.

Most Attractive- HotshotGG

Q: How do you think Gleebglarbu will do in NA? Do you think he will be as bad as everyone is putting him up to be?

Lemon:  Gleebglarbu and Bunnyfufu are the best up and coming supports in NA. It is likely that in a year or two they will be the top supports of the region. Extremely young + Good mechanics + extremely motivated + smart.

Lemonnation picture and profile

About Support champions and his preparation:

Q: Opinions on Braum?

Lemon: I have yet to play Braum at all, so I don’t know enough to judge. All I have looked at is his design and kit, which looks amazingly well done.

Q: In which way does zyra counter thresh and morgana?

Lemon: She stands behind creeps and bullies them with Q+Plants. She will die to any pull/Bind, but she never should get hit by one if played optimally.

Q: Most players don’t bother studying changes before it happens live, are you in the same situation or do you prepare yourself and your team for incoming patch notes ?

Lemon: I heavily study any changes as soon as they are relevant to me, I focus exclusively on the patch that is being played in the next relevant tournament. I attempt to make sure myself and my team is completely on top of any changes to the game, and is doing everything optimally.

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CLG LiNk’s AMA sum-up

CLG’s mid-laner Austin “Link” Shin has recently participated with Cloud 9 at the All-Star Invitational 2014 in Paris, France, subbing in for Hai. He has decided to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit last evening to clear the air regarding his performance, champion picks and Cloud 9’s strategies. Here is a short recap of the most important questions he answered.

Q: What were the major differences in comms between CLG and C9?

Link: CLG lanes always give updates and talk nonstop. There’s always someone or multiple people talking. C9 doesn’t talk as much. It’s more of a 1-2 person shotcalling team (meteos/hai). People do still make plays but it’s a lot less compared to CLG. I prefer CLG’s communication.

Q: Since you speak Korean, any interesting things you learn from chatting with the SKT players/kkoma?

Link: I talked to Piglet the most because the others went upstairs early. He has a great mindset in that he always believes he can win vs anyone. It’s what most people would interpret as a cocky attitude, but if you think about it, it’s really not. It’s a confident one that led them to win worlds. He said everyone needs to have this type of mindset and if NA/EU/other regions keep thinking that Koreans are automatically superior, then they will pretty much always lose.

They are all super nice guys and really fun to talk to. It was fun being able to talk to them in Korean and gain some insight about what they thought about the Western world.

Q: Sounds a lot like when Doublelift says that you have to believe you’re the best to be the best.

Link: Yes exactly. But at the same time, Piglet also said you can’t let your ego get to you or affect your team. Ego affects how the team’s dynamic is played. Like if I look at C9 in their first split, Meteos was the star by far and single handedly 1v9d as a farmed jungler. The fact that he chose to switch up his playstyle and want to play more team-oriented takes a lot of adjustment and time as well as understanding of the game? It just shows Meteos isn’t self-centered and always willing to do what the team needs or is willing to adhere to the team. (ex: He used to take the 2nd blue all the time. Now he doesn’t)

I personally feel like Doublelift was making the shots in the first LCS split that I played and he felt like he needed to carry all the time (he still does). It affects the team comps you run (remember those protect doublelift team comps) and sometimes it isn’t the best strat to run. I think CLG has made a lot of progress moving forward and becoming a team moreso than a carry 1v9 playstyle. imo its the wrong playstyle to have and it’s something that I saw in CST for example.

Q: Did you look in LemonNations Notebook? If so, can you tell us the dark secrets of

Link: he didn’t use a notebook. he used google drive :p

Cloud 9 All-Star

Q: Who was the hardest midlaner u faced during Allstars? And why?

Link: Faker by far. Faker pressures you on every cs and makes you fight for your life. Everytime you position poorly he’ll punish it. The lane becomes even harder because Bengi is also always there to back him up or gank for him when he’s ahead or behind. It’s never a 1v1 lane.

Q:  On a scale from 1-10, how nervous were you to take Hai’s position on C9? Awesome job by the way.

