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EU LCS W3D1 Recap

Day 1 of the European LCS kicked off with the game between first and last place, which in Europe doesn’t necessarily mean anything because of the unpredictable nature of things. However, this time, Froggen and crew were able to out-rotate ROC in the mid-game, knew how to choose their battles and bested their opponents in under 33 minutes. The highlight of the game was obviously Froggen playing on his signature champion, Anivia. The second game of the day was a pretty one-sided affair, as SK were given Kassadin and they just ran away with the game, never looking back. The highlight of the day was without a doubt the match bewtween SHC and FNC, who battled it out for 63 minutes and after 9 dragons, 3 barons and 17 towers down on both sides of the map, SHC finally caught a break, killed two members of FNC and finished the game. This was the longest game in the 2014 European LCS and was tough to follow by CW and GMB, who both put on a good show in game number four, but in the end, due to another flawless dragon control, it was the Russians who came out ahead and scored the first victory of the day for the Red side.

Alliance vs Roccat 1-0

ALL vs ROC Item builds

SK Gaming vs Millenium 1-0

SK vs MIL Item builds

Supa Hot Crew vs Fnatic 1-0

SHC vs FNC Item builds

Copenhagen Wolves vs Gambit Gaming 0-1

CW vs GMB Item build


EU LCS Standings W3D1

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ALL – FNC: Hooked on a win

The last game of the day is of course a big one, between two of the biggest teams in Europe, xPeke’s Fnatic and Froggen’s Alliance. On the blue side, ALL ban Elise, LeBlanc, Leona and pick Shyvana, Evelynn, Lulu, Kog’maw and Thresh.  On the purple side, FNC ban Ziggs, Kassadin, Twitch and pick Jax, Lee Sin, Twisted Faith, Lucian and Morgana.

ALL vs FNC champion select

2′ – It’s FNC who initiate the lane-swap moving their duo-bot in the top-lane

3′ – xPeke decides to stay in the lane with 20% hp and no flash from a previous gank from Shook’s Evelynn and ends up paying the ultimate price, dying to the hate spikes of Evelynn, who burned her Flash for the kill

5′ – Evelynn returns to the mid-lane and secures another kill on Twisted Faith for his team.

9′ – ALL capitalize on their early aggression with a dragon kill and boost their gold lead to 3k

11′ – Alliance are a bit too aggressive in the mid-lane and end up paying with their lives for it, Froggen and Shook died to the trio of Morgana, Lucian and Twisted Faith

13′ – CS count shows a huge difference between the two top-laners, 78-41, an even fight in the mid-lane, 104-109 and a small advantage for Lucian in the bot-lane, 115-129. Alliance did a very good job of starving Jax in the early game.

15′ – FNC find a kill on Evelynn who was out of position right as the dragon was about to respawn and secure that objective uncontested. Meanwhile, ALL down the last outer turret of FNC and are now up 4 turrets to 0.

21′ – Third dragon of the game goes to Alliance, uncontested, as Soaz did not have is teleport up and Yellowstar got caught out and was forced to back out.

24′ – A great hook from Nyph’s Thresh on Twisted Faith is the catalyst for the next team-fight, which ALL have no problem winning, 3-1 and they capitalize on it by slaying Nashor.

ALL vs FNC important moment

26′ – With the baron buff on, Alliance have no issues in destroying the last two inner turrets and taking the dragon before retreating with a 6k gold lead to their base.

30′ – The first Fnatic inhibitor goes down in the bot lane as they can not do anything to prevent it from happening, because Jax was split-pushing in the top-lane without having his teleport up.

34′ – With the superior vision control around the baron pit, Alliance get themselves an easy Baron, while Jax kept split-pushing in the bottom lane and actually got the inner tower down. Having the numbers advantage, Froggen and crew push down the mid-lane, get two kills thanks in part to yet another great hook from Nyph, destroy the inhibitor, score another kill on xPeke and end the game in style. Despite their earlier lackluster performance, Alliance have managed to reset and focus for the second game of the day and took down Fnatic convincingly. On the other side, Soaz and crew are now 0-2 after facing their two big rivals, SK and ALL and are looking to mend some fences tomorrow in the last day of the super-week.

