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EU LCS W2D1: Recap and Standings

Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming

FNC vs GMB champion selectFnatic played the map very well and at the 28th minute mark they were up seven turrets to one. Huge map pressure from Xpeke and crew, but Gambit did a good job maneuvering around it and negating most of the gold difference by taking four consecutive dragons. As the game approached it’s later stages, the Russians managed to keep themselves in it and were never more than 2k gold behind.

32 minutes in, FNC spot Edward recalling and Genja in the bot-lane and decide to start off Baron Nashor. It took them more than expected to down the objective though and GMB collapsed on them with five people, killed two of them and turned their attention towards Nashor. With the baron buff on, GMB simply pushed down the mid-lane and got themselves two towers before recalling. This was the beginning of the end for Fnatic, because Gambit had successfully stalled out the game long enough for their champions to hit their respective power-spikes and there was nothing stopping them from winning this game. It took another 10 minutes, two downed inhibitors and one baron kill for Genja and crew to finally be able to down the enemy Nexus, but they did it and it was a grandiose win for them. While GMB received a huge morale boost with this victory, FNC looked pretty much crushed at the end of the encounter. They did not expect this defeat, especially after how well the early game went for them.

FNC vs GMB item builds


Copenhagen Wolves vs Supa Hot Crew

CW vs SHC champion select

SHC are the ones who get the early advantage by punishing CW when they overstay in the enemy jungle 10 minutes in and get themselves three easy kills without losing any member. In the aftermath of that skirmish, SHC take the dragon down and get themselves an early 2k gold lead.

Even though CW managed to slowly get themselves back in the game, SHC was always one step ahead of them and kept finding picks on Cowtard and Airwaks and taking objective after objective. At the 35 minute mark, SHC make a risky call to go for Baron and they finish it off fairly quick, right in time to turn on the enemy team, getting themselves three kills and ending the game shortly after. Well deserved win for Selfie and crew, who manage to get their first victory of the week. On the other side, the CW hope to regroup and have a better showing in tomorrow’s game versus Roccat.

CW vs SHC item builds


Millenium vs Alliance

MIL vs ALL champion select

Alliance dominate the early game, building up a very quick 5k gold lead by 12 minutes and  by the 20 minute mark, ALL were up six towers to one, two dragons to zero and three kills to zero boosting their gold lead to 9k.

Millenium did not have an answer to Alliance’s almost flawless game and after killing the baron as well, Froggen and crew systematically took down the enemy base. It was a very one sided game and Millenium should not read too much into it and try to forget this game as soon as possible. On the other side, Alliance looked very strong and they are hoping to show the same devastating objective control in tomorrow’s game vs SK Gaming as well.

MIL vs ALL item builds


Roccat vs SK Gaming

ROC vs SK Champion select

SK Gaming, despite being known for struggling in the early laning phase, have managed to do a very good job this time around. They did give away the First Blood on an ill-timed level 6 tower dive in the top-lane and lost the first tower as well, but thanks to their good rotations and an on-point dragon control (three dragons killed in the first 18 minutes), they managed to secure a humongous 6k gold lead before the mid-game.

33 minutes in, SK Gaming down the baron and look for their first inhibitor in the mid-lane. While they do get it eventually, they lose Lee Sin and decide to back off. Nidalee’s spears make CandyPanda and crew’s life a living nightmare, but they do manage to get down one objective after another and barely escaping with their health bars blinking at the end of each siege. Eventually, they manage to win a team-fight in the enemy base convincingly and end the game. Great win for SK, who are now tied with Alliance in first place with 4 wins and 1 loss as the two teams will face-off tomorrow in the first game of the day. On the other side, Roccat did not get a chance to see their late game team composition in action, as they were constantly behind a huge amount of gold and could not trade successfully with SK Gaming.

ROC vs SK Item builds


Standings after Day 1 of Week 2

Here is how the standings look like, after 4/4 wins for the red side. Four ties in Europe? Shocking, right?

EU LCS Standings W2D1

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EU LCS Week 1 Info-graphic and Standings

Here is a short info-graphic of the first EU LCS First super-week. 16 action packed games in a few pictures, representing the percentage of games won after taking the respective objective first (click to enlarge).

