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EU LCS W3D1 Recap

Day 1 of the European LCS kicked off with the game between first and last place, which in Europe doesn’t necessarily mean anything because of the unpredictable nature of things. However, this time, Froggen and crew were able to out-rotate ROC in the mid-game, knew how to choose their battles and bested their opponents in under 33 minutes. The highlight of the game was obviously Froggen playing on his signature champion, Anivia. The second game of the day was a pretty one-sided affair, as SK were given Kassadin and they just ran away with the game, never looking back. The highlight of the day was without a doubt the match bewtween SHC and FNC, who battled it out for 63 minutes and after 9 dragons, 3 barons and 17 towers down on both sides of the map, SHC finally caught a break, killed two members of FNC and finished the game. This was the longest game in the 2014 European LCS and was tough to follow by CW and GMB, who both put on a good show in game number four, but in the end, due to another flawless dragon control, it was the Russians who came out ahead and scored the first victory of the day for the Red side.

Alliance vs Roccat 1-0

ALL vs ROC Item builds

SK Gaming vs Millenium 1-0

SK vs MIL Item builds

Supa Hot Crew vs Fnatic 1-0

SHC vs FNC Item builds

Copenhagen Wolves vs Gambit Gaming 0-1

CW vs GMB Item build


EU LCS Standings W3D1

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EU LCS W2D1: Recap and Standings

Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming

FNC vs GMB champion selectFnatic played the map very well and at the 28th minute mark they were up seven turrets to one. Huge map pressure from Xpeke and crew, but Gambit did a good job maneuvering around it and negating most of the gold difference by taking four consecutive dragons. As the game approached it’s later stages, the Russians managed to keep themselves in it and were never more than 2k gold behind.

32 minutes in, FNC spot Edward recalling and Genja in the bot-lane and decide to start off Baron Nashor. It took them more than expected to down the objective though and GMB collapsed on them with five people, killed two of them and turned their attention towards Nashor. With the baron buff on, GMB simply pushed down the mid-lane and got themselves two towers before recalling. This was the beginning of the end for Fnatic, because Gambit had successfully stalled out the game long enough for their champions to hit their respective power-spikes and there was nothing stopping them from winning this game. It took another 10 minutes, two downed inhibitors and one baron kill for Genja and crew to finally be able to down the enemy Nexus, but they did it and it was a grandiose win for them. While GMB received a huge morale boost with this victory, FNC looked pretty much crushed at the end of the encounter. They did not expect this defeat, especially after how well the early game went for them.

FNC vs GMB item builds


Copenhagen Wolves vs Supa Hot Crew

CW vs SHC champion select

SHC are the ones who get the early advantage by punishing CW when they overstay in the enemy jungle 10 minutes in and get themselves three easy kills without losing any member. In the aftermath of that skirmish, SHC take the dragon down and get themselves an early 2k gold lead.

Even though CW managed to slowly get themselves back in the game, SHC was always one step ahead of them and kept finding picks on Cowtard and Airwaks and taking objective after objective. At the 35 minute mark, SHC make a risky call to go for Baron and they finish it off fairly quick, right in time to turn on the enemy team, getting themselves three kills and ending the game shortly after. Well deserved win for Selfie and crew, who manage to get their first victory of the week. On the other side, the CW hope to regroup and have a better showing in tomorrow’s game versus Roccat.

CW vs SHC item builds


Millenium vs Alliance

MIL vs ALL champion select

Alliance dominate the early game, building up a very quick 5k gold lead by 12 minutes and  by the 20 minute mark, ALL were up six towers to one, two dragons to zero and three kills to zero boosting their gold lead to 9k.

Millenium did not have an answer to Alliance’s almost flawless game and after killing the baron as well, Froggen and crew systematically took down the enemy base. It was a very one sided game and Millenium should not read too much into it and try to forget this game as soon as possible. On the other side, Alliance looked very strong and they are hoping to show the same devastating objective control in tomorrow’s game vs SK Gaming as well.

MIL vs ALL item builds


Roccat vs SK Gaming

ROC vs SK Champion select

SK Gaming, despite being known for struggling in the early laning phase, have managed to do a very good job this time around. They did give away the First Blood on an ill-timed level 6 tower dive in the top-lane and lost the first tower as well, but thanks to their good rotations and an on-point dragon control (three dragons killed in the first 18 minutes), they managed to secure a humongous 6k gold lead before the mid-game.