Link: I was nervous on a scale of 10. There’s a lot of people watching this tournament and a lot of people will judge and criticize. If I performed badly my confidence could have easily been shaken especially with the fact that I was already going into a tournament with a team I practiced with for only one week. But my teammates (aphro) mainly, said I’d do fine and believed in me. Small stuff like this goes a long way and I tried my best. I wasn’t too pleased with my performance, but I think we definitely did better than we thought.

Q: What’s in Lemon book?

Link: uhh i didnt see. He was afraid I was going to see their team comps or something

Q: What do you think of Dignitas with the new roster changes?

Link: They look like a strong lineup, but the problem with most teams isn’t the lineup issue. It’s mainly whether or not they can be cohesive as a team. C9 is a solid team that flows and functions together. TSM as well. The biggest problem with the bottom 5 teams last split were that they just didn’t coordinate well as a team.

Q:  Not asking you to publish scrim results, but how many times did C9 scrim against each of the teams at all-stars?

Link: We played vs TPA like 6-10x? We played vs SKT the most and played them like 15x.

Q: When do you get back into the US? Will you be able to have a quick in-person coaching session with Monte before he leaves LA?

Link: I get back in a couple of days and resume practice immediately.

Q: Do you know enough Korean to clear up any confusion that Seraph may encounter in the English language?

Link: Yes I know enough korean to translate. I was translating between rioters/skt for a bit in the afterparty haha.

Q: How do you see CLG’s Summer Split going? What are the big hurdles you see to success?

Link: CLG summer split is going to be hard especially with the new competition. But everyone is going to be in the same boat except C9 because everyone is undergoing and adjusting to roster changes. Our roster is going to have some problems with communication probably, but I think it will be okay from what I’ve heard.

Q: Would you say that all this All Stars experience has eased your LAN jitters?

Link: I still do get LAN jitters and it appears once in a while. 😦

Q: Faker stated that he lost lane to you multiple times in scrims. What did you do to accomplish this?

Link: I killed him 2-3 times solo. But it was him making some weird/off mistakes (i.e. taking a tower shot). He would probably beat me consistently 7/10 in cs though or kill me in the other games. He obviously smashed me in the game we played vs SKT though.

Q: Why was soraka mid so underplayed at allstars?

Link: I didn’t want to run Soraka because the mids there always had some sort of weird counterpick ready. I also didn’t feel comfortable with it because in NA it is permabanned and in scrims as well. So you can’t really practice him to the extent where you are super comfortable. (Hai had a lot of practice on her because he was the first to pick her up). I wanted to pick something that could pressure and make plays. Soraka also kind of relies on a lot of team coordination with heals/silences. It was easier if I played something like Lulu/Ori with C9. It’s very easy to combo and coordinate with those two heroes.

Q: How far would you rate Faker higher than other mid players in NA, including yourself!

Link: faker = 10. na = 6-8 eu = 8 china = 7 sea = 6-7

Q: Hey, Link. Just wondering which teams from NA you thought benefited most from the roster swaps. Best of luck at s4 worlds!

Link: Cloud 9

Q: What’s it like playing on the big stage in front of everyone? Do you try to block it out or can you still hear people cheering with headphones on?

Link: They really should add booths

Q: whats the pros and cons of both nien and seraph?

Link: I haven’t played with Seraph yet so I can’t comment on this. I’m looking forward to playing with him. So far all I’ve heard about him is praise. I’ll be meeting him in 3~ days

Q: How much better do you think C9 would have done with Hai?

Link: Probably beat OMG and go to finals, but lose vs SKT

Q:  What is your favorite legend of zelda game? What’s the biggest skill/mechanic a mid-laner needs to have/know?

Link: Windwaker CSing while harassing. Then teamfights.

Q:  Link, how ambitious CLG is for the summer split? Would anything but first would be considered a disappointment? I also can’t forget your game with nida vs lulu in game versus OMG, what made you win that unfavorable match up?

