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Groups have been announced for the OGN Summer 2014

Without further introduction here is the result of today’s draw for the OGN Champions Summer 2014. The games will kick off next week.

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NA LCS W2D2 Recap & Standings

Day 2 of the North American LCS had another two brilliant match-ups in store for the fans, LMQ vs C9 and DIG vs TSM. Both matches delivered, as they were very close affairs 40+ minutes into the game and in that all important late-game it only took one single team-fight to decide the winner. In the end, it was C9 who managed a come from behind win against LMQ and a very mobile DIG line-up, who secured the win against TSM after successfully kiting back an all-in engage from Amazing and crew at the baron pit. The other two games of the day were much shorter than the highlighted ones, both CRS and CLG making quick work of their opponents, as EG and coL still have a lot of areas where they need to improve in order to avoid relegation. Below you can have a sneak peak at the score sheet and the item builds (as always, click on the image to enlarge it!)

LMQ vs Cloud 9 0-1

LMQ vs C9 Item builds

Team Curse vs Evil Geniuses 1-0

CRS vs EG Item builds

CompLexity vs Counter Logic Gaming 0-1

Col vs CLG Item builds

Team Dignitas vs Team SoloMid 1-0

DIG vs TSM Item builds

Aftermath and standings

Following their victory against TSM, DIG are now in sole possession of first place with 5 wins and 1 loss. In second place, we have a three way tie between C9, CLG and LMQ with 4 wins and 2 losses. All the way down in 5th place, TSM really showed their limitations as they finished 0-2 this week and 3-3 overall in the standings. One game behind them in sixth place, CRS with 2 wins and 4 losses and in seventh place we have another tie between coL and EG with 1 win and 5 losses.

NA LCS Week 2 Standings

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NA LCS W2D1 Recap

Day 1 of the second week of the NA LCS featured some great match-ups, who left the audience wanting for more. Both CLG and DIG made quick work of their opponents, TSM and LMQ in two very one-sided games. Cloud 9 had an impressive showing against Voyboy and Team Curse and ended the game in 28 minutes and 28 seconds, while Krepo and the rest of EG scored their first win of the season when they faced off against Complexity, with ManCloud subbing in for pr0lly.

CLG vs TSM 1-0

CLG vs TSM Item builds

COL vs EG 0-1

COL vs EG Item builds

LMQ vs DIG 0-1

COL vs EG Item builds

C9 vs CRS 1-0

C9 vs CRS Item builds

The aftermath

At the end of the day, Dignitas is tied with LMQ for first place with a 4/1 record, while C9, TSM and CLG share the 3rd spot with 3 wins and 2 losses. In 6th place, we have another three-way tie between CRS, EG and coL with 1 win and 4 losses. Another four spectacular games await us tomorrow evening / afternoon when LMQ faces Cloud 9, Team Curse takes on Evil Geniuses, Compelxity battles it out against Counter Logic Gaming  and in the last game of the day, Team Dignitas will go against Team SoloMid.

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EU LCS W2D1: Recap and Standings

Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming

FNC vs GMB champion selectFnatic played the map very well and at the 28th minute mark they were up seven turrets to one. Huge map pressure from Xpeke and crew, but Gambit did a good job maneuvering around it and negating most of the gold difference by taking four consecutive dragons. As the game approached it’s later stages, the Russians managed to keep themselves in it and were never more than 2k gold behind.

32 minutes in, FNC spot Edward recalling and Genja in the bot-lane and decide to start off Baron Nashor. It took them more than expected to down the objective though and GMB collapsed on them with five people, killed two of them and turned their attention towards Nashor. With the baron buff on, GMB simply pushed down the mid-lane and got themselves two towers before recalling. This was the beginning of the end for Fnatic, because Gambit had successfully stalled out the game long enough for their champions to hit their respective power-spikes and there was nothing stopping them from winning this game. It took another 10 minutes, two downed inhibitors and one baron kill for Genja and crew to finally be able to down the enemy Nexus, but they did it and it was a grandiose win for them. While GMB received a huge morale boost with this victory, FNC looked pretty much crushed at the end of the encounter. They did not expect this defeat, especially after how well the early game went for them.