ALL vs FNC item builds

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All-Star 2014, Day 2: Recap

Day 2 is already behind us and we are half way through the competition. Four teams have secured their Semi-final spots: SKT T1 K finished in first place with 4 wins and 0 losses, followed by Cloud 9 in second with 3 wins and 1 loss, OMG in third with 2 wins and 2 losses and Fnatic in fourth win 1 win and 3 losses. The two semi-finals between SKT T1 K – Fnatic and Cloud 9 – OMG will be a best of three and will start around 14:00 CET, after the “Pick 10” match-up between Team Fire and Team Ice. Let’s have a look at how the teams performed yesterday.

Team ICE vs Team FIRE (Hexakill)

Hexakill ICE vs FIRE scoreboard

With the addition of Misaya (Team ICE) and Toyz (Team Fire), the ten pros descended to the Rift for another exhibition match of Hexakill. The strategy employed by both teams was the double-jungle one, with Archie and Cool jungling for ICE and Bjergsen and Diamond doing the same for FIRE. Despite a stronger start from Bjergsen and crew, ICE was always moving as a tight unit, creating havoc in FIRE’s jungle and there was also no escape for the laners from FIRE, when a 4 man gank train showed up from the river bush. The 4-5k gold lead from ICE transformed into a baron, then into a 10k gold lead and finally snowballed out of control and Doublelift and crew manage to tie things up with Fire, it is now 2-2 in points with 9 more points to be gained in the last two days of competition.


SKT vs OMG scoreboard

The two favorites of the competition went against each other in the first game of the day in order to settle the rivalry once and for all, after going 1-1 at the World Championships and seeing their opponents play in the first day of the All-Star competition, OMG’s top-laner, Gogoing was pretty confident that his team was going to win. Faker dominated the beginning of that game, having 101 CS and 3 kills at the 10 minute mark. Despite that, the game was close due to OMG’s side-lanes who managed to out-edge their opponents. Two big positional mistakes from OMG in the 21st minute, meant the death of their support and jungler and SKT rushed the baron and found more kills around the pit to increase their lead to 4k gold. From that point on, it was only a matter of time before they could snowball the game out of control and finally destroy the Nexus at the 31 minute mark. Impressive victory from SKT T1 K!

Cloud 9 vs Azubu Taipei Assassins

C9 vs TPA scoreboard

Despite taking First Blood and the first dragon of the game, TPA were struggling in the bot-lane and a teleport from Balls was all they needed to get a double kill, a dragon and a solo kill in the mid-lane, where Orianna destroyed LeBlanc and opened up a 2.5 k gold lead for the North Americans. From this point on, Cloud 9 would never drop the ball and kept getting small advantages after each won skirmish and after 32 minutes the Nexus of the GPL champions would go down as Cloud 9, lead by the unkillable Meteos get their second victory of the tournament and avoid a potential three way tie for third spot with FNC and TPA.

Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1 K

FNC versus SKT scoreboard

Jax somehow managed to slip through the cracks and Impact immediately locked it in, which lead to SKT playing all the champions they got to play in the World Championship Final and who now have an SKT skin attached to their name. This was the first time that Faker chose to play with a skin, showing his dedication to the team. The game was very close, but due to the scaling nature of both Jax and Vayne, if the two teams would have been even through the early and mid-game, the Korean representatives would just take the late game by storm. FNC has kept the kill advantage throughout the game, but SKT’s superior objective control and farm has kept them in the match. A slight mistake from the World Champions, gives FNC 2 kills and a shot at baron, which xPeke and crew would not turn down. SKT are not ready to give up the baron so easily and a small mistake from Cyanide who went to close to the edge of the baron pit to clear a ward gave Faker the opportunity to use his ultimate on him and drop him like a fly. With their jungler down, FNC was in disarray and SKT took fool advantage of that, stealing the baron and getting themselves another three kills. This move basically sealed Fnatic’s fate and 4 minutes later SKT T1 K would just dismantle the enemy Nexus and secure their 4th victory.

Cloud 9 vs OMG

C9 vs OMG score board

The match-up between North America and China, turned out to be a huge upset. If you want to read a more comprehensive review of the game, you can do so by clicking here.