EU LCS Week 1 Infographic

After you have finished feasting your eyes on those very colorful statistics, be sure to take a look at this week’s standings. In first place, it’s a three way tie between Alliance, Millenium and SK Gaming with three wins and one loss. In fourth place, we have a two way tie between Fnatic and SHC with two wins and two losses and finally in sixth place another three way tie between CW, Gambit and Roccat with one win and three losses.

EU LCS Standings Week 1

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FNC – SK: Eastern SK shocks Fnatic!

The first game of the summer split featured the reining champions Fnatic versus the number two seeded team, SK Gaming. On the blue side, FNC ban Evelynn, Twitch, Yasuo and pick Irelia, Elise, LeBlanc, Graves and Thresh. On the other side of the rift, SK ban Kassadin, Jax, Nidalee and pick Trundle, Lee Sin, Kayle, Lucian and Morgana.

FNC vs SK champion select

2′ – On the blue side, FNC go for the lane swap, sending their duo in the top-lane

3′ – Very good rotation from FNC from top to mid-lane and Cyanide gets FB for his team on top of burning Kayle’s Flash.

5′ – Xpeke goes very aggressive on his counter-part and with the help from Cyanide, gets himself a kill on Kayle.

6′ – First tower of the game goes to FNC, as the duo-bot down the outer top turret. Due to lack of vision in their own jungle, Freddy also gets killed by Soaz and Cyanide

7′ – Being 0-3 down, SK decide to make a big move and go for an early dragon as they see FNC recalling. They burn a teleport but manage to secure it uncontested and reduce FNC’s early gold lead

13′ – The CS count shows a very close battle in the top-lane, 72-75, a respectable lead for LeBlanc in the mid-lane,103-84 and for Graves in the bot-lane, 123-106.

13′ – FNC group as four in the bot-lane and destroy the bottom outer turret after finding a kill on CandyPanda. Meanwhile, in the mid-lane SK take down both the outer and the inner tower and FNC’s only answer is to kill the Dragon. Very good reactions from both teams, but SK comes out on top. FNC keeps their 3k gold lead intact though.

17′ – SK finally find their first kill of the game, rotating 4 people top, killing Thresh and destroying the outer tower as well. Soaz tries to get a kill back for his team, but ends up dying between three people.

20′ – By the time the next dragon would spawn, both teams were in position to contest it, but due to an early harass from xPeke and a missed ultimate from CandyPanda, it’s FNC who start it off and manage to win the smite war. In the after-math the two teams trade kills, 1 for 1, before recalling to the safety of their fountains.

24′ – FNC group in the top-lane and start siegeing the inner tower. They find a kill on Morgana, but SK holds their ground and following another even skirmish, 2 for 2, they manage to defend their turret.

26′ – Following another error from Soaz int he top-lane, who wanted to wait for CandyPanda in a warded bush, but instead got collapsed upon and killed, SK get a free dragon and are very grateful for the chance of coming back in the game.

FNC vs SK decisive moment

28′ – The vision war around baron starts and Thresh gets caught out and murdered by the entire SK team and with xPeke split-pushing in the bot-lane, SK just push down the mid-lane and get themselves a free inhibitor.Very good execution from Freddy and crew, whoa re looking to punish every single mistake that FNC do and to be fair, there were a lot of them this game.

31′ – SK Gaming win another team-fight in the enemy jungle, 1-0, baiting Soaz in flashing after a kill and due to the many shields, summoner heals, heal and intervention from Kayle on their team they actually manage to save Trundle and killing Irelia. On the back of this small win, they down the top inner tower and go for the baron, having secured a good amount of vision to prevent any contest from FNC. xPeke and crew decide to contest it though, but arrive a little to late to the party and lose another 2 members. Being presented with this opportunity, SK simply rush down the mid-lane and end the game in a very decisive manner. They played their comp to it’s strengths and never really got distracted by the lead that FNC had in the early stages of the game. Well deserved win for CandyPanda and crew to start off the super-week and the Summer Split.