Link: I think anything less than top 3 would be a disappointment. I really think if you’re not rank1 then you won’t have a chance at worlds (unless the top 3 teams become really really equal in skill). I’m aiming for first obviously.

Q: Did your time in C9 make you a better shotcaller? And do you think that you might become a more dominant shotcaller in CLG now?

Link: C9 is the best at making aggressive/smart-trading objective plays. CLG just needs to get better at that. It’s easy to do it in scrims, but when it boils down to making plays in LAN it’s a lot harder because people play differently. If you watch a team like SKT/OMG they make aggressive pushes to invade all the time. Same with a team like Samsung Ozone. They don’t hesitate on their tps. I just gotta get better at making calls like that alongside Aphro.

Q: What are your thoughts on teams picking up Smash Bros. players?

Link: would be cool because I used to follow the smash scene. really nice to see all of these op smash players get picked up by teams like crs/c9/tl

Q: What’s your favorite champion to play? Favorite to play in competitive league?

Link: Ezreal/LeeSin/Nidalee. Leblanc or a fed Orianna

Cloud 9 choose Link to join them in Paris

Q: Having scrimmed SKT a lot, in your opinion what is Faker most impressive champion and why?

Link: He is impressive on every champion. That’s the strongest part about him. He’s able to win counter matchups and smash matchups he should win.

Q: After seeing the results of all-stars this year, how do you think the west will fair at worlds this year?

Link: Korea 1st. NA/Eu 2nd. China 3rd. I may be wrong because Fnatic/Alliance/SK may do some crazy training and become a lot better. Fnatic always does well when it matters. Alliance has insane potential and I feel like SK didn’t try hard in playoffs or something.

Q: We often hear about how you can be a really ferocious laner in scrims, most recently with Faker saying you beat him in scrims, but several others have said this as well dating back to the CLG Black days. But, when it comes to official matches, you seem to often play not to lose and even at this event, you fell behind most times in lane (think you beat Xiyang once and Morning). Is this a conscious decision by you to play safer and avoid setting your team behind? Is this nerves? I know this is a problem you yourself have identified in the past, was curious what you can do to overcome this issue.

Link: Honestly, I want to blame CLG when I first joined their team for the first split. The way the team was made the mid like : “don’t die in lane.” “just survive and cs and win teamfights” – very jiji esque. It was a weird feeling and when I failed one of my plays in the 2nd? game vs curse as Anivia (flash wall) it kind of crushed me on the inside for a bit. A lot of the team back then was very self-centered and egotistical. I wanted to carry, but I was never in a position to. I’ve been working on it for a while and I try to play smart. I’m going to try to smash mid in the upcoming split.

Q: you said you will try to focus on laning phase based on the experience you had during allstars. how are you going to do that if it is true that the NA scene has weak midlaners in soloq?

Link: I’m going to do something that I haven’t done in awhile. I used to watch nonstop vods of the best midlaners all the time (Froggen/Misaya/etc.) in S2. Watching their streams and seeing how they lane vs every matchup lets you mimic slowly and then playing a lot of 1v1 matchups will get you to a similar level. I’ll be watching Froggen/Faker/Bjergsen vods to get better and ofc try to 1v1 my teammates or other players to help improve myself.

Q: How has your view on C9/Hai changed after working with them for Allstars?

Link: He’s really good at understanding and analyzing this game while playing. He plays a large role in the mid game when dragon fights/baron control appear. Meteos dictates everything in the early game and then Hai takes over (from what I inferred). The biggest problem with C9 I think is that it’s too big of a burden on Hai to do everything by himself. It affects his laning/playmaking I think (he’s lower in cs etc.) But I think he does a great job in NA, but when it comes to world-class, it’s going to be tough.

Q: Faker said you did well against him in scrims, on average how many scrims did you think you guys won against SKT? Like 10% or possibly more?

Link: 1-2 in like each bo3. played like 4 or something. 95% of them we were getting smashed. the 5% they lost is the ones they threw… HARD. But we started getting better and holding our ground.

Q: Hai talked a lot about how you didn’t play the 3 op champs of 4.6. What were those and why didn’t you play those? Also what was the reason that you guys chose not to bring soraka out at allstars?