FNC vs GMB item builds


Copenhagen Wolves vs Supa Hot Crew

CW vs SHC champion select

SHC are the ones who get the early advantage by punishing CW when they overstay in the enemy jungle 10 minutes in and get themselves three easy kills without losing any member. In the aftermath of that skirmish, SHC take the dragon down and get themselves an early 2k gold lead.

Even though CW managed to slowly get themselves back in the game, SHC was always one step ahead of them and kept finding picks on Cowtard and Airwaks and taking objective after objective. At the 35 minute mark, SHC make a risky call to go for Baron and they finish it off fairly quick, right in time to turn on the enemy team, getting themselves three kills and ending the game shortly after. Well deserved win for Selfie and crew, who manage to get their first victory of the week. On the other side, the CW hope to regroup and have a better showing in tomorrow’s game versus Roccat.

CW vs SHC item builds


Millenium vs Alliance

MIL vs ALL champion select

Alliance dominate the early game, building up a very quick 5k gold lead by 12 minutes and  by the 20 minute mark, ALL were up six towers to one, two dragons to zero and three kills to zero boosting their gold lead to 9k.

Millenium did not have an answer to Alliance’s almost flawless game and after killing the baron as well, Froggen and crew systematically took down the enemy base. It was a very one sided game and Millenium should not read too much into it and try to forget this game as soon as possible. On the other side, Alliance looked very strong and they are hoping to show the same devastating objective control in tomorrow’s game vs SK Gaming as well.

MIL vs ALL item builds


Roccat vs SK Gaming

ROC vs SK Champion select

SK Gaming, despite being known for struggling in the early laning phase, have managed to do a very good job this time around. They did give away the First Blood on an ill-timed level 6 tower dive in the top-lane and lost the first tower as well, but thanks to their good rotations and an on-point dragon control (three dragons killed in the first 18 minutes), they managed to secure a humongous 6k gold lead before the mid-game.

33 minutes in, SK Gaming down the baron and look for their first inhibitor in the mid-lane. While they do get it eventually, they lose Lee Sin and decide to back off. Nidalee’s spears make CandyPanda and crew’s life a living nightmare, but they do manage to get down one objective after another and barely escaping with their health bars blinking at the end of each siege. Eventually, they manage to win a team-fight in the enemy base convincingly and end the game. Great win for SK, who are now tied with Alliance in first place with 4 wins and 1 loss as the two teams will face-off tomorrow in the first game of the day. On the other side, Roccat did not get a chance to see their late game team composition in action, as they were constantly behind a huge amount of gold and could not trade successfully with SK Gaming.

ROC vs SK Item builds


Standings after Day 1 of Week 2

Here is how the standings look like, after 4/4 wins for the red side. Four ties in Europe? Shocking, right?

EU LCS Standings W2D1

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The LCS action starts tomorrow!

After almost a full month of no action, both the EU and the NA LCS are coming back this week with an action-packed thriller, the super-week. 32 games in 6 days across both regions starting tomorrow at 17:oo CET ( 8 am PDT). Too many games you say? A lot of people would argue that there are too few, especially when compared to Season 3’s super-weeks who had each team playing 5 games, instead of 4 and who can forget the never ending tie-breaker series over in EU? To paraphrase a famous NA shout-caster, tons of hours of excitement await us and in order to make sure we are ready for it, let’s take a closer look at what changed during the break and the schedule for the upcoming super-week.

EU LCS – What has changed?

EU LCS LogoOne might argue that since all eight teams in the European LCS re-qualified for the Summer Split, not much has changed, but that is far from the truth. With the recent All-Star Invitational event still fresh in our minds, it is safe to assume, that Europe as a region, still has a lot to improve if they want to have a fair shot at the World Championships in September. Both Fnatic, who represented Europe at the All-Star Invitational and iconic players like Froggen or Diamondprox, who represented their continent in the All-Star Challenge have seen the competition first-hand and are well aware of the sacrifices that need to be done in order to have a successful showing at Worlds.