33 minutes in, SK Gaming down the baron and look for their first inhibitor in the mid-lane. While they do get it eventually, they lose Lee Sin and decide to back off. Nidalee’s spears make CandyPanda and crew’s life a living nightmare, but they do manage to get down one objective after another and barely escaping with their health bars blinking at the end of each siege. Eventually, they manage to win a team-fight in the enemy base convincingly and end the game. Great win for SK, who are now tied with Alliance in first place with 4 wins and 1 loss as the two teams will face-off tomorrow in the first game of the day. On the other side, Roccat did not get a chance to see their late game team composition in action, as they were constantly behind a huge amount of gold and could not trade successfully with SK Gaming.

ROC vs SK Item builds


Standings after Day 1 of Week 2

Here is how the standings look like, after 4/4 wins for the red side. Four ties in Europe? Shocking, right?

EU LCS Standings W2D1

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CW – SHC: 128 deaths!

On the blue side, CW ban Yasuo, Nidalee, Kha’zix and pick Herimerdinger, Evelynn, Ziggs, Varus and Morgana. On the purple side, with 7 place secured, SHC ban Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Lulu and pick Renekton, Elise, LeBlanc, Lucian and Thresh.

CW are the ones who initiate the lane switch, sending their duo-bot in the top-lane and letting Heimerdinger to fend for himself against Lucian and Thresh. FB goes to SHC, as Elise helps Renekton in the top-lane get a kill on Morgana. Two minutes later, Elise shows up again, this time in the bottom-lane, nailing another kill for her team, this time on Heimerdinger. SHC take down the bot outer turret, but overstay their welcome trying to get another tower down and end up giving away two free kills, as CW collapse on them with Ziggs’ and Heimer’s ultimate. Two minutes later, CW have very good vision around dragon and take down the beast uncontested. SHC decide to focus the mid-lane and Elise does her best to try and get Selfie going, by assisting in 2 consecutive kills against Ziggs in the 10th and 12th minute. The CS count around the 13 minute mark showed winning lanes for CW in the mid, 109-87 and bot-lane 125-106, while Renekton was able to farm better in the 1v2 scenario, 63-79.

15 minutes in, CW take down the last outer turret, the one in the mid-lane and thanks to the high zoning potential from Ziggs and Heimerdinger, they secure the 2nd dragon of the game. One minute later, in the top-lane, SHC try to bait Heimer into a 1v2 engage, but YoungBuck smelled it from a mile away and called his team for back-up, turning the fight around as CW come out ahead, 1-0. The two teams find each other in the mid-lane, a 5v5 breaks out, but ends swiftly with only one casualty on each side. SHC then decides to split-push with Renekton in the top-lane and LeBlanc in the bot-lane and while they each get a turret down, CW get 2 turrets for themselves, the inner mid and top towers and secure the dragon one minute later, to increase their gold lead to 5k. The action moves to or around the baron pit and with superior vision control in the enemy jungle, the Wolves get a pick on LeBlanc following a beautiful snipe from Varus and start bashing on Nashor. SHC decide to contest it nevertheless, lose the smite war and another 2 members in the process. With the baron buff on, CW rush to siege the mid inhibitor, but following a very good defense form SHC and a great flanking maneuver from LeBlanc, they manage to ace the Wolves in a 5-3 bloodbath, but they do lose their mid inhibitor.

Around the 28 minute mark, Elise gets caught out  and the Wolves destroy the bot inner tower and take another 2 kills for themselves. Migxa is trying to put himself in difficult situations so he can keep dying and get the record for most deaths in the LCS. He finally manages to get it, as he gets caught out of position around the baron pit and CW down another baron and get ready to close out the game. They finally manage to do so 35 minutes in, after storming down the top-lane, getting a 4-1 win in the last team-fight and granting Migxa his 128th death of the split. Great win for CW, who are looking to push a three way tie if they win their next game against ALL and GMB also get a win over Froggen and crew.



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MIL – SHC: Wack-a-Caitlyn

On the blue side, Millenium ban Yasuo, Lucian, LeBlanc and pick Shyvana, Khazix, Ryze, Sivir and Leona. Facing them is the Supa Hot Crew on the purple side, who ban Gragas, Ziggs, Lulu and pick Renekton, Evelynn, Orianna, Caitlyn and Thresh.