Link: Not enough practice time with the team. Those heroes need a lot of coordination IMO with the team and requires the team to be perfectly on the same page (or good at setting up plays). It’s better if I played something more self-sufficient like Lulu/Ori/Nid that can just farm and pressure and do well in teamfights. I would’ve liked to pick LB/TF a bit more, but we decided against it.

Q: Do you ever regret moving on from Dota? Do you keep up with Dota current events / still talk to your old friends?

Link: Ya/No. Yes. I know Luminous and some of the pro players so we’ll have catch up time. I follow the main/biggest lans/tournies usually. Kelby is also a big dota fan now and loves rtz/envy so he keeps me updated as well.

Q: What member of the CLG and C9 teams are you closest to/enjoy the most? Pretty interested in your chemistry in the team.

Link: CLG : Aphromoo. C9: Balls. They both were on the Goose and I used to play with them/sub for them all the time. Both super nice guys to chill and hang out with. Both also insanely good players. Balls is the best top laner in NA. Aphromoo is the best support in NA. I also roomed with balls for the event :p.

Q: Did you get a chance to play in EU Solo Queue and how was that experience?

Link: Everyone rages in EU soloq. Least that’s what it felt like.

Q: How different was your shotcalling role in C9 and CLG? Did you have a situation where you wouldve made a call if you were playing with CLG that you didnt for C9?

Link: Less information was provided by other lanes. My lanes in CLG always give updates in lane so it’s easier for the shotcallers to do the shotcalling (kinda).

Q: Can you get Kelby to adopt a pet mascot (ex Giova)? You’ll never have a stressed game house again!

Link: I want a pet so bad, but Kelby said we can’t even take care of ourselves 😦

Q: Who is the scariest mid laner you face in NA? Why?

Link: Bjergsen. He’s the best at pressuring his lane and making you miss cs. He has european mid lane advantage (people farmfest while pressuring). I re-evaluated a lot of how I should play mid here and will try to incorporate it when I play with CLG again.

Q: How did it feel to play against such a range of the worlds best mids? Do you think you are at a higher level of play now then you were before All-stars?

Link: You learn what to improve on by playing vs the best mids. I learned what I need to focus on and it’s up to me to try to improve. I’ll be asking my teammates for help

Q: What is the main difference between CLG / C9?

Link: C9 is more aggressive and probably more team coordinated. Balls is the best TP user in NA and the best top laner as well. Meteos is one of the few junglers that camps top and destroys it. Having a guaranteed top lane win in every game will snowball everything because of tp plays into dragon -> bottom skirmishes.

Q: -would u rather join C9 with a given opportunity , or stick with CLG?

-favorite meal?

-ur thoughts on the fnatic drama of allstars?

-some midlaner u want to try in lcs, but are not allowed?

-how much Monte does really inflluence the team?

-whats ur favorite Esports moment?

-any plans after professional gaming?

-favorite cake?


  1. CLG
  2. Ramen or anything with good rice (chipotle/kbbq/etc.)
  3. Syndra
  4. He gives us his outside info in OGN and watches our vods. Helps us with analysis.
  5. Getting 15 min baron vs dignitas with madreds ezreal 3gp10 in some random NESL tourney with clgblack
  6. school
  7. ice cream

Well, that was all of it. As can be easily seen Link is a really hard-working bee and has put a lot of time and effort in this AMA. Thank you for that Link and we hope that there was a little bit for everyone in there and that you enjoyed this sum-up! Check out our other recent AMA sum-ups: C9 Lemonnation, CLG DoubleliftTSM Reginald

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TSM Reginald’s AMA sum-up

Team SoloMid’s owner and coach Andy “Reginald” Dinh, has decided to host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit last evening, to clear up the air about the recent changes to the TSM roster and eliminate some of the misconceptions. Here is a short recap of the most important questions he answered.

Q: what is biggest regret of your game career? how do you deal with anti fans?