Fnatic Team Logo

Fnatic: The reigning Spring Split champions have had a poor showing at the All-Star event, finishing 4th in the group stage and being demolished by SKT T1K in the semi-finals. Although they were playing on home soil and had a massive crowd behind them, Rekkles and crew did not live up to their potential and at the end of the competition they were determined to find some analysts to help them out and work harder as a team towards achieving their goals. They had no roster changes, but a mentality shift seems to have taken place. The games this week should be a first indication of that.

SK Gaming Logo

SK Gaming: Things have been pretty quiet for the winners of the regular spring season, they all enjoyed a long break and came back to practice one week ago. No roster changes for them either, but a lot of confidence going into the Summer split, as they strive to secure one of the three tickets for the World Championships and finally showcase their arsenal on the international scene.

Alliance Logo

Alliance: After getting a much needed and well-deserved taste of the international scene, Froggen is determined to rally the troops and do whatever is necessary to qualify for this year’s World Championships. To that end, he enlisted the help of Locodoco, the former Korean ADC of Quantic Gaming, who will advise the team from an analyst’s point of view. The only official statement at the time is that he is helping out the team, he has no official role inside the organisation. ALL has also made no roster changes (Nyph is hoping to get his picture updated on the lolesports site until the summer split begins) and is relying on the same five guys to bring home the gold.

Roccat Logo

Roccat: Forever the Dark Horse during the Spring Split, Overpow and crew are looking for some huge upsets in the second part of the season. Having stated multiple times, that their goal for the first split was to avoid relegation and for the second to make it to Worlds, it is now time for the Polish team to make good on their word. No roster changes for ROC either, which should strengthen them as a team going forward into the Summer Split.

Gambit Logo

Gambit Gaming: The Russian Overlords have received a crushing blow at the end of the Spring Split play-off when their mid-laner, Alex Ich decided to quit the team and join Challenger team NiP as their new top-laner. This caught Gambit off-guard and the new permanent mid-laner has yet to be announced, but at least for the first week, Sebastian “niQ” Robak will be in their starting five. Depending on his performance, GMB will make a decision if he will stay with the team permanently or they need to keep searching for a CiS mid-laner.

Copenhagen Wolves Logo

Copenhagen Wolves: The Wolves had everything but a relaxed spring break and have suffered many roster changes. First off, their super-star AD Carry, Forg1ven initially left the team to join Alex Ich at NiP, but did not make it in the team and his former team-mates would not have him back. A few days later, their two times MVP jungler, Amazing, has received an offer he could not refuse from the NA power-house, Team SoloMid and packed his bags shortly after. The CW, who are known for launching many talented youngsters in the League of Legends Pro scene, did not waste any time and recruited Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia and Pawel “Woolite” Pruski for their Jungler and AD-Carry positions. It will be a rough split for the Wolves, but they are confident they can pull it together and remain a top team in Europe.

SHC Logo

Supa Hot Crew: Having barely avoided relegation last split, SHC is looking forward to solidify their position in the EU LCS and to that end, they have made two important roster changes dropping their former mid-laner, Moopz and their support, Migxa and recruiting Marcin “Selfie” Wolski and Bram “wewillfailer” De Winter for the respective positions. The team is hoping that the changes will have a big impact and that they can surprise everyone coming into the Summer Split.

Millenium Logo

Millenium: MIL has barely avoided relegation in both the 2013 Summer Split and the 2014 Spring Split and have a long road ahead of them to climb back up in the upcoming split. There were no roster changes during the break, but towards the end of the spring split, Markus “Kottenx” Tingvall was called in to replace Araneae, who felt like he was under-performing and dragging the team down and decided to step down. With Kottenx in the jungle, MIL managed to defeat NiP, keep their spot in the LCS and are looking forward toward the next split.

EU LCS – The Schedule

EU LCS Week 1 preview

The action starts at 17:00 CET with the “El Classico” between Fnatic and SK Gaming, a chance for both teams to start off on the right foot. After that, 15 other games will ensure that everyone has gotten their weekly doze of the EU LCS. On Friday, we move on to the NA LCS.


NA LCS – What has changed?