Interesting fact about the game is that MIL is running double TP on Ryze and Shyvana. They initiate a lane swap, which also enables the buff exchange for the two teams during the late invade. In the first part of the game, the bot-duos face the respective opposing top laners in 2v1’s and with the jungler’s help they both go for the 3-man lane pushes. Both lane turrets go down and the trios recall after reaching each other’s inhibitor turrets. 6 minutes in, MIL starts fighting the dragon, but SHC decide to contest it. A flash and flay by Thresh gets SHC 2 kills for 1 as both teams disengage the dragon fight. First Blood is secured by Migxa  on Thresh, who is definitely off to a better start than in the previous game. 2 minutes later, SHC group near dragon once again in order to secure the objective. They start the fight, but MIL decide to contest and Shyvana teleports in. SHC comes out on top however, as they secure the drake and also win the skirmish that followed, 3-2. At this point, the gold lead is 2k in favor of SHC, who was also looking solid in terms of CS. Shortly after the 10 minute mark, the numbers were showing 47-61 in the top lane, 67-73 in mid and 74-69 in the bot lane.

SHC stays focused on objectives and moves as a group of 4 to down the outer mid turret. After securing that objective, they rotate top 13 minutes in. On his way to the team, Thresh is caught out of position in the river by MIL, who came to defend. This ultimately gives MIL 3 kills for none. SHC takes a breather shortly after, as they move to dragon and secure it, because MIL reacts too late. At the 15 minute mark, Caitlyn is pinned down in the mid lane by Leona and Ryze, who easily take the kill. MIL target Caitlyn once again as soon as he is back, this time in the bot lane. They dive onto the Sheriff of Piltover at the turret, but Leona falls as well due to Mr. Rallez using barrier. Meanwhile in the top lane, Sivir is defending the turret against Evelynn and Renekton. The double TP comes in, but SHC rotate Orianna and Thresh to the rescue and manage to come out on top with 2 kills. 20 minutes in, MIL get off a good engage near dragon, kill 3 members of SHC and secure the objective. After downing the mid and bot outer turrets, they dive onto Caitlyn once again and manage to kill the bot inner turret. MIL ends up paying with the lives of Kha’zix and Ryze  for the overly aggressive assault. SHC now venture into MIL’s jungle and spot Leona. The pick-off looks advantageous at first, but the time they take to kill the support allows MIL to group and TP. The fight goes 4-2 in favor of MIL, the scoreboard now showing 16-11, one of the most dynamic games in the EU LCS so far.

24 minutes in, MIL pressures the mid lane with all 5 members, they catch Orianna off-guard and take the kill as well as the inner turret in mid. Since dragon is respawning soon, MIL back off in order to secure vision near the objective. SHC follows and fights them in the jungle and both teams lose a member, but SHC are forced back and MIL take the dragon uncontested. Following a hard fought vision war, MIL gets the positional advantage and they collapse on SHC in the enemy jungle with Sivir’s ultimate. The fight looked good at first for Rallez and crew, but SHC loses 2-4. Being too low to challenge the baron, MIL recalls and the dance begins anew. SHC think they got a pick on Kha’zix and try to take him down quickly, but the rest of MIL collapse on them and although they exterminate the bug, they get ACED and SHC lose the mid inhibitor turret and the inhibitor itself.  The purple team now decides to storm down mid lane instead of continuing the baron dance, but get engaged upon by MIL from the back as they approach from baron and MIL barely get out ahead in the skirmish that followed, 2-1. After the three dead heroes return to life, the 2 teams retake their positions around baron. Having a superior vision control in the enemy jungle, MIL has an easy time finding a pick on thresh, getting 2 more kills on Renekton and Orianna and finally killing Nashor. With the baron buff on, MIL turns to take down Evelynn as well, they down the mid inhibitor and ultimately take the game after barely 35 minutes. A decisive end to the game as the battle towards the bottom of the standings gets more and more intense!


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ROC – SHC: Hook in the win!

On the blue side the Polish representatives ban Yasuo, LeBlanc, Lucian and pick Renekton, Lee Sin, Ryze, Jinx and Thresh. On the purple side, Supa Hot Crew choose to ban Gragas, Khazix, Lulu and lock in Shyvana, Evelynn, Orianna, Caitlyn and Karma.