Regi: My biggest regret is how I ran TSM season 2 &3. We were not focused and didn’t work hard enough. How I deal with anti fans? I try to just focus on my goals rather than thinking about them.

Q: How hard was it to let Xpecial go? Not just benched but to an actual different team.

Regi: Benching Xpecial was the second hardest decision I’ve ever made. After we decided to go with Gleeb, I reached out to curse to make sure that Xpecial had a team to go to. He is a great player and will do well on Curse.

Q: So was Chaox your hardest decision or was it you stepping down?

Regi: Before I benched Chaox… I cried and puked for several days. He was my closest friend at one point. We no longer talk though.

Q: How is Gleeb doing in scrims and such? Does he match your expectations?

Regi: I didn’t expect Gleeb to do well in scrims and I thought he was average solely because he was an amateur … (very similar to what everyone else is thinking) . Not only did he exceed my expectations , but the entire team’s expectations. He brings much more than just his play.

Q: How do you mean?

Regi: Gleeb is hungry and he really wants to prove himself. He is motivated, productive and very vocal. If Gleeb can continue to do what hes doing, he would bring more to the team than anyone currently on it.

Q: how hard was it to bench TheRainMan? Im always sad that he gets like 0 attention in all these tsm memories vids (not saying dyrus aint better but you know)

Regi:  TRM did not get benched . To Clarify: Chaox, Xpecial, Oddone and I wanted to scrim and practice more, TRM wanted to solo queue. When we disagreed, TRM decided to step down.

Q: How did CRS Xpecial come to be?

Regi: They approached Xpecial, after I approached Curse and gave them approval. Otherwise that would be against LCS rules . –

Q: Were you surprised when Oddone decided to step down or had it been in the works for some time?

Regi: I was extremely surprised. I had a meeting scheduled with him that day to talk about the split. It was the same day that we muted all of the streams where Bjergsen and Dyrus were crying on stream. I’m really happy that he wants to stay with the team and help me coach the team. Oddone stepping down was not planned.

Reginald TSM

Q: Did you consider buying out Diamond from Gambit Gaming?

Regi: Didn’t consider Diamond because he has a wife and if I had a wifey, I wouldn’t move to the US.

Q:  How do you think will LMQ do in the upcoming split? What are, in your opinion, their strengths and weaknesses?

Regi: LMQ has good strategies and is really good at executing what they plan. I’m guessing they will be top 3-5

Q: What do you think about Dignitas’ buying out Shiphtur and ZionSpartan? Is fixing their solo lanes enough to get them to compete with the top 3 of Spring split?

Regi: Dig will be strong if Zion becomes more consistent and if they all work well together… Working well as a team is the hard part though.

Q: Do you follow your own instinct and analysis when making important team-related changes, or do you take your team’s thoughts into account first?

Regi: I usually follow instinct on decisions that the team cannot decide on. I always ask the team for feedback before making any big decisions. As a team , its important that everyone is on the same page.

Q: There has been a rumor about Krepo being one of the try-outs, was it all but a gossip or an actual thing? If so, how did he do?

Regi: We only played scrims with Xpecial and Gleeb.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current TSM roster, do you think that Amazing brings the needed shot-calling? Do you plan on working on TSM’s pick and ban phase?

Regi: We need to work on rotations and shot calling… that is our biggest downfall… we’ll have to see when we start to scrim.

Q:  To add a bit more of a fan perspective onto your last one: How do you feel about diehard TSM fans not knowing what to make of the lineup in regards to the original “Baylife bros?” What do you think of their generally sad “end of an era” response, seeing as fan service has always been a big deal for you and TSM?

Regi:  This is a tough question. Although it saddens me that our fans are unhappy with our decisions, TSM’s goal was always about winning worlds. Avoiding roster changes would only be a step in the wrong direction. Our goal seems very far fetched, but if we don’t try to improve … we’ll only fall further behind. For the most part, we only have roster changes when it is completely necessary . ;(

Q: How much can you bench? (weight wise not team members)

Regi: I use to bench 200, now i’m just a weak little gamer that can’t even lift a grape.