NA LCS logo

The NA LCS has opened it’s doors to two new teams this summer, Complexity Black and LMQ, who squeezed their way past Team Coast and XDG in the Summer promotion tournament and earned their spot in the Summer Split. With the addition of the two teams, especially the newest embodiment of the “American Dream”,  LMQ, the NA scene is looking to get stronger and fitter for the upcoming World Championships in Korea. Towards that end, many teams have made significant roster changes, hoping to be one of the three North American representatives in Korea. Let’s go through the changes for every team.

Cloud 9 Logo

Cloud 9: The NA back-to-back champions were looking as strong as ever at the All-Star Invitational event in Paris, finishing 2nd in the group stage, behind SKT T1K. A tough loss in the semi-finals against China’s OMG represented a minor set-back for Meteos and crew, who had already shown a solid performance, despite playing without their captain and mid-laner, Hai. Being back in North America and reunited with their captain, Cloud 9 is looking to dominate the domestic scene for a third split in a row.

TSM Logo

Team SoloMid: The spring break marked the end of an era for TSM, as their long-time support player Xpecial, got benched and then removed from the team and their iconic jungler, TheOddOne stepped down from the starting line-up and assumed a coaching position alongside Reginald. To replace the two departing super-stars, TSM brought in Nicholas “Gleebglarbu” Haddad and Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider. Gleeb has been chosen over Xpecial by the entire team and has already formed a synergy with Wildturtle, through their many games of duo-queue prior to Xpecial’s benching, while Amazing is a renowned European jungler, who was two times MVP in the Spring Split over in Europe, where he played for the Copenhagen Wolves. With the two new additions TSM hope to get a spot at the World Championships and finally achieve some good results on the international scene, something that their fans are longing for quite some time.

CLG Logo

Counter Logic Gaming: Being forced to look for a new top-laner, after Nien’s decision to step down from the main-roster, CLG turned their attention to the Korean scene for some young talent and found Seraph, a former sub for Najin White Shield. Seraph demonstrated his skill by reaching Challenger in NA very fast and although many feared his English would be a problem, in fact his English is pretty good and improving day by day. With this solid new addition to an already very strong CLG, Doublelift and crew are looking to steal the crown from under C9’s nose and claim the top spot in North America.

Curse Logo

Curse: CRS already did a couple of changes to their roster at the beginning of the Spring Split and towards the end of it they looked pretty solid, giving Cloud 9 a run for their money in the play-off semifinal, getting an early lead over the NA champions, but being unable to hold it. With the addition of Alex “Xpecial” Chu to their starting line-up, a seasoned veteran, Curse are looking to finally break their “forever forth curse” and snatch a spot to the World Championships. It seems like a long-shot at the moment, but it can quite possibly be that Xpecial’s leadership and shot-calling abilities were the only thing that Curse was missing to finally step up their game.

Dignitas Logo

Team Dignitas: With Team Coast relegating, their two most valuable players, Zion Spartan and Shiphtur became very attractive for the entire NA scene and DIG jumped at the opportunity to sign the two players. Two strong solo-laners was one of the things that DIG was missing in the Spring Split, along with good shot-calling and decision making in the late-game. The first part of the problem was solved with bringing in the pair from CST, while the second part, they will have to figure out together, as a team, under Scarra’s guidance and coaching. Both Darshan “Zion Spartan” Upadhyaya and Danny “Shiphtur” Le are thrilled with their new accommodation and are working very hard to help DIG become one of the top-tier North American teams.

Evil Geniuses Logo

Evil Geniuses: Despite big announcements at the end of the Spring Split that the team would organize try-outs for the jungler, ad-carry and support spots, the five amigos are staying together at least for the beginning of the Summer Split and are looking to review their tactics, their strengths and their weaknesses in order to slowly climb their way through the NA rankings.

LMQ Logo

LMQ: The former Royal Club training team, who came to North America and took the NACS by storm have made it in the LCS and have no plans of stopping here. They are practicing every day to be able to compete with the biggest names that North America has to offer. Despite rumored roster changes, LMQ’s starting line-up will remain the same: Ackerman in the top-lane, NoName in the jungle, XiaoWeiXiao in the mid-lane, Vasilii as their ad-carry and Mor the support. Being generally regarded as the dark horse of the competition, LMQ is looking to upset quite a few names on their way to Korea.