The game starts off with both teams guessing each other’s choice to lane swap leading up to a late invade meeting of 3 on 3 in the upper river side. A bit of a brawl takes places, with Jinx taking some hits and Lee Sin being left without his flash. The bot duos are now facing each other in the top lane. 9 minutes in, SHC decides to go for a speedy engage with the help of Karma in the top having Evelynn on their side. As the Widowmaker is caught in Jinx’ chompers, SHC must retreat from the engage, even more so, as Ryze is just TP-ing in. 2 minutes later, SHC take advantage of Ryze teleporting to base and rush the dragon. ROC however responds in the top lane with Lee Sin kicking Karma away from the turret and into a First Blood, as Migxa’s self proclaimed quest to secure most deaths in the LCS seems to be working in his favor.

At the 13th minute mark, the bot-duo of ROC down the outer top turret. Meanwhile, Lee Sin shows good positioning assisting Ryze in the mid lane and getting a kill on Orianna. ROC keep the pressure up in the top lane. They are initially stopped by Shyvana and Evelynn who get a kill on Thresh, but due to slow rotation on SHC’s side by Orianna, the turret ends up going down. With the clock showing 18 minutes, the game had taken its normal course with the bot-duos rotating to their initial lanes. Both teams show strong focus towards dragon and start gathering around that objective. The awaited team fight erupts, however develops chaotically with ROC attempting to flank with Thresh. The scoreboard shows 3 to 4 deaths as the wounded retreat. At 19 minutes, SHC spot Renekton moving towards the top lane giving them the signal to start the dragon fight. Lee Sin manages the steal however while his team also secures 2 kills on SHC,  The latter only get to kill one ROC team member. The gold lead is now 4k in favor of Roccat. At 21 minutes, Jinx presses onto the bot lane, kills off the low outer turret and continues together with Lee Sin and Thresh on a 3-man-push mission that is quickly repelled by SHC, as they get a kill on Lee Sin.

With dragon coming up, both teams migrate their 5 team members towards the pit. The pokes and rotations turn out to be in favor of ROC, who maneuver SHC around with the deadly result of a lost drake and 3 less team members to stand in the way of Roccat taking baron, which they easily secure. With the baron buff on, ROC take their time and push all lanes before killing the mid inner turret and rotating bot. Here they hook in Orianna and take her down instantly. With 1 man down, SHC cannot stop the siege and ROC take down the inner bot turret, the inhibitor turret and the inhibitor itself, before rotating top and destroying that inhibitor as well. The Polish power-house find 2 more kills on Karma and Orianna before closing out the game in 32 minutes. Another dominant performance from Overpow and crew, who look to carry on the momentum from last week.


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SHC – GMB: No crescendo, no shockwave, no win

On the blue side, the Supa Hot Crew ban Thresh – seeing the amazing game Eddy had yesterday, Evelynn and Lee Sin. They pick Karma, Pantheon, Ryze, Caitlyn and Kayle. Gambit decide to deny LeBlanc, Lulu and Khazix from SHC, while picking Lucian, Renekton, Xin Zhao, Sona and Orianna.

It seems like Gambit is going for the core recipe that brought them a dominant win versus SK yesterday and the start of the game favors them, 4 minutes in, Xin sets off a good counter gank in the top-lane getting First Blood for Gambit on Pantheon.  Impaler then responds bot by catching off Lucian and Sona rather pushed and getting a kill back on the artistic support. Both teams engage in skirmishes bringing themselves low, but not securing kills. The first major objective comes 11 minutes in, when GMB decide to kill the drake and do not encounter any resistance from SHC. Only 3 minutes later though, GMB’s push on the bot outer-turret falls short, they lose Xin and give SHC a slight gold lead plus the first turret of the game. Sadly for the Russians, Diamond would take yet another step back from the much needed snowball road when he gets surrounded and slain by SHC in their blue side of the jungle.  The SHC duo-bot rotating top to push for another turret, opens the door for yet another uncontested drake for GMB at the 17th minute mark.

A couple of minutes later, Pantheon sets up a good engage bot forcing out two ultimates from GMB . It enables his team to subsequently put pressure on the mid lane and claim the tower. The dance at drake right after seems unsuccessful for SHC, but they decide to switch their focus to the inner bot turret instead. GMB kill off the dragon, but cannot rotate fast enough to stop the turret from going down at 25 minutes in the game. A catastrophic “death bush” engage at 30 mins in GMB’s jungle puts SHC 3 men down giving Gambit baron while they also kill off Kayle in the process. This fight puts GMB now 7k gold ahead of SHC in the game. The first drake for SHC comes at the 31st minute when Impaler manages the steal, but dies right after and GMB get the mid turret in response. Capitalizing on their lead, GMB manage to siege mid, taking down the inhibitor turret.