FNC vs SK builds

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FNC – SK (Game 4): The SKy is the limit

Game 1 review

Game 2 review

Game 3 review

On the blue side, Fnatic are trying to win it all in game 4 as they ban Evelynn, Ziggs, Twitch and pick Lulu, Elise, Nidalee, Caitlyn and Karma.  On the purple side, looking to stay alive for one more game, SK Gaming ban Lee Sin, LeBlanc, Sivir and pick Shyvana, Xin Zhao, Ahri, Lucian and Sona.

FNC - SK Game 4

2′ – SK Gaming are the ones who pull off the lane switch this time and the 2 teams trade 2 turrets each.

6′ – FB goes to FNC as Elise waits for Lucian in the side-bush and  takes him out together with his duo-bot.

16′ – Following a very long dragon dance, the two teams tease each-other with each killing an outer turret, but FNC take it one step further and destroy the mid inner turret of SK and manage to also take the dragon down after Sona misuses her ultimate.

19′ – FNC win a prolonged exchange in the mid-lane and in the red side of the SK jungle, 3-1 as the Peke spears continue to hurt.

FNC vs SK screen shot Game 4

21′ – Up in the top-lane, xPeke is being jumped on by Freddy’s Shyvana who ends up paying the price for it and meanwhile in the mid-lane the rest of FNC trade 3-2 as the come-back crew starts to take control of the game

23′ – At the next dragon, SK manage to take down the beast, but lose the fight that followed, 2-1

26′ – As CandyPanda was down in the bot-lane split-pushing, FNC looked to start a team-fight in the mid-lane and catch out nRated and Jesiz falls right after. Tripple kill for Caitlyn as Nidalee takes a kill for herself and FNC destroy the mid inhibitor and return to take the baron out as well. By now, Rekkles and crew are 10k gold ahead and look to close the game.

28′ – CandyPanda gets caught out in the top-lane and meanwhile in the bottom-lane, Soaz gets a kill in a straight up duel against Freddy. As FNC regroup and take 2 more kills, SK pulls the plug and surrenders. FNATIC are the Season 4 Spring Split European Champions. They have done it yet again and have won their 3rd consecutive European split. What a fantastic achievement for Soaz, Cyanide, xPeke, Rekkles and YellowStar! Good luck in Paris guys!

FNC vs SK build Game 4

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SK – ROC (Game 3): Objectives, not kills

On the blue side, SK ban Ryze, Jax, Thresh and pick Trundle, Xin Zhao, Nidalee, Lucian and Sona for the decisive game against ROC, who ban Renekton, Leona, Karma and pick Irelia, Evelynn, Lulu, Jinx and Janna.

SK - ROC Game 3

2′ – ROC spot the late invade from SK and engage on them for a spectacular level 1 fight, who ended with a 2-1 victory for ROC.

4′ – ROC down 2 turrets in the top-lane and get 2 kills on Trundle in the same time that SK take 3 turrets down in the bot-lane. There is an open inhibitor there now.

7′ – First dragon of the game is picked up by SK,a s they returned from their siege in the bot-lane.

8′ – SK Gaming try to tower-dive Jinx in the top-lane, but Evelynn is close and turns the tide of the fight, getting a kill on Trundle. Meanwhile, in the mid-lane, Sona gets caught as well and dies.

10′ – Sona gets caught out and killed yet again, but following a good team-fight from the rest of SK they are able to push ROC back and down their mid outer turret.

11′ – CS count shows a pretty solid for SK in the top, 49-35 and mid lane, 75-60 and a pretty even skirmish in the bot-lane, 93-95

13′ – SK get a second uncontested dragon, as ROC were late to the party and lose Evelynn as they tried to fight after the dragon died

16′ – Trundle is caught day-dreaming in the top-lane and killed by Irelia and Evelynn and the two teams trade outer turrets, mid for top.

18′ – Following a very good flank from Evelynn, ROC find a great pick on Nidalee, but can not force any objectives.

20′ – Third dragon of the game is secured by SK, after a brilliant flash+crescendo on Jinx from Sona, which granted them a kill on the enemy adc and forced the rest of ROC back.

SK - ROC screen shot Game 3

22′ – SK Gaming make the best of their poke-comp and after a few spears land they get the mid inner turret down and because ROC stayed around, nRated and crew decided to engage, got 2 opponents down and destroyed the mid inhibitor, before rotating bot and taking the open inhibitor there down as well.