Complexity Logo

Complexity: With so much hype around other teams, coL is looking to fly under the radar and make their mark on the NA LCS. After defeating Team Coast in the Summer Promotion Tournament and finally making it on the big stage, pr0lly and crew have no intentions of leaving after only one split. With that in mind and the recent additions to the other teams, they will need to work twice as hard to achieve their goals. The starting roster for Complexity will be the same: Westrice in the top-lane, Brokenshard in the jungle, pr0lly in the mid-lane, RobertxLee and Bubbadub, the duo in the bot-lane.

NA LCS – The Schedule

NA LCS Week 1 preview

The action starts on Friday at 12:oo AM PDT (21:00 CET) with the clash between Cloud 9 and TSM, the only two teams to ever win an LCS split in North America and continues with another 15 action-packed encounters, to keep you glued to your monitors through-out the entire week-end. Don’t forget to stack up on supplies before it begins!

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Recent roster changes for the LCS teams: TheOddOne and AlexIch stepping down

Another busy week-end for the EU&NA LCS teams with many roster changes and important names retiring/leaving. Here is a short recap:

NA LCS logo

North America

Cloud 9 – No permanent changes, however due to Hai‘s collapsed lung, the NA Champions were forced to replace their mid-laner and team-captain for the upcoming All-Star Invitational and chose CLG Link for the job. Link will be returned to CLG before May the 20th

Team SoloMid – The General announced he will be stepping down from the starting line-up and will take on a new challenge, to coach the team alongside Reginald. The organisation announced last night that former Copenhagen Wolves Jungler, Amazing will take his spot. A week ago, Xpecial was temporarily benched, but no news have leaked yet if he will continue with TSM or the organisation will look for a new support player.

Edit: Xpecial left the team and joined CRS. His replacement is Gleebglarbu, who played for C9 Tempest in the NACS, is rank 34 in the NA Solo Queue and often duo-queued with WildTurtle.

Counter Logic GamingNien decided to step down from the starting line-up due to personal reasons and the fact that he has not been performing as well as he wanted lately.

Curse – Xpecial joins as the team’s new support player, leaving BunnyFufu without a job for the tiem being. CRS’s manager Liquid112, announced that he is talking with an LCS team about taking Bunny on board and if that should fail, the player is welcome to stay with Curse Academy in the Challenger Scene.

Dignitas Shiphtur and Zionspartan were recruited for the mid and top-lane from the relegated Team Coast. That left Scarra free to take on a full-time coaching position and former top-laner Cruzerthebruzer announced his retirement.

Evil Geniuses – Announced possible roster changes, but nothing is set in stone just yet, EG are holding tryouts for the Jungler, AD-Carry and Support positions.

Complexity – No changes.

LMQ – No changes.



Fnatic – No changes.

SK Gaming – No changes.

Alliance – No changes.

Roccat – No changes.

GambitAlexIch stepping down due what he thinks is lack of motivation to succeed from his team-mates and the fact that he does not see his family very often. No replacement has been announced.

Copenhagen WolvesForg1ven left the team, while Amazing joined TSM. Being left without two of their key members, the Wolves will have to react fast in order to have a chance at avoiding relegation next split.

SHCMigxa was benched, wewillfailer, the former Lemondogs player was announced as his replacement.

Millenium – No changes.

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Link joins C9 for the All-Star and the Schedule of the Summer split has been revealed

CLG’s mid-laner Link was Cloud 9’s go-to-guy to represent NA alongside them at the All-Star Invitational in Paris. The two organisations immediately came to an agreement and Riot arranged the details to make the short-term transfer happen. C9’s mid-laner and team-captain Hai, could not follow his team to Paris because of a collapsed lung and an interdiction to fly because of that unfortunate event.

Cloud 9 choose Link to join them in Paris

In other news, Riot has posted on their website the full schedule for the Summer Split, the one which will decide the three teams representing the two regions at the World Finals. If you plan to attend any of the games live, be sure to check it out here EU & NA LCS Schedule (click on the arrows to scroll through the weeks). Tickets will soon be available for the first super-week of the Summer split, which starts in less than three weeks, on May 20th (EU LCS) and May 23rd (NA LCS).

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