Azubu Taipei Assassins vs Fnatic

TPA vs FNC scoreboard

With everything on the line for both teams, as the loser of this game would be out of the tournament, FNC started the game strong finding kills everywhere, much to the delight of the home crowd. The two teams went neck in neck with an ever so slight advantage for FNC all the way until the 29th minute, where a misplay from Vayne, allowed FNC to take the dragon and win the next skirmish inside TPA’s jungle, 4-1. After that the European champions rushed the baron and ensured themselves a 7k gold lead. Although FNC would never let go of their lead, they took their time in closing out the game, heavily impacted by the importance of the game. However, after 41 minutes, they destroy the enemy Nexus much to the delight of the home-crowd, who finally had a reason to celebrate, Soaz and crew were in the semi-finals where they would get a shot at revenge against Faker and SKT T1 K.


At the end of Day 2, the GPL representatives, the Azubu Taipei Assassins are out of the competition and the two Semi-final match-ups are set in stone, Korea will take on Europe, while North America will battle it out against China, two spectacular semi-finals that will follow the “Pick 10” exhibition match-up between Team ICE and Team FIRE. If you want to take a look at the VODs from Day 2, you can do so by clicking here and be sure to tune in today at 13:00 CET for the rest of the action from the All-Star event.

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All-Star 2014, Day 1: Recap

Day 1 is already behind us, but there are three more action-packed days yet to come. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the highlights of the first day here in Paris, France.

Team ICE vs Team FIRE (URF)

URF Mode All-star scoreboard.

Bjergsen and Team Fire dominated the first game of the series and still managed to have some fun towards the end of the encounter when they were trying to pick people out of the enemy fountain with Blitzkrank’s rocket grab and the insane amount of damage that both Bjergsen and Weixiao had. In a later interview, team captain, Diamond, revealed their strategy: “I played a lot of URF with my friends and I knew Karma and Taric were overpowered so I told my team to pick those”.

OMG vs Fnatic

OMG vs Fnatic scoreboard

Despite a very strong start, the European champions lost control of the game at a dragon fight where they did not wait for the poke from xPeke’s Nidalee before engaging and instead got engaged upon by a Glitterlance from Lulu and from that pont on, OMG had ridiculous control over the enemy team’s buffs and their jungle finding picks everywhere. FNC had no answer to the aggressive plays-style that the Chinese showed and OMG had no problem in closing out the game in just under 38 minutes.

Azubu Taipei Assassins vs SK Telecom T1 K

TPA vs SKT scoreboard

In the second game of the day, TPA put on a very good game, despite being a little behind at the beginning of the laning phase. BeBe and crew were always 3-4k gold behind, but kept staying on-par with the reigning World Champions until SKT T1 K’s superior combat prowess and rotations shined through in the mid-game and they took control of the game. Having a monster Shyvana on your side helped as well, Impact’s play was absolutely flawless and he was a big reason for SKT’s domination in their first game of the day.

Fnatic vs Cloud 9 

FNC versus C9 scoreboard

The featured match-up of the day between the two LCS teams did not disappoint and kept everyone glued to their seats. If you want to read a more comprehensive review of the game, you can do so here.

OMG vs Azubu Taipei Assassins

OMG vs TPA scoreboard

Despite another slow start from OMG, giving away First Blood at level 1, the Chinese representatives overcame the deficit quite early and took control of the game, using the same strategies as in the previous game against FNC, deploying a solid control over the enemy team’s buffs. This was the most one sided game of the day, ending with OMG around the enemy fountain, trying to get more kills to their name, quite similar to the URF game we saw at the beginning of the day.

SK Telecom T1 K vs Cloud 9

SKT - C9 scoreboard

SKT correctly identify and nullify C9’s main threat: Balls. Stuck in a 1v2 for the first part of the game and giving away first blood, the C9 top-laner knew he would not have a great game. Having taken the early lead, the Season 3 World Champions would never let go and the 4k gold lead turned into a 10k gold lead and then into a 15k gold lead as SKT T1 K took the game by storm, having removed Cloud 9 from their comfort zone and forced them into errors they would not normally make.