The red flags of danger from SHC’s powerful late game composition come only 4 mins later when GMB is brought low and chased away from SHC’s jungle. This gives SHC a massive morale boost on top of the mid inhibitor and subsequently the drake. 39 minutes in GMB are encouraged to start baron after they managed to kill Kayle, but SHC rush from the base and manage to get 2 double kills on both Ryze and Karma, securing the baron buff as well. GMB now realizing the come-back crew means business, can only take the poke and watch their bot inhibitor turretand Xin Zhao fall. SHC decides to pursue the siege in the top-lane 46 minutes in, they get the inhibitor turret and with the help of super minions one of the Nexus turrets as well, while Kayle gets the res-timer.

SHC takes things slowly, get the drake, safely back off baron deciding to not risk anything and it would pay off 51 minutes into the game: GMB decides to rush mid and get the exposed inhibitor, but are engaged upon by SHC with the man-drop and must sacrifice the Swag Lord’s life, after they cannot get off a good crescendo nor an optimal shock-wave.  Thereafter, SHC finally get Baron and try to advance. GMB attempts an approach from the flank in mid, but cannot find the right targets and must walk away with their HP chunked off and try to recall asap. SHC sets off to a final siege in GMB’s base that allows them after some uninspired ultimates and powerless defending from GMB to walk off with a surprising, but convincing win. What a game it has been, what a spectacular come back and what a close game it was in the end, if only one of the many missed ultimates from Edward or Alex would have landed, the game would have looked entirely different.


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SHC – FNC: Rotations, rotations, rotations

SHC ban Ziggs, Evelynn, Nidalee and pick Shyvana, Kha’zix, LeBlanc, Lucian and Sona to go against a very motivated FNC, who banned Yasuo, Ryze, Lulu and picked Renekton, Elise, Gragas, Jinx and Karma.

FNC had an agenda going into this and rotated their duo in the mid-lane to go against LeBlanc. SHC followed with a rotate of their own, but then FNC’s duo went bot after LeBlanc, who was forced to switch again. This whole walking around meant LeBlanc would have a much harder time cs-ing and lost a lot of farm due to this. At the 6 minute mark, Cyanide gets FB on Mimer in the top-lane. FNC rotate their duo once more and as SHC are forced to respond, they dive Leblanc 3v1 and kill her. Sona would also die in the mid-lane, 1 minute later, but SHC do not freak out and take first dragon of the game, despite xPeke’s attempt to steal it. The rest of FNC were grouped in the mid-lane and did manage to respond by downing the outer-turret there.

16 minutes in the game, FNC were already knocking on the inner turrets, the first one to go down was the top one and despite Soaz having to die for it, Fnatic are now 5k gold up as both teams recall. Dragon re-spawns and SHC are faster, take it down and manage to get a draw in the skirmish that broke out right after, as both junglers bite the dust.  FNC continue their siege and the bot inner turret would fall as well 2 minutes later, together with SHC’s new mid-laner, Selfie.  The next couple of fights would all go in favor of FNC, as first they win a skirmish in the mid lane, 2-0, then they take down the last inner turret and get the dragon on their way out too. After a successful pick-off in the mid-lane , FNC start baron as they have the number advantage but are forced to stop as SHC come in to contest it. SHC lose 2 team-mates but stop the baron from being killed. Having superior vision in the area around Nashor, FNC secure it uncontested, after they return from the base. With the baron buff on, they march down the mid-lane, destroy the inhibitor there before rotating top and downing their second inhibitor.

In the next two fights, SHC were looking for a come-back, as they barely lost the first 3-2 and they won the second one 3-1. Both engages originated from very good Sona ultimates, but there was just not enough damage to follow the cc. By the time the next baron was up, all FNC had to do was to lure their opponents out to fight and the super-minions were doing their job of downing both Nexus turrets. Alarmed by the fact that the minions could end the game, SHC were forced to recall and the Baron would go to FNC once again. With the buff on, they simply went in the enemy base and dismantled it. Last skirmish ended with a clear victory for FNC, 3-0 and they close the game. Impressive stats from both Gragas and Jinx as Fnatic start off week 10 with a win.


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