Q: How are scrims going for TSM? Can you tell us the exact reason why the whole team choose Gleeb over Xpecial? Was it really just attitude, what else was going on behind the scenes?

Regi: We have not had any scrims yet. Bjergsen has to go to allstars ;(. Amazing is flying here on the 13th. We understand that Xpecial is a good player, but the whole team felt that Gleeb was a better fit.

Q: Xpecial + Wildturtle was considered the top 3 bot lane along with DL+Aphro/Sneaky+Lemon. Now that Gleeb took the spot from Xpecial do you think TSM’s bot lane will still be able to compete with the other 2 especially since LMQ’s Vasili+Mor is also riding a giant hype train? How would you rank the NA LCS bot lane synergies with all the recent changes in NA?

Regi: I don’t know to be honest, time will tell.

Q: Did you try to convince Oddone to stay as a pro when he decided to retire? Was that his solo decision or was it a team decision?

Regi: Oddone decided to step down on his own. I was really worried though because I had 2 days to find a jungler and we made it happen.

Q: Where do you see TSM placing in the summer split considering CLG/Dig/LMQ have turned this whole off season upside down?

Regi: I want us to place #1. My dream is to win worlds and we need to prove ourselves to be the best in NA first.

Q:  How do you spend your days working? What I mean is, what exactly do you do for the team and how much of your day does it take up? I mean this in terms of team business, analysis, coaching, financial side, housing, etc. What is the average day in the life of Regibro?

Regi:  I never have a completely set schedule and I do whatever needs to done. I help the team with their rotations and overall strategy. ( Something we didn’t so well at) . I definitely want to look for a full time analyst though. It’ll help the team even more if we can have several people helping them. I spend 16 hours a day enjoying myself because I love my job =D. If I was more efficient though, I could probably complete all of my tasks in 8 hours.

Q: I’ve been a diehard CLG fan since day 1 (even when you and Dan were on it). As such, I’ve seen the rivalry grow to what it is today. How do you truly feel towards CLG/HotshotGG, etc.?

Regi: I’m pretty neutral with CLG.

Q: Also, how do you feel about the rivalry now? Do you feel it’s less significant since the old guard has stepped down now?

Regi: Its not even a rivalry anymore sadly… It was a lot more fun when there was animosity and the fans were hyped about it. The pros are too afraid to trash talk because of the backlash from the community. Doublelift is the only player allowed to trash talk because everyone thinks hes actually joking.

Q: Did you consider some other junglers from EU or just Amazing? And if yes who?

Regi: Bjergsen recommended Amazing and I watched several of his replays.

Q: What stood out in Gleeb out of all the other supports?

Regi: Gleeb is vocal, I like that. TSM has problems with rotations and having a real shot caller.

Q: Why choosing Gleeb over Daydreamin, Sheep, etc?

Regi: Bad impression of Sheep because he told Dyrus to kill himself in Solo Q. Daydreaming never impressed me besides his crazy blitzcrank. Gleeb because he will motivate the team.

Q: With Bjergsen away for All-Stars are you worried that the lack of time to build team synergy will impact you further than just the roster changes?

Regi: I am very worried that we will not have as much practice as needed for the split because of our new roster .. But lets be honest… season matches don’t really mean anything until playoffs unless we’re like last.

Q: Just because a lot of people are going to ask. Why pick Amazing over Nightblue3? It seemed kind of redundant to search for a new jungler when TSM already had a jungle sub.

Regi: NB3 wants to be an entertainer. He is our sub and will sub if we need him. He is also a good player. Amazing has LCS experience and its too soon to have 2 non LCS players =D.


Ok, that was all of  it folks, hope you enjoyed it and got the answer you were looking for. Thank you Reginald for taking your time and talking to the community and your fans especially, who were a bit disorientated after seeing two iconic TSM players retiring or leaving the team altogether. Best of luck to TSM in the Summer Split! Check out our other recent AMA sum-ups: C9 LemonnationCLG Link, CLG Doublelift

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