At the end of day 1, hot favorites SKT T1 K and OMG both go undefeated increasing the tension before their long awaited duel today. At the other end of the standings, the European champions, Fnatic and South-East Asia’s TPA have yet to win a game and the loser of that game is most likely going home. TPA still holds the better end of that deal as they faced both SKT T1 K and OMG yesterday and face Cloud 9 and FNC today, two lesser dominant teams. At the end of the group stage, one team will be knocked out of the competition, while the remaining four will battle it out in the Semi-finals, tune in today at 13:00 CET to find out which. If you want to check out the rest of the schedule, you can find it at the bottom of the preview-article. Also, if you want to have a look at the VOD’s for Day 1, you can do so by clicking here.

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FNC – C9 (All-Star Day 1): Apple pie and freedom!

Since both me and my partner are attending the All-Star event in Paris live, we have decided to pick one single game for each day to review. Today’s pick is the “classic” duel between the two LCS regions, EU versus NA, the day’s most anticipated face-off. On the blue side, FNC ban Evelynn, Ziggs, Jax and pick Shyvana, Kha’zix, Orianna, Graves and Karma to face off against Cloud 9, who ban Kassadin, LeBlanc, Lucian and pick Trundle, Elise, Lulu, Twitch and Morgana.

FNC versus C9 All-Star picks and bans

2′ – The two teams decide to go for “standard” 2v2 and 1v1 lanes for a change, much to the delight of the casters and the audience

9′ – Elise roams top for a gank on Shyvana, but due to a nicely timed counter-gank from Kha’zix and a misplay from Meteos, C9’s jungler ends up giving away first blood

10′ – CS count shows a huge difference for Balls, in the top-lane, 69-88, a slight lead for xPeke in the mid-lane, 98-88, and a dead even bot-lane 77-76.

13′ – Meteos decides to put some pressure in the bot-lane as well and following a successful gank, that ended with Yellowstar’s death, C9 turn their attention towards the dragon. They start it off, but do so on top of a ward and FNC want to challenge the dragon call and have Shyvana teleporting in from the top-lane. In the skirmish that followed, C9 managed to get two kills for only one death, but burned a lot more summoner spells than FNC for it and would be more vulnerable at the next team-fight. Dragon was not taken down.

16′ – After recalling, the two teams rush to the dragon pit once again, and this time it’s FNC who come out ahead 2-1 and manage to finally slain the beast as well.

18′ – xPeke roams to the bot-lane and secures a kill, while Link is late to the party, but then FNC decide to stick around and contest the enemy blue buff and the skirmish turns into an all out war with both top-laners teleporting in and it is C9 who comes out ahead in the end, 4-3.

23′ – Next dragon goes to FNC after they managed to out-zone their opponents and nearly kill Link, who escaped by the skin of his teeth, having to use his ultimate on himself.

25′ – FNC try to invade C9’s blue buff, but it ends up costing them the life of their mid-laner, who was caught off from the rest of his team and instantly killed. On the back of this small win, C9 take down the enemy mid outer turret.

30′ – C9 take the next dragon, but FNC will happily trade it for the top inner tower and keep their 1,5k gold lead.

FNC versus C9 decisive move

35′ – The baron-dance is played perfectly by both teams, each trying to deny as much vision as possible from the other, but it’s FNC who looks to come out on top as they manage to keep all five members of C9 interested, while Soaz split-pushes in the bot-lane managing to get the inhibitor turret down, with xPeke and crew trying to stop C9’s recalls. Realizing there is no way back, C9 decide to fight and immediately take out the two carries of FNC, Orianna and Graves and then proceed to down both the mid inner turret and the inhibitor tower plus the inhibitor itself, negating Soaz’ split-push. With 20 seconds left before FNC’s carries would come back to life, Cloud 9 decide to go for the baron as well and finish it before Cyanide and crew could get in range to contest it.

37′ – FNC decide to go for the dragon as a consolation prize, but C9 do not want to give them an inch, contest their dragon call and manage to find two kills on Orianna and Karma. At this point, they realized they can end the game, pushed down the mid-lane and did just that. Cloud 9 pulls out the upset! Against all odds and the analyst desk predictions, they manage to beat FNC on their home turf with a replacement mid-laner, it doesn’t get better than that! On the other side, FNC are now 0-2, after having lost to OMG earlier and need to step it up in the second day of the competition or risk an early elimination.