25′ – The final fight of the game would happen in the top-lane, as ROC desperately tried to stay in it, but were destroyed buy a very motivated SK team who went on and finished the game. That was all she wrote, SK join FNC for the grand final tomorrow, who will decide which of the two European power-houses will represent the old continent at the All-Star Event.

SK vs ROC build Game 3

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EU LCS Final Standings & Play-off Bracket

The EU LCS Spring Split has come to an end and despite many 6 or 7 way ties conspiracy theories, the rumors are true and Europe has managed to dodge all dooms-day scenarios and achieved the unthinkable: there will be no ties in Europe, as clearly shown in the picture below, courtesy of @Zerglinator.


The tie-free standings show SK Gaming and Fnatic in 1st and 2nd, who are guaranteed a first round bye in the play-offs and thus secured their spots in the Summer Split of the EU LCS. With their win against CW in the last game, we find ALL in 3rd, just ahead of ROC, who finished 4th with 15 wins and 13 losses. One game behind the Poles, we find GMB, with 14 wins and 14 losses, representing the ultimate equilibrium. In 6th spot, clenching the final play-off spot, are the Wolves from Denmark, who end the split with 13 wins and 15 losses, while SHC and MIL are eliminated from the race and will take part in the Summer Promotion Tournament. Too illustrate how close the competition was in Europe, you can see that only one win separates the first team from the second, the second from the third and so on. What a great competition it has been…


…and what magnificent battles still await us in the play-offs, kicking off on Tuesday, 15th of April with ALL vs CW and ROC vs GMB. The winner of the play-offs will be crowned Spring Champion and will get the honor to represent Europe at the All-Star Invitational in Paris, to face off against the champions from the other 4 regions.


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SK – CW: New spring champions!

On the blue side, SK ban Gragas, Ryze, Ziggs and pick Shyvana, Evelynn, Kayle, Lucian and Leona to face against the CW, who ban Nidalee, Lulu, Renekton and pick Jax, Kha’zix, Xerath, Jinx and Karma. If SK Gaming manage to win this game, they are guaranteed to finish the spring split in first place and not take part in any potential tie.

Both teams rotate their duo in the top-lane and having stolen the CW blue-buff, Evelynn comes to assist her duo and finds FB on Jinx. 3 minutes later, Xerath gets a kill back for his team as he levels up to 6 before his counter-part and blasts him with his ultimate. Amazing also finds a kill for himself on Evelynn, as she was planning to invade his red buff. The action would revolve around the top-lane as  Leona’s aggressive lock-down, 10 minutes in, nets her team another kill on Jinx and 2 minutes later, the two junglers get involved in the duo lane and the Wolves lose the fight, 2-0. The CS count around the 11 minute mark shows even lanes in the top 100-109 and bottom lane 91-93 and a big lead for Xerath in mid 79-104.

SK realize their biggest threat comes from the mid-lane and they decide to set up a blue buff invade, 14 minutes in, get a kill on Xerath and take the dragon right after. At the same time, in the top-lane, NRated and CandyPanda get the outer turret down, before getting a kill on both Karma and Jinx. Jax comes a bit late to the party, but finds himself a kill on Lucian. CW look to take something back as they get both the top and the middle outer turrets down, but Lucian and Leona have rotated in the bot-lane and killed both turrets on that lane. The two reunite with their team-mates and following a brilliant tower-dive in the mid-lane, they give Kayle a double-kill. SK finally down the mid outer turret in the 19th minute, following a 2-1 won skirmish and increase their gold lead to 5k.

SK look in control of the game and after securing the dragon in the 21st minute, they rotate mid and then top, to get both inner towers as CW could only reply with a bottom outer turret going down to Jax’ attempt to split-push. Confident in their lead and their vision control, SK start off baron and due to a great ultimate from Leona, who stuns Kha’zix right as he was about to jump in the pit for the steal, they secure the baron and turn their attention towards the enemy team and get 2 kills as Jax continued to split-push in the bot-lane and got the inner turret down. CW also take down the dragon 1 minute later to help them stay in the game, but it was too little too late, as SK pushed down the middle, found 2 kills and ended the game in a little under 30 minutes. Dominating performance once again from CandyPanda and crew to end the Spring split in 1st place. Congratulations!


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