FNC versus C9 scoreboard

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FNC – SK (Game 4): The SKy is the limit

Game 1 review

Game 2 review

Game 3 review

On the blue side, Fnatic are trying to win it all in game 4 as they ban Evelynn, Ziggs, Twitch and pick Lulu, Elise, Nidalee, Caitlyn and Karma.  On the purple side, looking to stay alive for one more game, SK Gaming ban Lee Sin, LeBlanc, Sivir and pick Shyvana, Xin Zhao, Ahri, Lucian and Sona.

FNC - SK Game 4

2′ – SK Gaming are the ones who pull off the lane switch this time and the 2 teams trade 2 turrets each.

6′ – FB goes to FNC as Elise waits for Lucian in the side-bush and  takes him out together with his duo-bot.

16′ – Following a very long dragon dance, the two teams tease each-other with each killing an outer turret, but FNC take it one step further and destroy the mid inner turret of SK and manage to also take the dragon down after Sona misuses her ultimate.

19′ – FNC win a prolonged exchange in the mid-lane and in the red side of the SK jungle, 3-1 as the Peke spears continue to hurt.

FNC vs SK screen shot Game 4

21′ – Up in the top-lane, xPeke is being jumped on by Freddy’s Shyvana who ends up paying the price for it and meanwhile in the mid-lane the rest of FNC trade 3-2 as the come-back crew starts to take control of the game

23′ – At the next dragon, SK manage to take down the beast, but lose the fight that followed, 2-1

26′ – As CandyPanda was down in the bot-lane split-pushing, FNC looked to start a team-fight in the mid-lane and catch out nRated and Jesiz falls right after. Tripple kill for Caitlyn as Nidalee takes a kill for herself and FNC destroy the mid inhibitor and return to take the baron out as well. By now, Rekkles and crew are 10k gold ahead and look to close the game.

28′ – CandyPanda gets caught out in the top-lane and meanwhile in the bottom-lane, Soaz gets a kill in a straight up duel against Freddy. As FNC regroup and take 2 more kills, SK pulls the plug and surrenders. FNATIC are the Season 4 Spring Split European Champions. They have done it yet again and have won their 3rd consecutive European split. What a fantastic achievement for Soaz, Cyanide, xPeke, Rekkles and YellowStar! Good luck in Paris guys!

FNC vs SK build Game 4

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SK – FNC (Game 3): The stealth bomber keeps them alive

On the blue side, SK ban Lee Sin, Sivir, LeBlanc and pick Shyvana, Xin Zhao, Orianna, Twitch and Karma to try and win their first game in these series against a very sharp FNC, who ban Evelynn, Ziggs, Nidalee and pick Lulu, Kha’zix, Kayle, Lucian and Janna.

SK - FNC Game 3

2′ – FNC try to anticipate a lane switch from SK and rotate their duo in the top-lane only to find Shyvana waiting for them. SK move faster in the split-push fight and get 2 turrets down in the time that it takes FNC to down a single one

5′ – FB goes to Cyanide as he finds Karma and Xin Zhao in his jungle

8′ – SK rotate their duo and jungler in the top-lane and manage to down 2 turrets again to only 1 in the bot-lane for FNC

11′ – SK force down the mid outer turret, find a kill on Kayle and down the dragon as well to get the early gold lead.

15′ – A fight around the FNC blue buff ends in a draw 2-2, as FNC survive the early burst of SK and chase them down, but can not catch them.

17′ – SK return to the enemy blue-buff, trying to steal it, but they end up gifting a kill to FNC

19′ – Following a very bad position from Soaz around the dragon pit, give SK dragon control and a kill on xPeke and CandyPanda and crew carve themselves a 3k gold lead.

SK vs FNC screen shot Game 3

22′ – 2-1 for SK in the bot-lane as CandyPanda and xPeke get it on and call their junglers for help.

25′ – SK Gaming take an uncontested dragon, as FNC were too far to contest it.

26′ – Twitch catches Janna out, assassinates her and SK turn this small advantage into a baron kill and then as Kha’zix and Kayle decide to contest the baron, but end up dying, CandyPanda and crew simply stroll down the mid-lane and get the inhibitor down before finally backing off to spend their money.

29′ – With the baron buff on, SK rotate in the bottom-lane, find themselves 2 kills and close out the game, refusing to lose the series without winning at least one match. A thrilling game 4 awaits us!

SK vs FNC build Game 3

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